Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 481

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Chapter 481

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–Aegir POV–

A dull ache all over my body wakes me up .

「Guuh . 」

When I let out a groan, a presence moved away .

Apparently, someone was touching my body .

I blink a few times before sitting up .

Because my entire body was heavy and the effects of the pain still lingered, I felt practically no fatigue .

The dull pain in my thigh that was screaming during my frenzied state has also disappeared .

I must have slept for quite a while .

「So you have finally woken up?」

A woman stood beside my bed .

From the looks of things, she’s the nurse tending to my wounds .

She is in her forties and clearly possesses an abundance of experience .

「How many days did I sleep? Where am I?」

「One week . This is Altair, we haven’t moved . 」

I mutter in acknowledgement .

One week is a long time to sleep .

My injuries and exhaustion were worse than expected .

If I kept fighting like that, I might have actually died .

And our troops haven’t left Altair .

Is it because they haven’t finished hunting the remnants or is it because they suffered too many losses and can’t move……?

I mull over the possibilities in my dizzy head as I get up .

「You can’t move yet! Hardlett-sama has almost every conceivable injury one can get on the battlefield, from cuts, gashes, burns, bruises, and torn muscles to minor bone fractures! You’ve also lost several buckets worth of blood! Despite medicine being used, one week is too early!」

I step out of bed while the nurse panics .

Although there is still some aching and slight disorientation, it isn’t enough to hinder me .

After all, I don’t have any life-threatening injuries .

But when I completely sat up, the pain in my back caused my body to reflexively curl up .

「Fufu, it’s funny how even though I acted so recklessly, the deepest wound in the end was the one from Piris . 」

The wound inflicted by the powerless Piris carrying the full force of her killing intent seems likely to be filled with a curse .

I speak to myself and smile, standing up while suppressing the pain with my willpower .

「If your wounds open……ah . 」

The nurse freezes in place right as she tries to stop me .

She looks down at my c.o.c.k .

The shock of Benel being killed probably calmed down my unusual erection .

However, my post-battle carnal l.u.s.t is certainly pent up to the point that I could swear I saw my tightened b.a.l.l.s move on their own .

If I’m given a woman in heat at this time, I’ll immediately lose my mind .

「Fumu, it seems darker than before I slept . What do you think?」

I show my dangling d.i.c.k to the nurse .

「I-I don’t know! Well, it’s……r-rather burly, yes . It’s……just like a log of a great tree after a forest fire . 」

The strange comparison puts a smile on my face .

「You’re cruel to show a d.i.c.k of this size to a mature lady…… there were many instances where I thought I would abandon my duties of treating you and suck on it instead . 」

「Hahaha, you could have done it as much as you wanted . You could also have rode me . 」

If I die from a woman’s prank, regardless of my injuries, then it’s my life that’s at fault .

「Honestly, my mouth opened after you stabilized because I was at my limit . But Celia-sama was in your arms . 」


I realized when the nurse pointed it out .

I was standing up with the naked Celia in my arms .

「She stayed by your side the whole time . Hardlett-sama looked cold from an excessive loss of blood, so she must have wanted to keep you warm with skin-to-skin contact……she was awake about three hours ago . 」

Celia surely couldn’t have gotten much sleep in the week I was out of commission .

The reason I didn’t open my eyes until I was healthy enough to stand might have been because Celia’s body temperature felt so comfortable .

「I can’t go outside and expose Celia . She still seems tired anyways, I’ll let her sleep a bit longer . 」

I lay Celia on the bed and kiss her .

「If the doctor comes, tell him I’ve recovered and went for a walk . 」

I actually have more important business .

「Gosh……he’s going to be angry . 」

The sighing nurse is cute even at her current age and she reminds me of Mel .

I’d like to examine her crotch in the near future .

「Ah, Hardlett-sama!」

「Hahaha, I’m off . 」

I leave the reluctant nurse behind and exit the room .

「Hardlett-sama is also naked―― aah, there he goes . ……it’s so big and dark……aaah, I’m feeling so h.o.r.n.y! The person I’m supposed to nurse isn’t here, I might as well go to the toilet . 」

I try to hide my unsightly gait to compensate for my injury by walking slowly towards the destination next to where I believe is Alteria .

「Oh, that’s Lord Hardlett――uwah!!」

「Are his injuries healed――dowah!!」

The knights guarding the area fall off their horses as they greet me .

Aren’t you too relaxed after the decisive battle? You guys are going to worry Erich .

「Look, it’s Hardlett-sama! He’s the central figure of――hiie, black!」

「He rode into the enemy camp by himself and defeated Maestus――uhyaaa, thick!」

Troops start to say one thing and suddenly shout .

Have they not relieved their post-battle stress? It’s troubling for the soldiers to be so cranky . What’s the commander doing?

「You’re awake too? Then why don’t you fight me? If you win, I’ll do any――kuh! I won’t lose!」

「Hey Felteris, what are you taking your clothes off for!!? S-stop it! Don’t reveal your b.o.o.bs!」

I hear Felteris and Natia, but their voices are soon drowned out by the cheers of the rowdy soldiers .

I’ve got to say, it’s cold .

Although it’s late into the season, it’s still autumn . I wonder if the s.h.i.+vering has to do with my injuries .

I finally noticed after scratching my shoulder .

「……oh, I’m naked . 」

It would be bad to go like this . I’ll go change .

I arrive at the destination which is outside the city like I antic.i.p.ated .

「20 is the limit for this one . If they’re new, we can put in 50 . 」

「Are there no new holes yet? This one has reached the maximum with 200 . If they rot any more, they’ll leak poison and become untouchable!」

「Place a rock on those that haven’t been burned . If you leave them alone on the battlefield, they’ll rise up as zombies . 」

This place is a temporary graveyard to bury those who have died in the decisive battle .

Countless holes are dug and countless fires are started and many more corpses are stacked in piles .

The bodies of our fallen comrades are sent back to their hometowns quickly if possible .

This time, it may also have been done for n.o.bles and those with standing .

However, once the number of bodies pa.s.ses a certain amount, sending everyone back is impossible, so they have to be burned and buried on site .

It’s because leaving the bodies unattended will result in them decaying and spreading disease or becoming zombies and inflicting harm on others .

And in the case where the number of bodies is so great, like this time, they have to be buried without being treated with fire……or more crudely put, they just get tossed into a deep hole in the ground .

Properly buried bodies won’t turn into zombies, but with how roughly they’re handled this time and the location being next to the battlefield filled with deep-seated grudge, there is considerable uncertainty . That’s why they are taking extra precautions by dumping ma.s.sive amounts of bodies into deep holes and using heavy stones as lids .

Nevertheless, the burial not ending in a week is abnormal .

I can’t imagine the extent of sacrifices both armies suffered .

I shrug my shoulders slightly . As always, I have no sense of guilt or grief .

It’s natural for people to die in a war, and it’s not like crying will trigger a miraculous reincarnation .

But that applies to those who are accustomed, it’s a totally different story for others, especially women .

「Where could Benel’s grave be?」

A makes.h.i.+ft cemetery has been built beside the site where military processing is being done .

The third son of a lower-ranked knight without a fief to his name, a subordinate commander who was a commoner but reached a certain rank, and possibly those lucky enough to be buried in the early days, who cannot be taken back to their territory, but who were part of the ma.s.ses and not thrown into holes with stones, are buried here .

Benel is technically an enemy and would normally be treated like the general public, but considering her relations.h.i.+p with me, she should be given a better burial .

I will check each tombstone individually .

My anger towards South Yuguria hasn’t exactly disappeared, but my heart is calm .

「I also did the same to Piris and killed Maestus in front of her . I’m in no position to resent . 」

My heart gives an excuse despite words coming out of my mouth .

I fought Maestus and killed him when we clearly treated each other as enemies .

Benel, on the other hand, was killed by a trusted ally . The difference in regret is big .

「Still, it probably felt the same to Piris . 」

The last time I saw Piris, she was swinging her hips on top of a dead Maestus with a broken smile on her face .

If it’s truly broken, then I have to take responsibility and look after her for my entire life .

「……this is also the wrong one . I don’t want to think she was thrown over there . 」

I check the next tombstone with a somewhat darker expression .

「Hey, isn’t that Hardlett-sama? Is he inspecting the graves one by one?」

「The other higher-ups would have said a simple “praise all those who died for the kingdom regardless of rank”, and left with the Military Commissioner……」

Be……Be……Beneludo . Don’t die with such a misleading name .

「Hey, he poked the grave . 」

「Hardlett-sama was a commoner . Maybe an acquaintance of his died…… c.r.a.p, I think I’m starting to cry a little . 」

I feel some people looking at me strangely, but I can’t find Benel’s grave .

That is when I find a familiar face and call out to him .

It’s the doctor who also treated Gido .

「Hey, if it isn’t the doctor . 」

It’s a bit late for a doctor to come visit a cemetery .

「It’s kind of like a lesson . It doesn’t matter how much time I devote to medical studies if the amount of people I save is fewer…… anyways, what is Hardlett-sama doing here?」

Benel’s final treatment was done by this doctor .

Since that is the case, I ask the doctor if he knew where she was buried, to which he unusually bursts out in anger .

「Don’t say such an ill-omened thing, she is still alive! Come with me!」

The doctor pulls my arm and walks briskly .

It initially didn’t register, but as soon as I understood what he said, a smile naturally formed on my face and I picked up the doctor, continuing to walk with him on my shoulder .

「Then I have no more business in the cemetery . 」

I dump the flowers and alcohol meant for Benel on a random nearby grave and run off .

「Woah, what a splendid offering . It’s very characteristic of Hardlett-sama . Let’s see the epitaph…… Christoph? Christoph from the penal unit, he died!?」

「Yeah, I remember it…… he was brought back as a charred corpse, but he was just unconscious and covered in soot . He ran back after p.i.s.sing his pants from seeing all the dead bodies around him . His name was inscribed on the tombstone and I guess they just used it as is . 」

「Hey, that’s absurd . 」

I hear the soldiers behind me talking about something, but I could care less about it at the moment .



I kick down the wall of the building being used as a first-aid room and rush in .

Benel is resting face-up on top of the lonely bed placed in the center of the small room .

She didn’t open her eyes from the commotion and remained sleeping peacefully .

When I hold her hand, I don’t get a response, but it feels warm .

「She’s breathing……so she’s safe . 」

In order to calm down, and also to punish myself for jumping to conclusions, I hit my head on the stone wall .

The wall crumbles and my head pops into the corridor, but I don’t feel any pain because of my happiness .

「P-please stop! Don’t destroy the sickroom!」

The nurse’s words bring me back to my senses .

「With that kind of injury, I was sure――doctor, your skills are magnificent . 」

The doctor under my arm who I praised shakes his head .

「……the one who did the treatment was me . Of course, we’re talking about the use of first-rate medicine . 」

The shady doctor who handled Gido’s surgery stood in the corner of the room .

「So it was you!? Wonderful, what great work! If you saved Benel, then two or three of Gido’s d.i.c.ks won’t be a problem for you . 」

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「Hmp, I couldn’t help healing her, but my treatment fees aren’t cheap for a great lord like you . 」

He throws the messed up strategy plans all over the desk .

「Military families have pardoned the crimes of men due to distinguished service in war . In the Battle of Alteria, which will decide the outcome of the war, it ended with our victory . The casualties also fall within the expected range of the initial plan……and more importantly, it took merely half a day for the capture of the enemy capital . I have to say this is an unantic.i.p.ated result . 」

Erich stands in front of me with a grim face, or more accurately, a sullen expression .

「The role Hardlett played in the victory was extremely important . Considering his military service, it is more than enough to outweigh his crime . It is unfortunate……truly unfortunate . 」

Celia a.s.sumes a blocking stance again when Erich approaches, but her cheek was tugged .

「Therefore I will not blame you this time . When I write the report to His Majesty, I will outline your folly along with your valor . 」

It seems things worked out in the end .

「But, putting a boar like you alongside others will have a negative influence on them . So you will lead your army back to your territory and independently suppress the enemy from the east . Your chances for merit will decrease when you are away from the main warfront . Let that be the punishment for a battle maniac like you . Until then, control yourself from doing anything unnecessary . 」

I am given a decree on the spot .

There is a piece of paper pasted next to the signature with a list of criticisms and a note saying, “The victor has been decided . We don’t have to rely on an injured person anymore, go back to your territory and rest” .

In addition, it seems Myla was handed the same order, but she turned red and trembled, probably from what was written .

「Furthermore, regarding that big monster . I left it alone because you said someone in your house was taking care of it……but if it acts wildly and inflicts harm, I won’t forgive you!」

Hm, is he talking about Pochi?

I don’t really care, so let’s just nod .

Once Erich finishes addressing the issue, he waves his hand to dismiss me .

He wasn’t as angry as I expected and I’m guessing he had to be stricter in front of the others .

If someone else rampages like me again, it’ll be trouble for him .

「Well, time to obediently accept my demotion . 」

I regret not being able to stay and watch the last of South Yuguria, but I’ll be satisfied with Benel surviving .

Besides, I’m sure no matter where I go, I’ll meet Wilhelmina again . I have a feeling .

「All that’s left is……」

「The a.s.sa.s.sin, right? Externally, she’s a small fry who just killed a prisoner of war, so there are no particular restrictions on contact . 」

Myla’s words cool my heart .

「I’m glad I was punched once . I feel somewhat calmer . 」

I wipe my nosebleed with the paper in my hand .

「That’s the probation letter! Aaah, there’s blood all over……!」

While listening to Myla’s fl.u.s.tered voice, I prepare myself to face the a.s.sa.s.sin .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 25 years old . Autumn .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . Mountain Legend .

Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless . Dragon Slayer Hero .

Elf Mediator . s.e.x King of White City . Mad Demon G.o.d

Condition (demotion)


Myla (demotion), Celia (blocker), Irijina (unharmed), Luna (treatment)

Gido (insane), Pochi (bewildered), Leopolt (withdrawal preparation), Tristan (skipping out), Agor (treatment)

Yakov (treatment), Mack (critical condition), Jim (despair), Christoph (seriously injured), Guigue (doubtful)

Altair (funeral), Remia (at limit)


Sekrit (lonely, on standby), Ivanna (fulfilled), T-99 (debugging), Brynhildr (……)

Natia (clenched fists), Felteris (naked), Ijaris (fruit), Yularen (fruit)

Annette (rest), Piris (insane), Baroness Rukino Escaote (silent), Seika (silent), Naesys (silent), Nasis (silent), Busco (promoted)

Zillia (first aid)

Army – Southern Goldonia

Under Protagonist: (Injured recovered, Also includes those who evacuated to territory)

Escort Unit: 25 ⇒ 30

Infantry: 2000 ⇒ 2400

Cavalry: 250 ⇒ 300

Archers: 250 ⇒ 300

Cannoneers: 360

Bow Cavalry: 5000 ⇒ 5800

Independent Celia Squad: 150 ⇒ 180

Conscripts + Security Unit: 4500 ⇒ 5400

Cannons: 40, Large Cannons: 21, Dwarven Cannons: 15, Field Artillery: 15, Chariots: 35


Reinforcements / Allied Forces

105 Army Corps: 2500 ⇒ 3000

Elves: Black: 200, White: 200

New Penal Unit: 100 ⇒ 90

G.o.d Altair’s Army: 500 ⇒ 550

Tropical Smooth-scaled Monitor Lizard

Teries Fleet: Battles.h.i.+p Suvorov, Battles.h.i.+p Leviathan IV (temporary), Large Combat s.h.i.+ps: 3, Medium Combat s.h.i.+ps: 7


Ally Forces:

Western Front:

Royal Army: 15 000

Conscripts: 20 000

Eastern Front:

Enemy Force: Regular Soldiers: 3000?

Conscripts: 10 000? , Young Male Soldiers: 10 000?

National Volunteer Corps: ⇒ 5000

a.s.sets: -10 000 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 797

Children who have been born: 69 + 567

Current Location: Alteria

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