Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「I can’t hold back anymore. You better be ready.」

I shove my hand into the crotch of Yularen, who is teasing me by exposing her thighs, and rip her underwear.

「Look, Ijaris. He became a beast.」

I push the cackling Yularen on the bed.

My mouth latches onto her neck as my hand gets to work on her uncovered crotch.

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A faint red mark gets left on the spot where I sucked Yularen’s white neck.

I want to dominate this woman.

That is what the l.u.s.t kindled by the drug is begging me to do.

My teeth press down on her clean neck.

A short gasp escapes from her lips and her entire body trembles.

「No…… don’t bite.」

If I continue pressing down, my incisors will easily tear her thin skin.

There is no way for Yularen to wriggle free with me pinning her.

I can dominate this screaming woman as I please.

「Aah, don’t…… I’m scared…… don’t be rough.」

The woman under me hugs my head and maintains her feeble resistance.

I’ve reached my limit.

I held down Yularen’s shoulder and head――then sucked her neck hard.

「Fufu, I’d say that’s a pa.s.s.」

The frightened Yularen placed a hand on my shoulder.

At that moment, I immediately flew into the air, lightly touching the ceiling before falling back down on the bed.

Despite being launched high up and falling straight down, there wasn’t a huge impact upon landing nor was there any dust that got kicked up.

I must have been lifted up and caught by magic.

「You did well to endure. If you bit down there, I would have ended things after half-heartedly squeezing one shot from you.」

「We want to play with a beast-like man. If we wanted a total animal, we would have used a boar in heat instead.」

Ijaris straddles me now that I’ve been flipped onto my back.

「I can tell how big you are even through your pants. Pukuku, Yularen, it’s like a thick log.」

She positions herself over my d.i.c.k and slowly grinds her own crotch against it.

Her b.o.o.bs sway in rhythm to her movements and I can tell through the thin fabric of her tight-fitting dress that her nipples have slightly enlarged.

More blood flows down to my p.e.n.i.s, which should already be at its peak rigidity.

「Oh, oh, how much bigger can it get?」

Ijaris jokes as she rocks her hips and then guides both my hands to her cleavage.

「Was that a little too mean? Here’s an apology.」

She lowers her dark-skinned face to my ear.

「Go ahead and be an animal.」

My body reacted as soon as the meaning of those words registered in my brain.

I grab the top of Ijaris’s dress and mercilessly tear it apart.

The dark-skinned beauty’s shriek accompanied the sound of ripping silk.

「Aah, you tore it! No, no, stop it!」

Ijaris rolls to the floor and runs in an unsightly manner while trying to hide her bountiful bosom.

I confirm the smile on her face before chasing after her, mounting her and tearing the remnants of her dress……from the waist down.

「Haa, haa……what is this?」

The underwear she had on beneath the dress could not be considered a piece of clothing.

To be accurate, it is a red ribbon which covers only the important parts of her lower half.

As I reach to tear that off next, Yularen comes up from behind and presses her body against me.

「I’m next. I’ll allow you to be a beast.」

I turn around, put my hand on her green one piece dress and peek at her face.

Yularen smiles and clasps her hands together behind her head.


I suck on her neck and rip her dress.

I start with the fabric around her chest, then move to her shoulders and abdomen, ripping everything down to the hem to shreds.

I’m left with a stark naked Yularen and Ijaris with only a thin string for underwear.

If I lose focus, I feel like I’ll pounce on either of them and indiscriminately thrust my d.i.c.k into any one of their holes.

「Fufu, you have to strip too.」

「Let’s see, why don’t we tear your pants as well.」

I stick my hand out to stop the two of them from crawling closer on all fours.

I put my hand on my hips and spread my legs ……which causes them to look at me dubiously.


I clench my abs.

I try not to think about how this might affect the injury to my side.


The fabric of my pants starts to stretch.

「What are you doing? Eh, don’t tell me!」

「Your pants!?」

Their surprised expressions were the final push that helped my d.i.c.k tear my pants and pop right in front of the eyes of the lewd women.

There was a heavy swinging sound as my d.i.c.k proudly stood tall.

「He really did it! He actually did it!」


The two of them applaud and then crawl close to me.

「It’s an unbelievable size. It isn’t just long either……look how thick it is!」

Ijaris happily strokes my p.e.n.i.s from the tip to the base.

「It isn’t only big. I can understand how it can be densely packed with veins, but why does it have all these b.u.mps? It isn’t an illness……these b.u.mps are in places where a woman would rub.」

Yularen prods the veins and b.u.mps with her finger.

「Take a whiff of the smell too. It’s such a strong male scent…… it’s like a venus fly trap that attracts naughty women.」

Ijaris inhales deeply with her nose right up against the base of my d.i.c.k.

「His b.a.l.l.s are like apples. There seems to be constant movement within them too…… I’m sure they are creating s.e.m.e.n as we speak.」

After rubbing her face on my b.a.l.l.s, she takes each of them in her mouth and rolls them around with her tongue.

「I thought it was a large c.o.c.k that only appears once every hundred years…… but I was mistaken.」

「This is the root of a demon which only comes once in a thousand years…… we have to enjoy the taste thoroughly.」

「I can’t take it anymore. Stand up with your hands on your hips so I can suck on it.」

「Leave everything to us. I don’t want to see you holding our heads or swinging your hips.」

I’ve already come this far, might as well listen.

Either way, I’m promised overwhelming pleasure.

When I obey, the two lewd elves stick out a hand at each other with serious expressions on their faces.


「Fufu, it looks like I win.」

It turns out they were deciding who will go first and Yularen earned that right. She sits in front of me.


She lets out a lewd moan one would not expect from someone who looks as modest as her, sticks out her tongue obscenely and slowly brings her face close to my d.i.c.k.

Her tongue slithers around the tip, probing investigatively.

It was probably meant as a greeting, but the fluent movements that replicated those of a separate living organism could easily make an inexperienced person e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e on the spot.

When I groan, Yularen grins.

That expression did not contain an ounce of shyness.

It happened when her oval-shaped lips touched the head.

My d.i.c.k was instantly swallowed up.

I didn’t feel her teeth or her throat touch me, but my entire length disappeared into her mouth.


My voice came out against my will.

I can feel the hand on my hip come loose, but I persevere.

Because of the drug and these two totally perverted elves, I’m bigger than usual.

And for her to swallow me up to the root without hesitation, it’s unbelievable.


When Yularen’s eyes meet with mine, she smiles and begins to bob her head.

It wasn’t as simple as moving her head back and forth.

During her forward motion, she ensured she used her tongue and throat to rub the most sensitive parts of a man, and during the backward motion, she deliberately sc.r.a.ped her teeth against the glans as she sucked hard.

「This is……too much!」

My feet shake and my center of ma.s.s tips.

A mere five repet.i.tions made my hips weak.

I’m certain that these two were holding back when I f.u.c.ked them last time.

No man could hope to withstand a f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o like this.

「Hey. You can’t be falling without permission.」

Ijaris supports me from behind.

However, in the next moment, another wave of pleasure a.s.saults me.


Ijaris’s finger entered my a.n.u.s.

「My a.s.s……stop. That isn’t my thing……」

I protest, thinking back on the recent invasion.

「Fufu, is that really true though? Men can feel pleasure from there too, you know?」

Ijaris slowly moves her finger back and forth after inserting it all the way.

Her repeated movements are completely different from the pain and shock of being stabbed accidentally.

The fierce discomfort continues……

「This is behind your b.a.l.l.s, there, and there, how’s that? Nn?」

When Ijaris twisted her finger, a jolt of electricity traveled through my body.

I let out a roar as my feet buckled, but the two somehow kept me standing.

Not only was my d.i.c.k swaying irregularly, so were my b.a.l.l.s.

If that lasted for a few more seconds, I would have shot my seed.

「Wasn’t that good? See, men also have a weak point there. By the way, yours felt rather loose. Perhaps you’ve been playing around with it?」

No, all of it has been mishaps.

It’s not what I want.

「Well, let’s proceed.」

Yularen halts her service.

「Won’t you let me e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e?」

My d.i.c.k is quite swollen and I can see the veins pulsing.

With how painfully hard my erection is, it’ll be hard if left alone.

「I would have let you blow your load if you stayed standing until the end, but since your hips gave out midway, you’re not allowed to. You have to entertain us…… even more!」

Yularen pushes me down on my back and climbs on top of me.

She then smoothly and without hesitation lowers her hips onto my surprisingly enlarged c.o.c.k, using her hand to guide it in.

Half of my length instantly went inside and slid up to the entrance of her womb.

「Guh……as expected.」

「The times are really different. Ah, still it’s really big……mm, just moving feels good.」

Yularen fixes her hands on my chest as she rocks her hips.

For the downward motion, she drops her hips forcefully, while she slowly pulls back for the upward motion, granting me the same pleasure, if not more, than the technique of a veteran prost.i.tute.

「Aaaah……it feels so good. Keep going and I’ll c.u.m.」

「Ara, is that so? You don’t have to hold back then.」

Yularen leans forward and lowers her body, kissing my neck and chest as she speeds up.

A hot and heavy substance rises up from my crotch.

It looks like she’ll let me e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e like this.

My hands reach around to squeeze Yularen’s pet.i.te a.s.s as I tilt my head back and close my eyes, welcoming the pleasure building up to climax. In doing so, I did not notice her expression.

「Do your best now. If you relax, you’ll really die.」


I open my eyes and see Yularen smiling.

It wasn’t a happy smile or a provocative smile or a joking smile.

It’s the same smile I make when I’m in front of an enemy on the battlefield.

「Here I go. Are you ready?」

I suddenly feel my d.i.c.k being grabbed.

The part which should be inside her just got grabbed.

At the same time, something slimy slithers over the tip, finds the tiny hole and sucks on it.

There was a brief delay and then――


A tremendous suction follows.

I’m hit with a sharp pain and intense pleasure.

Unable to bear the sensation, my hips raise up, lifting Yularen as well.

The sucking doesn’t diminish at all.

「Fufufufu, this is my cervix. Does it feel good?」

「Ease up a little, otherwise you will really kill him.」

My d.i.c.k wasn’t simply being sucked and gently milked, her womb was sucking with such voracity that one would think it hasn’t eaten in hundreds of years.

「This…… I can’t handle it!!」

s.e.m.e.n gushes out from my d.i.c.k.

Far from a regular e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, it was like my seed was sucked up straight from my b.a.l.l.s.

「So you came.」

Yularen happily rubs her belly and lowers her hips even more.

With a naughty squelch, I feel her womb swallowing my d.i.c.k.

Yularen doesn’t look like she is suffering from her cervix being penetrated though.

Conversely, the more of my d.i.c.k is gobbled up, the stronger the suction, and I’m the one agonizing.

It feels like she is extracting every last drop of s.e.m.e.n.

「Let me pull out real quick. This is unbearable.」

In a state of emergency, I flip over, transitioning from cowgirl to missionary so I can take my d.i.c.k out, but Yularen’s legs lock around my waist and won’t let me leave.

「No way♪」

Her womb doesn’t relent, sucking me until my knees go weak and I fall on top of Yularen.

「Okaay~ welcome back♪」

She greets me with a kiss and her arms circle under my armpits to wrap around my shoulder.

Because I inserted deeper, the suction naturally increases in strength.

Yularen’s face flushes, her eyes melt and her tongue continuously licks her lips.

It’s an expression void of reason.

「Is this how you sucked an orc to death!?」

「Umu, and the same will happen to you if you don’t pull out. Would you like me to help?」


I’m not going to seek a.s.sistance because I’m about to be killed by having s.e.x.

That would be more humiliating than death.

「Ufufu~ you’re still c.u.mming~」

Yet, I have no way of escaping from Yularen who has completely lost her mind.

My legs and hips are too weak for me to move properly.

Of course, injuring her is out of the question.

「In that case……」

I tense up my abs and cut off the flow of s.e.m.e.n.

「Ara, it stopped. It’s futile to resist, you know?」

After a loving kiss, I hear a sucking sound from within Yularen’s body like the sound of sucking fruit juice through a straw with all one’s might. The drawing power is so strong that a weak man’s b.a.l.l.s would have shriveled to nothing.

This is what I was waiting for.


Matching the timing of the suction, I allow the flow of s.e.m.e.n to resume by my own will.

More than the acceptable amount of s.e.m.e.n instantly shot out of my urethra.

The density of the s.e.m.e.n being forcefully drawn out from my t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es was not normal.


This time, the baffled Yularen hugs me.

Fortunately, the effects of the drug increase the amount of s.e.m.e.n expelled.

The sound inside her body turns into the bubbling sound of blowing juice with a straw.

「T-there’s a lot…… aaaah! My stomach…… my stomach……」

Some of the suction force weakens.

Obviously, if her womb is full, it won’t have room to suck anything more.

「This win……is mine.」

I give her a final thrust and bite down on the neck of the dumbfounded Yularen, leaving my teeth marks on her pristine skin.


Yularen mutters right before pa.s.sing out while clutching her belly inflated like a pregnant woman.

「For you to lose consciousness when f.u.c.king……」

Ijaris pokes Yularen with her finger but gets no response.

「I was going to show you something nice, but you’re already spent, no?」


I exert myself and manage to stand on my wobbly legs.

Then, I hug Ijaris close and fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a.s.s.

「What a fine body. It’s the best.」

My lower half becomes hot.

「Are you telling me you can still get hard? You might have consumed the drug, but you’ve released buckets of s.e.m.e.n.」

「I still have a s.e.xy woman in front of me. If I can’t get it up……I can’t call myself a man.」

I steal Ijaris’s lips.

Immediately, my d.i.c.k snaps back up and points to the ceiling――――and blood squirts out from my side.

The wound has completely opened up.


「H-hey! What are you doing!? Call a doctor! Get Natia here!」

My stamina was exhausted during the limit-exceeding s.e.xual intercourse and my body couldn’t handle the bloodloss.

I drop lifelessly to my knees and fall forward onto the bed.

「Kuh, I know it can’t be helped, but I’m the only one not satisfied……」

――Three Full Days Later.

「Isn’t it fine by now?」

I check the state of my side again as I slowly get up.

Although I have lost some blood, I’m not dizzy enough that I can’t stand.

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「It’s because you’ve lost more than just blood!」

She waves and leaves.

I believe I made a favorable impression.

I also learned a few things during our little exchange. She enjoys alcohol and becomes sleepy after drinking, she gets angry easily but has a forgiving personality, she isn’t fazed from seeing a man’s p.e.n.i.s and is relatively experienced, she isn’t persuaded by tears, and finally her armpits and thighs are not weak points.

「Fufufu, she’s mine.」

「Guh…… how vexing.」

Mack goes limp and faints on his back.

Now then, is Celia still fooling around?

I should head to the place I’m supposed to go……where was it again?

「The former a.s.sembly hall. I’m coming.」

Celia washes her hands and stands beside me like nothing happened.

She’s breathing hard because of the jostling with Piris, but I wonder why her eyes are sparkling.

When we arrived at the hall, Jim and several dozen citizens were all lined up.

One of them speaks.

「Firstly, I thank you for recovering our territory.」

We simply retaliated against South Yuguria and didn’t make any particular effort to recover the Libatis domain.

I look at Jim to ask what’s going on and he returns a pleading expression to me.

Umu, I’ll listen to what they have to say.

「I have been chair of the Libatis Democratic congress for four terms――」

「I’m not sure what that is, but tell me what you want.」

I know nothing about Libatis’s government system or jobs.

It won’t make sense to me no matter how much you explain.

「……I heard you also reclaimed the area of our country south of Tortoent. With South Yuguria no longer occupying the region, I intend to form a temporary congress until we revive the nation. I will act as the chair.」

「Sure. If that’s what you decided, that should be fine.」

Who cares if it’s a congress or an a.s.sembly of wives or an a.s.sociation of cheaters. If he wants to create a group, he’s free to do so and whoever heads that group is none of my concern.

「In line with this, the temporary congress has a request for its ally nation, Goldonia.」

I look at Jim. I immediately get bad feelings about this whole situation.

「The people’s livelihoods were ravaged by the war and it was hard for them to find food let alone conduct business. It was a situation where the citizens’ rights were seriously violated. I guess it can be considered……h.e.l.l.」

「Is that so?」

It may have been rough after the war, but the coming and going of peddlers kept people from starving.

Certainly, buying ingredients freely or dining at restaurants like usual is still impossible though.

「That’s right! Currently, only 20% of the clothing stores remain from before the war and those in the jewellery industry are going bankrupt!」

「Clothes can be dealt with later. If you have food, don’t complain.」

Also, beat up anybody who considers jewels a priority in these dire times.

「Furthermore, the wounds of the people were grave because of the tyrannical rule of the despicable dictators.h.i.+p. In response, the citizens were ready to stand up in the Tortoent battle and demolish South Yuguria――」

Their revolt occurred after the a.s.sault of the elves settled the battle.

The result would have been the same whether they stood up or slept in their homes.

I motion to Jim with my arms spread.

It’s the signal that I won’t listen any more.

「Chairman. Lord Hardlett has to take command in the war. If you could please get to the point……」

「Carmack! What is a soldier interrupting the chairman for!? Ahem, since it’s an emergency, I will overlook it.」

The chairman glares at Jim and then gives me a creepy smile.

「In order to improve the living conditions of the citizens and the restoration of the destroyed facilities, we request funds and manpower from our ally nation Goldonia. Also to establish the legitimate democratic system for the nation as quickly as possible, an election must be held. For that, public order should be stable and a candidate with the right views――」


I can make a rough estimation of what he wants to say.

「If I may.」

I state my opinion as politely as possible.

Irritation was clearly visible on the chairman face, but was quickly replaced with a creepy smile.

「The rat was eaten by a fox.」


The chairman tilts his head.

「That fox was finished off and eaten by a wolf. Will the rat come back to life?」

No, it won’t.

It would simply transfer from the fox’s stomach to the wolf’s stomach.

「Jim fought bravely. He ran around and bit the fox, trying to save his companions. What are you?」

You are sitting leisurely inside the belly waiting for the digestive juice, then when you see the fox defeated, you strike the stomach and celebrate the accomplishment as your own.

――obviously I don’t voice my thoughts.

I don’t intend to listen to these guys and at the same time, I don’t intend to pick a fight either.

「I’ve definitely heard you, but I can’t make any reply.」

I give the speechless chairman a sidelong glance and leave.

Celia hastily follows after me.

「Did we do something bad to Jim?」

I want to turn back and check on his face.

I feel like I’ll make eye contact with the chairman if I do that though.

「In the first place, it’s a mistake to tell me. The highest ranked person is Erich, go tell him.」

「This is just my imagination, but he might have already been refused.」

Yeah, I guess so.

He triumphantly said the same thing to Erich, was scoffed at, and then used the connection with Jim to call me.

「I’ll get Tristan to follow up on it later.」

It’s an unreasonable proposal that I can’t accept, but Jim will lose his standing if I treat this too carelessly.

「I’ll tell Leopolt-san as well.」

Yes, these meddlesome issues should be handled by Leopolt and Tristan.

「Even though we won, we still have to go through so much trouble.」

Celia smiles.

「Yes. But the enemy should be in more trouble.」

I also agree and pat her head, looking up at the sky in the south.

When I picture Wilhelmina and her shapely b.r.e.a.s.t.s in my mind, I grin.


「Hey look, Lord Hardlett is laughing.」

「He must be imagining himself slaughtering the guys from South Yuguria.」

「Cover your eyes. If he catches you in his sight, he’ll cut you to pieces.」

What I’m thinking of is none of your business.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 25 years old. Summer.

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend.

Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.

Elf Mediator. s.e.x King of White City.


Myla (rest), Celia (awakened), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander)

Gido (revived?), Pochi (chariot type), Leopolt (staff officer A), Tristan (staff officer B), Agor (commander)

Yakov (bis.e.xual), Mack (fainted), Jim (troubled)


Sekrit (relieved), T-99 (searching for enemies to destroy), Brynhildr (ー)

Natia (fatigue limit), Felteris (leftovers), Ijaris (s.e.xually frustrated), Yularen (satisfied)

Annette (princess of the 105), Piris (bashful), Baroness Escaote (medical treatment duty), Seika (medical a.s.sistant), Naesys (sisterly love), Nasis (sisterly love), Busco (prostrating), Ivanna (playing with hosts), Christoph (interrogator of love), Zillia (prisoner of love)

Army – Southern Goldonia

Under Protagonist: (recovering from injuries)

Escort Unit: 50 ⇒ 55

Infantry: 4100 ⇒ 4400

Cavalry: 480 ⇒ 530

Archers: 550 ⇒ 570

Cannoneers: 360

Bow Cavalry: 6700 ⇒ 7000

Independent Celia Squad: 390

Conscripts + Security Unit: 8800 ⇒ 9500

Cannons: 40, Large Cannons: 21, Dwarven Cannons: 15, Field Artillery: 15, Chariots: 35


Reinforcements / Allied Forces

105 Army Corps: 3100 ⇒ 3500


Battles.h.i.+p Suvorov, Battles.h.i.+p Aless of Aless, and others: All grounded.

Transport s.h.i.+ps: 20


Ally Forces: Royal Army: 38 000

Conscripts: 45 000

Enemy Force: Regular Soldiers: 20 000?

Conscripts: 40 000?

Cavalry Army: 10 000??

a.s.sets: -10 000 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 794, children who have been born: 69 + 567

Current Location: within the city of Tortoent

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