Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 249

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Chapter 249

Aegir POV–

The two elves named Pila and Khru put words together as they continue sobbing .

Only a cloth was used to wipe the orc s.e.m.e.n from their dirtied bodies so the smell still remains .

But there’s no time to leisurely cleanse their bodies right now .

「……dealing with the first five went smoothly . Felteris-sama’s magic tore through the windpipes of orc after orc, while we used magic and swords to defeat the enemies on our side . 」

「We thought it was an uneventful and rather simple mission . 」

The two hold back tears as they take turns explaining, while Yularen and I listen quietly .

I see, so the subjugation squad was as powerful as they touted themselves to be .

Then, what went wrong?

「Things went sour when we found the orc’s nest and were preparing to burn it down . 」

「Giant stakes and boulders started flying at us all of a sudden . 」

Orcs don’t use detailed tactics, but they’re smart enough to throw fallen trees or rocks .

It’s not anything unusual .

That should have been within expectations and the girls should know that .

「The speed and size of the flying objects were incredible so everyone had their hands full just dodging . 」

Fumu…… did an especially large one make an appearance?

「Wait just a moment . 」

Yularen interrupts .

「Felteris is a user of wind magic who even astonishes me, she could easily deflect the projectiles thrown by the orcs . 」

The girls close their eyes sadly .

「Yes…… we were protected by staying behind Felteris-sama, but she suddenly grabbed her stomach and crouched down . 」

「The s.h.i.+eld of wind was also disrupted…… Piko immediately tried to cover for Felteris-sama but the burden was too heavy and she got knocked down by a shard of wood . 」

The two of them look at each other and start sobbing again .

「Piko was captured by the orcs and started to rape her on the spot . She desperately screamed for help while blood ran down her thigh……」

「Felteris-sama and the rest of us tried to save her somehow, but that only threw our ranks into disarray and they captured us one after the other . 」

「……oh my goodness . 」

Yularen put a hand to her forehead while I had a troubled expression as well .

Their greatest a.s.set going down with bad health can be chalked up to unforeseen bad luck .

But the main reason for their annihilation was trying too hard to save their ally in such a dire situation .

I’m sure it would have been possible for the remaining five to escape if they sacrificed the one who was captured .

I shake my head when I think up to that point .

It would be hard for me to run back home if I saw an ally get raped in front of my eyes .

I would rather fight to the death than abandon a woman and run away .

Seeing how Natia fights, the elves are more suited to long range battle with their high evasion skills instead of hand-to-hand combat .

They can go from an overwhelming advantage to utter collapse with one sudden blow .

If Mack and I were there, we could have provided support to more or less cancel the disadvantageous situation…… I should have been more forceful and insisted to accompany them .

「All of us were taken into their nest and messed up by countless orcs……」

「We escaped when Felteris-sama resisted and drew their attention . 」

I see, there are plenty of openings to exploit when orcs rape women after all .

The orcs who chased after these girls must have realized later that they escaped .

「Yularen-sama! Please send a rescue squad! At this rate, everyone will be broken…… they’ll all be killed!」

「We’ll definitely come back even if we have to crawl! Please, I beg you!」

Yularen remains calm as the two girls plead .

「Do you know how many there are?」

「More than 50…… it was a big horde like I’ve never seen before . 」

It’s rare for so many orcs to flock together like this .

There might be an exceptionally strong one leading all of them .

Hearing that, Yularen subtly shakes her head and sighs .

「It’ll be hard . To begin with, the six individuals sent were warriors most suited for battle in this village, and for all of them to be defeated our only option left is to mount an attack with the entire village including all the males . It will take some time to make preparations for that . 」

「You don’t mean-! Those dirty orcs will insert their dirty large tools endlessly…… they won’t last more than a few days!」

「Felteris-sama was surrounded by a particularly large number of orcs…… she’s surely in big trouble!」

The two girls continue pressing Yularen, but she won’t change her mind .

Her way of thinking is understandable .

As the village chief, she couldn’t just sacrifice a larger number of people to save the four captured .

They would need to make flawless preparations before doing what they want .

However in that case, they probably won’t be able to save those four girls .

Orcs often leave women alive as they’re raping, though they pound their victims ceaselessly and without regard for their health . Once they run out of energy, the orcs will probably eat their meat .

I remember Felteris who acted arrogantly towards me .

It’s hard to believe a woman like her will become a meal for the orcs .

「If I may?」

I speak out as the three of them argue .

Yularen seems to be slightly troubled .

「Human guest, you have my thanks for saving these two girls and defeating their pursuers . However this is the village’s problem so you do not need to interfere……」

I interrupt Yularen .

「We’ll go and save them . We don’t need back up . 」

The light of hope returns to the eyes of Pila and Khru while Yularen’s eyes widen in shock .

「What did you just say?」

「We will set out and save the four captured girls . As for the orcs, we’ll take them down if they get in our way . 」

「There is absolutely nothing for you to gain from this . Why would you expose yourselves to danger for our sake without any form of compensation?」

We were originally going to kill the orcs so we could buy a potion made by Natia .

Besides, I wouldn’t say there is no benefit .

Elves are a little thin, but they’re all beautiful .

If we save them from the dirty orcs, I’m sure they’ll come to like us more .

「As a reward…… let’s see . Natia will make the potion, which we will buy from her and also……」

I smile at Yularen’s skeptical look .

「Get permission to seduce the girls we saved . 」

The eyes of the village chief, who has the appearance of a woman in their 40’s, widens some more .

「Can you give me a few spears? They’re too thin so tie them up in bundles of two or three, I’ll use them like javelins . 」

The elf girl’s jaw drops when I make my request, maybe it’s the first time she’s ever seen a human .

When I poke the forehead of the unresponsive girl, she quickly runs off .

「Um, please let us come with you too . 」

「We can’t just act all carefree and stay in the village while our companions are being tormented . 」

The two girls hurry to finish their battle preparations and cling to my back .

Fumu…… I commend them for feeling that way .

「Try spreading your legs and standing up . 」

「Ow . 」「Au!」

The pain from being s.e.xually a.s.saulted still remains on their bodies so opening up their legs slightly causes them to wince .

I can’t take people like that to battle .

「Uuu, how mortifying . 」

「Please save all of them . Especially Felteris-sama, she resisted until the end so they surely must have treated her the worst . 」

She did seem like a strong-willed girl .

I hope she didn’t do too much to provoke them into killing her .

「She must be balling up her hands into fists as the orcs put their dirty things into her mouth, genitals, and even her a.s.shole……」

「She was screaming things like ”Kuh! If you’re going to continue humiliating me like this, it would be better if you killed me now!” or “I won’t ever give in to the p.e.n.i.s of an orc!”」

「Is that so…… then we better save her soon . 」

And then I hope she’ll become mine .

I strap the spears brought to me in a hurry by that little girl to my back, look to Irijina and the others and nod .

Preparations are complete, now let’s head out .

The seven of us, including me, head directly towards the orc’s nest .

It goes without saying that the forest beyond the elf village is dense so we couldn’t use our horses and had to leave them in the village .

Schwartz seemed to be a little unhappy though it can’t be helped .

I thought we would need a guide to the nest, but since the place was very familiar to Natia and the others, only a verbal explanation was enough for her to know the general location .

「Fufufu, I brought a lot with me this time so I can be useful . 」

The arrows on Natia’s back are wrapped in cloth dyed with a malicious color .

It looks like she soaked them with plenty of that poison .

「Try not to misfire those things . 」

I don’t want to get hit by one of those things and die by having blood squirt out of my face .

「Don’t underestimate my skill . I’m better than Felteris at using the bow . 」

That’s good .

The subjugation squad searched for the nest while staying vigilant for any orcs while we already have an idea of where the nest is located ahead of time and are making a beeline for it .

We’re prepared to force our way through even if we get noticed by the orcs midway to the nest so we don’t care about making sounds as we go forward .

In any case, Mack, Irijina and I aren’t suited for covert operations .

It would have been impossible for us to sneak up on them .

The keen Celia or Pipi aren’t here either .

「There is an orc in front . 」

By the time Kroll spoke up, everyone had already confirmed the enemy’s presence .

The orc was already raising its club .

But it didn’t swing down the thick tree trunk .

An arrow shoots into its throat and a dark liquid flows into the veins of the orc, transmitting the poison throughout the entire body . The orc’s blood vessels seem to bulge out and turn purple before the orc coughs up b.l.o.o.d.y vomit and collapses to the ground .

Not long later, its upper half turns blue and the opening of the wound starts to rot and turn black .

Natia shot the orc with one of her poison arrows .

「You’ve become more villainous than before . 」

「I added another trick to the poison . 」

Natia shows off her arrows to me proudly .

Don’t point them at me, what are you gonna do if you poke me with them .

Look, two of them are coming at us next .

Natia fixes another arrow to her bow string, then shoots it at the second orc, guiding the monster to a tragic death .

The other one closes the distance in the meantime .

This kind of approach would have been a considerable threat to an elf-only squad .

However, we are with Natia right now .


Irijina’s spear pierces through the left knee, Mack takes his war hammer and smashes the lower leg .

The orc loses balance from getting its leg crushed and falls to the ground, then continues sliding with the momentum of its own running .

「Good work . 」

I don’t need my sword for this groveling monster .

I lift up my leg wearing a steel boot and stomp on its face .

My foot makes a huge dent in its face and I kick the dead orc away before speaking .

「We don’t have time to spare killing each one individually . We’re running straight there . They must be clumping around the nest too, so Alice can take them all out with one blast . It doesn’t matter if you use up your magic . 」

「Got it…… I’ll test out my new technique . 」

「Kroll and Mack will be with me in the vanguard . Irijina will stay in the middle, Natia will be the rearguard, Christoph will act as the escort . If we get attacked, buy us time even if you have to use your a.s.shole . 」


Christoph replied to confirm he understood my orders .

But is he really fine with what I said?

We charge forward without hiding our presence or the noise we make, eventually alerting the orcs who threaten us with menacing roars .

「Move it, move it!」

I raise my sword to attack the orc which appears in front of me with a downward slash .

The monster sticks out its hand reflexively to block, but that was a feint on my part as I miss to the side and gouge the side of the orc deeply instead .

Its innards spill out from the cut .

That’s definitely a fatal wound .

For the other orc standing in front, I throw my spear at it .

The orc was able to easily deal with the straight-flying spear by swinging the rusted axe in its hands to deflect it, but that’s fine .

The bundle of spears come undone and scatter, the shrapnel flying towards the face of the enemy, causing the orc to close its eyes on reflex .

When the orc opens its eyes again, the scene which comes into its view is upside down .

My Dual Crater has cleanly cut through the orc’s thick neck and lopped its head off .

More attacks come from the left and right .

I twist my body to avoid the attack from the left and extend my sword to pierce the orc on the right from under its jaw, thrusting all the way through to the back of its head and killing it .

I leave my sword stuck in the orc’s body and turn around barehanded to catch the club of the attacking orc before grabbing the weapon and throwing the monster over my shoulder .

As the fallen orc tries to get up, I kick its face to make it faint in agony, pull the Dual Crater out of its corpse and then stab the anguis.h.i.+ng enemy in the face .

「That makes four . There are 50 of them total, right?」

Taking advantage of the opening, another enemy approaches from behind, in which I slice the incoming club in half with my sword, then turn around to slice off both arms of the orc at the elbows .

I quickly follow up with a kick to the stomach to send it rolling behind me, then Irijina swings down her spear at the chest, piercing through its heart and finis.h.i.+ng it off .

「So that’s four . Five in total, I guess . 」

「Then I got two . Five……no, three . Let’s go with five!!」

Irijina thrusts her spear accurately to gouge out both eyes of an orc .

As the enemy raises its face and screams into the sky, she uses the momentum from her charge to also thrust into its neck, and the spear penetrates the orc’s throat and comes back out the other side .

「Three for me . 」

Mack follows up in a low voice .

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I think he should only have one .

What’s going on?

In that moment, a gentle gust of wind came from the forest, strong enough only to move our hair a little bit .

「Ah!」「W-what’s this!?」

Everyone started to express their surprise .

I was also dumbfounded .

The part of the orcs above their chest areas begin to slowly slide off center .

In the end, the upper halves fall to the ground and the lower halves follow suit not long later .

They didn’t spit out any blood nor did they burst into flames, they just appear to be sliced up .

It wasn’t just the twenty orcs that were cut apart .

Trees with the same height have fallen over after being cleanly severed .

Everything with the same height which the red light pa.s.sed through got cut up .

This was Alice’s new magic, huh .

In just a few seconds, twenty orcs were sliced and killed .

It was the best method of attack, the fire didn’t burn up the surroundings and the captured women weren’t exposed to much danger .

「Amazing, Alice . I’ll give you your reward later . 」

Making her faint won’t be enough .

This result is deserving of a pounding when she’s asleep and awake .

「……I’m looking…… forward to it . 」

Alice after using up her magic won’t contribute to the battle anymore, but the fight is practically over now .

Now we just have to step in and rescue the girls .

We step over the dismantled orc bodies and peek into the largest hole in the ground .


The intense smell makes me cover my nose .

It’s an inexplicably nasty stench .

「au…… au……」


I can hear the feeble moans of a woman .

Several orcs were staying in the holes despite the fuss occurring outside the nest .

「How cruel!」

Natia averts her eyes .

The orcs were holding the elves and raping them .

The girls already look spent, almost like limp corpses .

Occasionally, a soft moan would escape their lips to show they were still alive .

When the orcs notice us, they pull out their d.i.c.ks from the women and quickly grab their weapons .

「I’ll take care of it . You guys guard the outside . 」

I hold back Mack and the others who immediately wanted to jump in and fight .

We made it in time to save their lives, but the girls are probably experiencing h.e.l.l right now .

If I don’t at least kill them all with my own hands, I won’t be able to calm down .

When the orc raises its voice and charges at me, I kick its still erect p.e.n.i.s with all my strength .

The monster makes a disgusting groan and some darkish blood sprays out .

I can’t stand the annoying yelling so I quickly lop its head off and shut the orc up .

I’m the one who charges this time and don’t give the monster any time to respond by slicing the second orc in half vertically before cutting off its head .

A third orc comes up beside me before I knew it and I reactively cut its right leg, throwing it off balance so I can gouge its eyeball with my spear .

The fourth and fifth orc were in their battle stances, but I should be able to take care of them no problem .

I dodge the attack coming from behind before leaping and thrusting my Dual Crater right above its nose .

I pull out my sword faster than it could make a sound, spin my body around and slice the other orc’s jaw, then split its head vertically in half .

All of that didn’t even take ten seconds .

「S-so strong……」

I can hear Natia speak .

I may have been too violent .

「As expected of Hardlett-dono!」

「Seeing this again…… it really makes me wonder who the real monster is . 」

Christoph seems to have recovered .

He can really take a beating .

I push aside the orc corpses while heading over to the girls on the ground .

「Are you alright?」

「S-stop it already……」「I don’t want your d.i.c.k anymore……」「It hurts……」

The girls must think I’m an orc .

They put up their desperate but feeble resistance .

「It’s alright now, I’m here to save you . 」

I disregard the filthy liquids covering their bodies and embrace the women .

Eventually, the light starts returning to their eyes .

「Save……」「Eh, a human?」「What about the orcs……?」

「All of you are already saved . I’ve defeated all the orcs . 」

There was a moment of silence before all the girls sob heavily and cling to me .

「Waaaaaaah!! It was so painful!」「Don’t let me go! Hug me tightly . 」「It’s a human! Not an orc!!」

「There, there, it must have been tough for all of you . 」

The three girls grab onto me, unwilling to let go .

They were raped but they at least escaped with their lives, good thing I could save them .

It’s still early for this to be a happy ending though .

「Felteris-sama isn’t here!」

The girls react to Natia’s shout .

「Felteris-sama was taken away by that thing!」

「Please be careful! That thing isn’t just an ordinary orc!」

「I’ve never seen anything like it…… before . 」

The next thing I know, I hear Mack and Kroll yelling outside the hole .

Interesting, I guess I’ll have to crush the boss of the orc sc.u.m who injured my women .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . (Warrior) 23 years old . Winter .


Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage, magic power exhausted), Natia (Fiendish Apothecary), Mack (Warrior), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (s.h.i.+eld)

Schwartz (Staying-at-home Horse), Felteris (Missing)

a.s.sets: 20,640 gold

s.e.xual Partners: 390, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish

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