Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 247

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Chapter 247

–Aegir POV–

The Next Day

Before the sun could rise in the late mornings of winter, we and Natia get preparations ready and gather in front of the mansion .

「Celia is in quite the deep sleep . 」

She wasn’t back to her normal self even after sleeping for an entire day and didn’t even wake up when I secretly snuck a peek in her room earlier .

Normally, the keen girl would jump up and happily greet me whether it’s in the middle of the night or early in the morning…… .

I guess I really overdid it that time when I had her upside down from there .

I’ll be more careful next time .

「Are you sure? If you leave her behind, Celia-dono will be sad . 」

「That might be so, but bringing her along when she’s not capable of fighting well could cause an unrecoverable injury . 」

Last night, I received a letter from Lintbloom regarding the new weapon and the idea for the chandelier I requested, so I ordered Celia to lead the escort squad and act as the convoy .

If I didn’t, she might have broke free of everyone trying to hold her back and chased after me .

If I give her orders, she won’t ignore them .

The path between Lintbloom and Rafen is maintained too so she won’t encounter bandits .

Black beasts do show up rarely, although she should be fine if the heavily armed escort unit is with her .

「I’m actually more worried about Alice . Why did I bring her?」

Instead of bringing a woman to a battle with orcs, I should have left her back home on the off chance that something bad would happen .

But because of Irijina’s insistent recommendation…… rather she just picked Alice up and put her on the back of her own horse .

「Alice-dono’s magic is really powerful! In a battle with so few people, she’ll be a great a.s.set to us!!」

I also know the power of Alice’s magic .

She can probably face the enemy, even if they are orcs, and turn them to dust in an instant if she wanted .

「Mm, I haven’t used my magic at all lately so I have a full tank . It should be fine . 」

Alice is the same as usual, looking down slightly while showing a little enthusiasm .

Her remaining magic energy seems to be linked with the color of her hair, which is glowing a bright red right now .

「But you aren’t the quickest . 」

My worries persist .

Alice’s magic is certainly extremely powerful when she’s on the attacking side, however Alice herself is still just a simple girl against anybody who manages to get in close unexpectedly, actually she’s probably one of the slowest and clumsiest out of all the girls .

Moreover, no matter who the opponent is, it’s an instant knockout if they touch her a.s.shole .

She’ll instantly sink into a swamp of pleasure and, without resisting, easily let herself be violated .

She doesn’t like s.e.x as much as me or the other girls but when she gets in the mood and lets me f.u.c.k her, she likes it in the a.s.s .

Simply putting an index finger in her a.s.shole makes her drool and howl like a b.i.t.c.h in heat .

「It’ll be fine…… I’m wearing thicker pants…… I want to be useful to you sometimes too……」

「Besides, everything will be fine with me protecting you! In fact, with this female knight and female mage, we won’t be overcome by mere orcs…… mggh mgah!! What are you doing!?」

Alice’s hands circled around from behind to cover Irijina’s mouth .

「Sorry, had a, bad feeling . 」

I’m not sure but I think Alice just did a meritorious deed .

In the end, the ones who will be accompanying me and Natia are Irijina, Alice, Mack, Kroll and Christoph .

「It’s about time to depart . Still, I can never get used to riding a horse . 」

Natia says before patting my back .

Being someone who loves animals, Natia isn’t used to treating horses like tools and riding them .

The seven of us ride five horses and head to our destination .

Alice rides behind Irijina on the same horse while Natia rides behind me on the same horse .

Natia hasn’t ridden a horse before but she apparently understands the feelings of the horse so she doesn’t think it’s anything difficult .

Naturally, I offered a horse for her but Schwartz got in the way .

He would neigh and stamp his hooves menacingly whenever she tried to ride the other horse .

Left without much choice, I put her on Schwartz behind me and then he contently bobs his head up and down .

I’m sure this perverted horse just wanted to taste the feeling of the a.s.s of the first elf he’s ever seen .

「Hahaha! Stop, stop, it tickles when you lick me that much . 」

Schwartz shows affection by licking Natia while the elf laughs happily, trying to brush him away with her hand .

「Despite having such a large body, this horse is quite needy . He seems to be treating me like his mother . It’s like he feels angry whenever I try to mount another horse because his mother is being taken away . 」

Natia gently strokes Schwartz’s back .

「……is that so?」

「Yeah, us elves can understand the words and feelings of animals . Of course, that doesn’t include evil monsters or irrational beasts . 」

That’s not it .

You can understand his words but that doesn’t mean you can see through to the depths of his heart .

I can tell though .

Schwartz is acting so sweet to deceive her .

He doesn’t see her as his mother, he just wants her to think he’s cute so that he can target her holes when he sees an opening .

「Like I’ll let you do that . I’m the one who will take her holes . 」

Schwartz neighs loudly .

「? What are you talking about?」

It’s nothing, let’s just depart quickly .

I would hate it if Leopolt finds me and starts rambling on about something else .

「Leopolt-dono says “To jump into danger and leave your own territory with but a few subordinates is an admirable thing to do . You have my utter respect . ” as a compliment to you! He also praises you by saying “It’s something I can’t do . Doing all that for a single woman without thinking of the consequences is impressive . ” . 」

Without replying, I grab Irijina’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s strongly .

「That hurts!!」

I knead them and pinch her nipples with my fingers before letting go .

Just thinking about his words gets me irritated .

Adolph was also told later about what was going on and could only sigh, telling me to at least get the elves to trade us some useful medicines while I’m at it .

He’s an idiot too, look at this roster .

Alice is an introvert and can’t negotiate with them, Mack doesn’t speak, and Irijina and I know nothing about doing business .

Kroll shouldn’t be able to discuss about business and Christoph is Christoph .

「Time to depart!!」

Thinking about this more will only annoy me .

I turn around to check if Natia is properly holding on and see that her face is all red .

She’s looking back and forth between me and Irijina and seems to be speechless .

「Y-y-your b.r.e.a.s.t.s…… awawawawa . 」

b.r.e.a.s.t.s? What about them?

Don’t tell me the woman who creates aphrodisiacs is blus.h.i.+ng over seeing b.r.e.a.s.t.s fondled .

In any case, things won’t progress if we chat about it . Let’s just walk forward .

「A man just grabbed a woman’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s! I-I’ve never seen that before……」

Natia is mumbling something as I get her to ride behind me and urge the horse forward .

Schwartz is rocking his body as he walks so I try to get him to stop by letting out a big fart .

But then I get punched in the back of the head by Natia .

We head south from Rafen and then proceed west after reaching Zan Dora to enter the group of city states .

The elf’s village is located close to the center of the primordial forest and it’s easiest to enter from the southern bank of the Teries river on the side of the city states .

Since we aren’t accompanied by a carriage, our travel speed is extremely fast .

It didn’t take more than a few days for us to reach the boundary of the city states and then decided to proceed on foot from there .

A small group like this shouldn’t alert them to any suspicious activity and we should be able to pa.s.s through smoothly .

「If bandits don’t appear then we won’t come across monsters either . Peace is nice but it’s a bit boring . Natia, could you tell me more about the elves?」

「……geez, if you promise not to fool around, I will . 」

Natia says with a sullen expression .

On the way here, I put Natia in front of me because I thought she couldn’t see the scenery if she stayed behind me, but then I couldn’t help playing with her ears waving around in my face . The first time I pinched them lightly, the second time I blew on them, and the third time I bit them softly .

As a result, she went back to riding behind me and I was left with a red hand mark on my cheek .

「Of course . I promise . 」

Kroll and the others also seemed to be curious and lined up their horses with me .

Irijina is in the front singing a marching song loudly . I’ll leave her alone .

Alice who is riding behind her is…… hey now, her hand is reaching behind her and down her pants, plus she’s grinding her hips strangely, don’t tell me she’s doing that .

「Fumu…… I think I’ve said this before but no elves leave the village besides me . It won’t make for an interesting story . 」

Despite saying that, Natia told me about other various things .

「My village is right in the middle of the primordial forest . It’s a little hotter than here and is very humid…… well, it’s not a big difference I guess . It’s a place where there are rows of giant trees over 100 meters tall and rampantly growing undergrowths . 」

「Heeh…… such large trees are there?」

Christoph expresses his amazement .

Stupidly tall trees don’t exist in the forests of the central plains .

I heard there are some trees like that here and there in the Empire…… I guess they grow pretty big when it’s hot .

I take a peek at Natia’s chest .

Or maybe not .

「We choose the biggest tree amongst all of them and then make our home there . If we’re too close to the ground, small poisonous insects or snakes or even the problematic orcs we’re going to face are too numerous and annoying . 」

She continues explaining .

「It isn’t just our village . The other elf villages often do the same and choose to create their homes in giant trees . 」

I’m looking forward to seeing a pretty elf lady .

「I mentioned it yesterday too, but we don’t welcome anybody to our tree, not even elves from other villages . For humans like you, there definitely won’t be a warm reception waiting . ……I’ll try and talk to them though . 」

Mmm, Natia is truly a good girl .

It’s the best when a woman not only has good looks but also a nice personality .

「Don’t say something so embarra.s.sing!」

I accidentally spoke my mind .

Natia blushes and yells at me, but that only makes her more cute .

「Are the other elves as pretty as you?」

Christoph is coming at her with flattery as well .

「Hm? The elves living in the forest all look similar to me . 」

Natia doesn’t notice the compliment and lets the comment pa.s.s .

Schwartz shows his teeth and laughs at Christoph .

「To be tempted by s.e.x is to become foolish . 」

I don’t know what Kroll is mumbling .

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I heard from Lola about you, how on the night you drank the aphrodisiac you sniffed her a.s.s endlessly while she stood against the window .

She approaches the largest wolf of the pack, which is probably the boss, and talks to it .

When she does, the wolf bares its fangs and growls before whimpering and turning tail .

The other wolves naturally follow the lead wolf and disappear into the forest .

「Those wolves were just hungry and couldn’t distinguish what we were . If I just teach them that we’re strong, they won’t challenge us . 」

Her expression of relief is probably because we could settle the situation without having to kill the wolves .

「So it was true that you can talk with animals . 」

「Of course . Elves live with the forest . They can at least communicate with the living things inhabiting the place . 」

Schwartz suddenly stops moving .

What is it, go forward already .

When I flick his ears with my finger, Natia gets angry and pulls on my ear from behind .

Ow, that hurts .

「Gos.h.!.+ Don’t do something so mean! He’s scared after seeing that wolf from earlier . Look, it’s saying “mommy, I’m scared”!」

She dismounts from behind me and holds Schwartz’s head in her arms, gently stroking him as well .

「There, there, it’s not scary anymore . The wolf is gone and I’m here with you . You’re such a scaredy cat despite having such a big body . 」

Natia talks sweetly while continuing to soothe Schwartz .

The horse rubs its nose against her meager chest .

「You’re mistaken……Natia . 」

There’s no way this guy would be scared of some wolf .

He would charge forward to stamp a bear or a black beast to death .

This pervert of a horse is lying to you by using the fact that you understand animals to get you to be affectionate with him .

I’m unwilling to admit it but I understand what Schwartz is thinking way more than Natia does .

This guy can only see Natia’s a.s.s, b.r.e.a.s.t.s and the hole within her pants .

Look, he’s making such a slovenly face and his d.i.c.k is getting bigger too .

「Kyah! Geez, you’re such a needy child . 」

As Schwartz neighs happily, I give his stomach a nice hard kick with my heel .

Get a move on, you perverted horse .

And so we finally reached the giant tree where her village is .

「It’s huge……」

Christoph looks up the tree dumbfoundedly .

It’s not just big, it looks taller than 150 meters .

I’ve never seen anything like this before .


Alice and Irijina also look surprised .

Natia seems proud .

「This tree was around even before my mother was born so I’m sure it’s over a thousand years old . To us, this tree is our village . 」

Natia tells us to wait here before easily climbing up the tree .

Looking carefully, I can see stairs attached to the trunk of the tree, which is practically like one enormous building .

However, a shrill voice from above cried out before she even climbed up ten meters .

「What are you thinking!?」

Natia flinches as she stops moving .

「You were wandering about during such a critical time and now you’ve even brought humans back to the village…… you should be ashamed of yourself!!」

「I-I can explain . 」

「You’re not listening to me!」

The owner of the voice was standing imposingly on a branch higher than where Natia was .

The elf’s height appears to be about the same as Natia and even her a.s.s and b.r.e.a.s.t.s are the about the same size .

Her hair is a little darker green and it flowed all the way down to her waist . Her sharp eyes tell me she’s quite strong-willed .

On both sides of the woman who puts her hands on her waist are two girls of a slightly smaller build who also reproaches Nat.i.ta .

「An elf who leaves the forest can’t be called a proper elf!」

「Or did you become the bride of some lowly human and came to introduce your husband to us . 」

I speak up on instinct .

「That’s right!」

「Of course that’s not it, you idiot! Ahem, but I will introduce them…… over here, we have……」

Natia throws a fruit at me before clearing her throat and introducing me to the women above her .

However, those women interrupt her .

「Save it . I am Felteris, this village’s strongest warrior and a female warrior of the proud elves! You humans should feel honored to learn my name . 」

Felteris puffs out her chest and declares her name to us boldly, while I just couldn’t look away from her beautiful, white thighs .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . (Warrior) 23 years old . Winter .


Irijina (Female Knight), Alice (Mage), Natia (Adventurer), Mack (Warrior), Kroll (Mendicant Monk Swordsman), Christoph (s.h.i.+eld)

Schwartz (Perverted Horse)

a.s.sets: 20,640 gold (Travel Expenses -20)

s.e.xual Partners: 390, children who have been born: 54 + 555 fish

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