Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 379

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Chapter 379

Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

We returned to camp after confirming we weren’t being pursued once the night attack ended .

「Guh . 」


I embrace the female body in front of me and climax .

A sticky wet shooting sound, my rough breathing and the woman’s anguished moan resounds in the tent .



I’m sitting cross-legged and Sekrit is riding me, both of us grinding our hips in time with the other .

My hand squeezes her sweaty dark-skinned b.u.t.t hard, leading to the nails on both her hands to dig into my shoulder .

My c.o.c.k is buried deep into her body, pulsing vigorously and filling her hole with my viscous seed .

「Guu, there’s so much as usual…… did you empty your load?」

Sekrit asks when she feels my twitching has stopped and was about to lift her hips up .

However, my pent up l.u.s.t post-battle isn’t to be taken lightly and, despite releasing a copious amount of s.e.m.e.n, my c.o.c.k retains its rigidity .

It can’t be helped, so I hold her hips and pull out all at once, which causes Sekrit to throw her head back and scream .

「Sorry . That hurt, didn’t it?」

「Yeah, it hurt like I thought my stomach was about to rip . ……that’s why I want you to continue pulling it out when you’re hard from now on . 」

What do you mean “that’s why”, whatever .

I scoop some of Sekrit’s black hair as she exhaustedly lies face down .

「You really came buckets . Do you feel refreshed now?」

「Yeah, my hips feel lighter . 」

When I returned to the tent after the night attack, Sekrit greeted me naked with her legs spread open .

“My body is on fire . f.u.c.k me―― be as rough as you can . ”

I couldn’t resist a request like that with how aroused I was .

The s.e.x we had was far from loving or gentle and originated from a primal desire deeper within our cores .

At the very least, I thought I could make it up to her with postcoital activity .

I brush her hair, careful not to apply any weight on her, then repeatedly kiss her softly, moving from her shoulders to her back .

Simultaneously, my other hand is caressing her still trembling a.s.s, treating it like a fragile object .

「Nn…… how considerate of you . 」

「It’s to compensate for turning into a beast . 」

No matter how close a woman, she would dislike it if you use her purely as an outlet for your l.u.s.t .

Occasionally, you must use your words and actions to display your love for her .

「Kuku, that might be important if I was any other woman . You really don’t need to worry about that in my case . Choke me or punch me or do whatever, it turns me on . You have to be harsh to women, right?」

「Stupid, not like that . 」

I pay no heed and continue my caressing .

「Anyways, I’m impressed how you challenged a force of 70 000 with only 20 000 . 」

Once Sekrit finally recovered, she turns her body and leans into my chest .

I a.s.sume she is keeping still because she wants me to keep touching her .

「You’re doing surprisingly well . 」

「Yeah, the attack patterns of the enemy are standard and boring, though that’s not necessarily bad . We defeated them with less than half their numbers and that’s an amazing feat . 」

Sekrit rolls over and generously exposes her impeccable body .

「I can’t be certain since it was so dark, but we didn’t lose many soldiers, did we? It’s rare for a smaller force to win so one-sidedly . 」

Her sweaty skin s.h.i.+fts as her hand reaches to my crotch―― and plucks my pubic hair .

Sekrit giggles before going on .

「Suffering three consecutive defeats since the afternoon must be painful . If we’re going by standard practice, they should be withdrawing temporarily and thinking of how to change the way they attack . 」

In retaliation, I also extend a hand to her crotch .

Pretending to caress her, I poke her a.s.s with finger, which Sekrit reacts to by s.h.i.+vering a little, then taking a deep breath and relaxing her a.s.shole .

Using that timing, I separate from her and drink some water .

「……tch . But the development to follow will be decided in the west . 」

Sekrit clicks her tongue and splashes herself with what little water was left in her cup .

South Yuguria waged war against Goldonia .

Naturally, this isn’t the only battlefield and considering Trisnia fell recently, all the other places are not looking at favorable situations .

「Erich will manage . The royal army has close to 200 000 . 」

I stand naked imposingly and drink straight from the pitcher .

Sekrit slowly stands up and embraces me from behind .

「I wonder about that . With the deranged king, the dispersed troops, and the discord between n.o.bles, your superior is practically fighting with shackles on his legs . 」

Sekrit sneers like it doesn’t concern her and presses her voluptuous body against me .

「If you cling to me like that, I’m going to f.u.c.k you again . 」

「I obviously want you to . 」

I steal Sekrit’s lips and put her hands on the desk .

I grab her dark-skinned a.s.s and look to penetrate her again .

「Lord Hardlett . Forgive my rudeness, it’s urgent . 」

Leopolt ruins the mood with his cold voice .

As soon as he finished prefacing himself, he invites himself into the tent .


Sekrit clicks her tongue more emphatically this time and glares at Leopolt, though it doesn’t incite any reaction from him .

Usually, the women with me would shriek and cover themselves up when somebody else comes in, but Sekrit doesn’t hide her body, instead she gathers my clothes strewn across the floor and throws them at me, then sits in the corner in a huff while still naked .

「Couldn’t you wait a little longer…… the enemy won’t even attack today . 」

「I can’t wait . The situation has changed . 」

Leopolt glances at the naked Sekrit .

His eyes had no traces of s.e.xual feelings . He was waiting for me to grant him permission to speak in front of her .

「Go ahead . 」

I answer as I put my clothes back on .

I also give Sekrit a blanket, though she doesn’t wrap her body and lays it on the floor so she could lie on it .

She’s a daring one as usual .


「An express messenger was sent by the Military Commissioner . Due to the urgency, I listened to the matter in your place . 」

I’m getting a bad feeling .

The atmosphere around Sekrit changes . Her eyes are closed and she’s lying on her side, but she’s definitely perking up her ears .

「What was said?」

「First, he requested you to lead your army and meet up with the Royal Army if possible . 」

I laugh through my nose .

「We can’t do that . 」

We’re barely holding on with the few troops we have .

I should be the one who requests for reinforcements .

「The Military Commissioner should not be expecting you to do so . That’s why he put “if possible” at the end . 」

「Erich understands after all . 」

Incompetent guys would have written “come unconditionally” instead .

「Roleil has fallen after a tough battle . 」


Sekrit opens one eye and the corner of her mouth lifts up .

「Take out the map . 」

Before I finish, Leopolt spreads out a map on the desk, knocking off the water jug and other small items .

Roleil is Maria’s home town and a place I’m quite familiar with .

「How did this happen so easily?」

My tone was slightly stern .

Sure, effects of Trisnia’s surprise attack lingered, but I thought they have long since recovered from that .

「The Royal Army had gathered three corps totaling 50 000 and still found themselves at a disadvantage, unable to match the enemy’s two-p.r.o.nged attack from Trisnia and from the south……」

South Yuguria heavily uses large scale detours and encirclements .

They had few cavalry here so their movements were limited . In turn, they could focus their cavalry in other locations .

Sekrit pokes her head in from the side .

She still has a dignified presence while naked . As expected of a former commander-in-chief .

「What about the losses?」

A rout after an attack from two sides would typically be pretty catastrophic .

If the Royal Army suffers major damage here, it might come into play in the future .

「After surrendering Roleil, the Royal Army retreated to Arkland . The enemy attempted to give chase, however two additional army corps deployed on the side and kept South Yuguria from dealing a fatal blow . 」

「Two more armies, huh…… did they make it in time or not make it in time?」

If they arrived before the fight in Roleil, perhaps the city would have been protected .

Fumu, I’ll have this one thing cleared up .

「What is your opinion of the current state of affairs? Even I can tell we’re being overpowered, but to what extent?」

「Since the fall of Roleil, all fronts have withdrawn to Arkland . This is a big loss for the Royal Army and a sizeable population gain for the enemy . 」

So it’s really bad .

「Nevertheless, it isn’t a huge deal militarily speaking . The loss is within tolerable levels and having the frontlines closer to the capital means our logistics will be strong . 」

Fumu, I see . Losing land temporarily doesn’t matter if our army remains healthy .

「In conclusion, the situation is unfavorable but recoverable, and is capable of being reversed with the result of one battle . 」

Leopolt continues .

「The Military Commissioner probably sees it the same way . In spite of reinforcements covering the flank, it isn’t easy to stave off a highly mobile enemy’s pursuit . It seems like Roleil’s defense squad was ordered to preserve as much of their forces as possible rather than resisting to the bitter end . 」

「If you can’t protect the city, then retreat . It’s the logical course of action . 」

Sekrit is also in agreement . Meanwhile my attention is drawn to her uncovered ample bosom and faintly colored nipples .

Neither she nor Leopolt is particularly fixated on the fact that she’s naked, so I’m the only one who looks like a clown .

Either way, it seems they antic.i.p.ated Roleil would fall from the start .

「In that case, where would be the critical juncture?」

Leopolt points on the map .

「Arkland . Being a fortress city and the center of the region, losing this city would essentially mean the loss of Goldonia’s entire southern area . This place must be defended at all costs . 」

So he’s saying the decisive battle will be at Arkland .

「But we have a different problem . 」

Sekrit smiles and taps the map .

「Roleil’s fall is a serious issue for us . If we are going to fight in Zan Dora, we might also get flanked from there . 」

She draws an imaginary line starting from Roleil and going east, pa.s.sing through Rafen and Zan Dora .

「Split down the middle, huh . Leopolt, do you think they will spare some troops to attack us from the west?」

「The possibility is low . It isn’t very realistic for the enemy’s western army to move in our direction with Goldonia’s Royal Army in front of them . It is also a foolish plan to waste soldiers prior to an important battle . 」

「……That might be true if you only look at the hardheaded way things were done up to this point . If it were me, I would divide the army here . 」

Sekrit snorts and sticks a knife into the map .

She might get upset, but I’m going to believe in Leopolt and concentrate solely on the enemy in front .

「One last thing . 」

「There’s more?」

It’s all been bad news .

「A fourth army has appeared and they have started the invasion on Malt Kingdom . Based on their remarkably slow speed of advance, incomplete formation and poor skill, I surmise they are a second string army . 」

「Tell me that first」

Leopolt keeps a cool face even though I yell at him .

Also Sekrit, don’t laugh and cover up your b.o.o.bs and crotch .

「Involving the second string will only put a burden on their logistics . The enemy is not that stupid . 」

「Malt is going to be taken . 」

「Yes, most likely . In any case, it’s impossible to help . 」

Although that p.i.s.ses me off, knowing Leopolt is that kind of guy stops me from bursting out in rage .

I was too hopeful to think Malt could get out of this safely .

「No need to get so angry . Here, fondle my b.o.o.bs and calm down . 」

「Anyways, let Celestina know right away . ……it would be best if she issues a royal decree to surrender immediately . 」

I say so after squeezing those bountiful dark-skinned b.r.e.a.s.t.s of hers with all my might .

Malt’s military strength is nonexistent . It isn’t worth foolishly putting up resistance to get their fields burned . Give everything up from the start, and then I’ll just take everything back later .

「It has already been done . 」

「You wrote kindly, right? Your usual tone will make Celestina cry . 」

「Mmm, well I wrote it so I think everything should be fine . Wait, uwah!」

The hunchback man trudges lazily into the tent without knocking .

Tristan shows up scratching his head .

He’s acting listlessly, though he doesn’t appear to be sleepy .

Don’t tell me this guy actually slept during the night attack .

Celia and Myla, who ran around confirming the casualties, were quick to follow .

They seem to be aware of Erich’s message too .

「This smell! You didn’t let Aegir-sama sleep when he’s tired and even made him release his seed!」

「Hurry and clothe yourself! Shameless woman!」

「……well, it’s the same as usual, I guess . More importantly, is it fine to let the soldiers sleep? There isn’t much time until dawn . 」

「We gave them a good beating . Surely they will be good tomorrow . 」

That’s what I hope, so I say it with that desire in mind .

Tristan simply sighs and refutes my statement .

「No, unfortunately they will be coming soon . They’ll come again tomorrow . 」

This is the first time hearing Tristan a.s.sert something so firmly .

「And why do you say that?」

I adjust myself in my chair .

「The news of Roleil’s capture has been told to the enemy in front right?」

「Well, yeah . 」

「That’s obvious . 」

Myla and I speak at the same time .

A smile flashes on her face briefly knowing we shared thoughts, however her eyes once again narrow sharply when the naked Sekrit sneers .

「The enemy’s western army and central army fell Trisnia after annihilating one army corps, then fell Roleil after defeating three more armies, and are aiming for Arkland . 」

“Their pursuit wasn’t successful though,” he adds while looking off into the distance .

「In contrast, what of the front …… the eastern army? They were defeated three straight times from the start of battle to the night attack, they did not capture even a small-sized city with the 70 000 troops, and are being held at bay while incurring more losses . 」

「That’s true . 」

「Yeah . 」


Myla and I comment simultaneously again, but this time Celia also joins in .

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Zan Dora is a relatively large city within my territory, whereas it’s rather insignificant when looking at Goldonia as a whole .

「If the enemy breaks up their formation, they can’t make things any easier for us . 」

「No orders are needed . Simply do as you have always done . 」

I watch a nearby fight .

This one involves roughly 30 enemies and five bow cavalry .

Those five are a family, consisting of the father, his two sons, a daughter, and the father’s lover .

Incidentally, the daughter’s virginity was taken by me last month .

「First, one shot . 」

The five-person family fires a volley at the enemy as they get into range, shooting down four because one arrow, luckily for the enemy, hit a s.h.i.+eld .

「Then the charge . 」

The father and his two sons draw their swords .

Two enemy soldiers try to intercept with spears, however the daughter and lover were ready, shooting arrows into the enemy soldiers’ bodies, throwing them off balance enough for the three men to run by and deliver finis.h.i.+ng slashes .

「Lastly, a final attack for good measure . 」

After getting in their strikes, the men turned backwards with their bows, without slowing down, and shot arrows at the two falling enemies to ensure their deaths .

In merely ten seconds, the enemy lost ten people and have completely stopped moving .

That was when the next group attacked .

It was a group of three young men and three young women, a family I also remember .

There is supposed to be a fourth woman, but she is resting due to being pregnant with my child .

It also took a few seconds for them to defeat five people, and the enemy became so disoriented they lost all sense of togetherness as a unit .

「Let’s go! Show them our strength!」

「Of course, brother!! No one can stand up to the three of us together!」

「I’m going too, big brother! We’ll show them the power of love . 」

The trio runs in together .

Although they’re not biological brothers, they apparently treat each other like family .

Rumor has it that their voices can be heard night after night, but I don’t know for sure and I definitely don’t want to find out more about their connections .

Another several people get taken out by the suspicious trio .

Meanwhile, the rest of the bow cavalry weave through the crowds of people and wait for a good chance to strike .

I applaud the South Yuguria army for withstanding so long, but their collapse was practically inevitable when they had to be cautious about a surround and fight off arrows at the same time, and so they started to flee .

「The bow cavalry could really make use of their horse handling skills when the enemy are spread out like this . That was a completely bad move on their part . 」

As Myla said, fights occurring elsewhere ended in pretty much the same manner .

The bow cavalry are free to go wild and rout the South Yuguria soldiers .

「It’s about time . 」

「Yeah, I’m off . 」

Leopolt reminds me and I mount Schwartz .

「Mm, let’s go . 」

「You don’t have to come . 」

Celia gets on her horse while complaining about how Sekrit is also climbing on her horse .

「I’ll leave the rest to you . 」

「Yes . 」

A trumpet sounds loudly .

Realizing their plan to disperse has failed, the enemy intends to regroup and reconstruct the formation .

The bow cavalry could not eliminate all the enemies despite persistently giving chase and shooting .

If the enemy formation is completed, the bow cavalry will get the tables turned on them .

That’s where we come in with the infantry to create a formation combining the two types of troops .

「That will be left to Myla and Leopolt . Our role is――」

As the alarm rings out, we enter the slightly opened gates of Zan Dora .

Trailing behind us is the enemy army…… around 10 000 to 15 000 of them approach the city .

The gates are closed shut with a dull thud the moment we enter the city .

「Deploying a scattered formation to bring the fight to us, while simultaneously charging into the city with a separate detachment . Leopolt also predicted this . 」

「They want to occupy the city during the chaos and wreck our morale . 」

Maybe, I can’t think too deeply since I’m not Leopolt .

「I won’t let them occupy this city though, even if it burns to the ground . 」

I twirl my longsword once before getting into a ready stance .

「Of course . I’ll defend to the end!」

「A battle within a city, huh? It would have been more fun if the residents were still around . 」

I pat Celia’s head and slap Sekrit’s a.s.s .

The citizens have already been taken to a safe place outside the city .

In the worst case…… no, the city will probably fall .

「The enemy has deployed in front of the city! Their attack will begin shortly!」

「Our allies are currently fighting with another army! They won’t be able to support us . 」

Everything is going as planned .

I have chosen a select group of elites to utilize our locational advantage and defend against the enemies attacking Zan Dora .

And then I have left Leopolt to take on the enemy who have abandoned their skirmis.h.i.+ng strategy .

If Leopolt loses, we will be surrounded by the enemy, and if I lose, the city will fall and our soldiers’ morale will drop .

Everything is over if either of us lose .

「The chief won’t lose!」

Gido and the others, as well as the escorts are here .

There are about 3000 of us . Using the complicated network of roads, this group of elites should be enough to handle the enemy regardless of how much they outnumber us .

「Alright, first the archers should station themselves on top of the wall . 」

It feels like I’ve been fighting many defensive battles lately, so I know the general idea of how to do things .

I’ll show everyone my resourceful side .

I can do more than just charge forward .

「Evacuating now!!」

Before the order could be relayed, the lookout climbs down from the watchtower .

I don’t know what sort of thinking is going on inside the mind, but I’ll allow it, since it’s a woman .

「You don’t have to get down like that, use the ladders . 」

「Feudal lord-sama, please lower your head! The cannonfire――」

Before she could finish speaking, the tower blows up, the stone wall crumbles and the wooden portion of the gate shatters into pieces .

I pull Celia behind me so she doesn’t get hit by the raining debris .

「……take back the order to the archers . 」

「Even if the order wasn’t cancelled, there’s no wall to stand on . 」

Dammit Sekrit, that remark was unnecessary .

It would seem I can’t be a resourceful general .

The lookout I’m hugging close to my chest quickly gets back on her feet and climbs onto the roof of a residential building .

As expected of an elite, she isn’t going to remain fl.u.s.tered for long .

「Multiple siege weapons spotted, 12 cannons, 35 ballistae! They are leading with cavalry and charging through the destroyed area!」

I can’t just sit here and admire her determination as a pro .

「We’re going to beat them . Everyone, follow me, charge!!」


「So you’re charging after all . 」

I slap Sekrit’s a.s.s again and then I jump on Schwartz to meet the enemy head-on .

Here we go, battle of Zan Dora, take two .

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