Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Ofuro Ashitsubo

Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

–Aegir POV–

「Then I’ll leave Sue with you . 」

Mel smiles as she hands me my four year old daughter Sue .


「There, there . 」

I lift up the infant whose lower half is naked .


The infant still unable to sit on a toilet is being held at a higher height than usual as she does her business .

When Sue finishes, I also pick up the squirming three year old daughter, Miu .

「Papa nyuu~」

「Sue, Miu, aren’t you glad? Papa helped you pee pee . 」

「Papa, hug~」「Lift me up high, high~」

「Wait just a bit longer . There’s still one more . 」

I lift up the last one .

「There, there, don’t cry and let it all out . 」

The last child urinates while sobbing .

The amount that this child lets out is unlike that of the previous two .

「H-how humiliating……! Uuuuuu……」

The last one was Celia . Because both arms were wrapped up, she couldn’t resist as only her lower half was exposed and both legs were lifted up and spread apart so she could let out her urine .

「Mamaa, the big nee-san is peeing . 」

「So much is coming out~」


Mel couldn’t help but laugh as the innocent kids pointed out what was happening, causing Celia to shout back .

「Mel-san! Why do I have to go through this humiliation!?」

When Leah wasn’t around, Celia asked me to take her to the toilet instead . When I did, Mel just so happened to be in the toilet with her small daughters as well and she suggested doing it altogether . Celia was against the idea while Mel insisted, but Celia would have let it all out in the corridor as they were arguing so she had no choice but to give in .

「Who knows, I’m just a middle-aged woman who got edged out by a young girl, so I don’t know . Sue, Miu, please watch more of this onee-san peeing . 」


「……That was so disgraceful . 」

Celia who returned to the bed was weeping like a young girl who lost her virginity .

「Did you do something to upset Mel?」

「I don’t know . To have such small kids watch me pee . 」

「Haha, they know you as the peeing onee-chan now . 」

「My dignity……」

Did the cute Celia even have something like that?

As I comfort her by patting her head and kissing her repeatedly, the door opens and Leah comes in .

「I’m home~ I bought some sweets . Is this fine?」

She hands over the newly developed sweets from Celia’s requested shop . Apparently they’re an a.s.sortment of cream and baked sweets .

「Thank you very much…… so fragrant . 」

Leah sits beside the bed and feeds the sweets to Celia .

The two of them smile as they talk about various topics related to sweets and the different shops that make them .

I decide to leave the room .

「Eh, you’re leaving, master?」

「Aegir-sama? Sorry for leaving you out of the conversation . 」

「No, it’s fine . I’ll be back in two or three hours . 」

I give Celia a kiss, then give Leah one as well .

I thought I would stay with Celia if she was going to be alone, but she should be fine if Leah’s with her .

Besides, it’s better for the two girls to be friends since they’re pretty much the same age .

I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be the only person they’re close with .

「It’s like I’m their father . 」

I chuckle lightly as I leave the room .

I can still hear the girls’ voices from inside the room .

「So he left . 」

「It can’t be helped . I would feel bad if he spent all his time with me . 」

「Celia-chan, did you see that?」

「……yes . 」

「It’s gotten really big . 」

「He’s been sleeping with me everyday so he wasn’t able to eat any women . It would have been fine if he used me to satisfy himself without too much concern for my arms…… if he’s going to stay like that today too, then Leah should help relieve him . 」

「You’re fine with that?」

「Yes, I would prefer you than Mel-san or the other girls . 」

「Then…… I’ll have to tear his clothes and suck him in bed . 」

「Don’t do such perverted play! Just sleep with him normally!」

「Eeh~? But I heard rumors from the maids that Celia-chan let master drink her pee~」

「That blabbermouth maid! When I recover, I’ll give her a good spanking! Ow ow ow……」

「See, that’s what you get when you try to get up so suddenly . 」

What a pleasant conversation – I really should let them have more time like this .

But I really need to release my seed or it might really explode . I should find someone to sleep with while I can right now .

「Ah . 」

When I turned the corner in the corridor, I b.u.mped into a maid who was cleaning .

It was a young maid who I’ve never met before, probably a new recruit .

「I’m so sorry!」

「I’m not angry . More importantly…… you’re pretty cute . 」

I wrap my arm around the maid’s shoulder and bring her close to me, pressing my half-erect d.i.c.k against her stomach . Next, I reach around her body to rub her a.s.s slowly and take the tip of her ear in my mouth .


「Won’t you become mine ?」

The maid’s eyes widen in surprise but she eventually blushes and nods .

Judging from how young she looks and her att.i.tude, she might be a virgin .

I take her hand and place it on the bulge in my pants as I take her into the currently vacant bedroom for guests .

「Ahn! Aahn! Kroll, that feels good~」

「So you like that! How about here!?」

「No~ don’t bite my nipples……ah! Doing it from behind is embarra.s.sing!」


Kroll is pressing against Alma on the bed and desperately thrusting his small d.i.c.k into the girl .

「I love you! I love you, Almaa!」

「I love you too! Kiss me~」

「……shall we leave ?」

「……yes . 」

I’ll let these two have the room since they didn’t even realize the door was opened while they were having s.e.x .

What a rude fellow for using a guest room to have s.e.x .

In the end, the mood totally disappeared and I only gave the maid a deep kiss .

It unnecessarily made my d.i.c.k even harder .

「Ah, welcome~」「Hardlett-sama! Welcome!!」

I decided to drop by Leticia’s place to have a late lunch .

Of course I also plan to have her take care of my lower half .

「So something that serious happened to Celia-sama . 」

「Yeah, but thankfully she’ll recover if we just give it some time . 」

「The guards were talking about it too, you know? They said how he must have been a skilled bandit if he was able to defeat Celia-sama . 」

I couldn’t persuade them that it was actually a vampire so I just said it was a formidable bandit . I gave money to the light cavalry who were there to shut them up and even warned them that if they told anyone about what happened, their wives, daughters and mothers would all be stolen by me .

「There~ It’s done . 」

Leticia lines up the food on the table and puts up a sign which said “on break” on the outside after confirming there were no other customers in the shop .

「Sorry about this, I’m just pent up . 」

「No, no~ I love servicing the feudal lord-sama after all…… wah! It’s already hard . If you like, you could take the two of us together……」

「…… some things happened involving men and I don’t want to think about it again . 」

「How unfortunate . 」「Uuu…… if only I was born a woman . 」

I feel sorry for Sharon as he covers his face . Though with that said, Sharon is quite adorable compared to that monster .

Will he look like that after 15 years?

「If…… Hardlett-sama will love me, then I’ll chop it off!!」

「Well I have a suggestion . If you’re against actual s.e.x then would you let the two of us service you with our mouths? Men and women are born with the same mouths after all . 」

「No, I’m feeling something entirely different right now . 」


Sharon closes his eyes and opens his mouth, twirling his tongue around his own finger .

He appears just like a girl and has quite the naughty tongue movement . Leticia helps cheer him on while crawling her tongue on the same finger .

I wonder how good it would feel if that finger was replaced with my d.i.c.k .

It’s true that if they just suck on me it wouldn’t matter what’s hanging from their crotch .

「Please let us service you……」

「We’ll swallow all your seed too……」

The two of them slowly approach me and Leticia places her hand on my d.i.c.k first, followed immediately by Sharon .

「Please allow us permission to service you . 」

「Let us suck on it……」

My d.i.c.k is at its limit .

Just when I was about to not give a d.a.m.n and thrust my d.i.c.k in their mouths and hold their heads down, it happened .

「It’s just a little past noon and you’re already on break? I’m so hungry~」

「If I don’t have the meat from this place, I can’t do my best in the afternoon~ I’ll wait a bit so make something for me~」

The girls who came in are probably Leticia’s friends . Because they’re her acquaintances, they ignored the sign on the outside and came into the shop anyways .

「Au . 」「Owah . 」

I have my lower half exposed in front of them with my d.i.c.k pointing at Leticia and Sharon as they’re sticking their tongues out .

「The feudal lord-sama! Uwaaaaaah~ I’m so sorry!」

「Wait, Sharon-chan is a boy! The feudal lord is even going after boys now–!」

The two of them leave the shop in a panic .

「……I’ll leave after I finish my meal . You can take the sign down . 」


「Uu, I was so close to sucking on it . 」

This place also just made my d.i.c.k harder .

「It’s really tight as expected . 」

I managed to hide it somehow but I could feel the weight of my b.a.l.l.s when I’m walking . If I don’t let out my load, I’ll get sick . It would be too late if I waited until night to head to the brothel so I thought about going to some naughty strip dancing place where I could just jerk one out myself . How long has it been since I’ve m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.ed?

「Nu, so you were out here?」

I unconsciously turn around when I hear the words spoken in such a harsh tone with such a beautiful voice .

「Brynhildr? Why are you here?」

Her gorgeous blonde hair flows in the wind, her slender body is wrapped in a pitch black non-exposing dress and she holds an equally black parasol in her dainty hand .

Regardless of how her gaze seems to be directed way below me, the look of despise she’s giving me is quite unbearable .

Next to the woman is a large man dressed similarly in black clothes . Siegfried is standing erect with a still expression and an icy gaze .

「You said it yourself, that you would offer your own blood . It would take too much time to send notice thus I took it upon myself to endure this annoying suns.h.i.+ne and come here . 」

「That’s right, it’s been about a week since then . 」

It was true with Lucy too but she didn’t need to suck blood that frequently just to survive .

But it looks like she starts wanting it after about a week because of its taste .

「Of course you’re welcome to-」「Wait, we can start talking after you lead me to some shade first . This place is unpleasant . 」

Sure thing, I’ll lead you straight to a love hotel .

I escort the woman to a relatively extravagant inn where only a few wealthy people in Rafen could use . The shopkeeper was surprised when he saw my face but immediately led me to the best room without a word when he saw that I was pulling Brynhildr along .

It looks like Siegfried will be taking a walk in the area .

「Fumu, it’s cramped and seedy-looking but I guess it’s fine since I’m not living here . Besides, it’s not wet here . 」

No matter how much she furnished the cave, it seems the dampness made things really uncomfortable for her .

「If you want, shall I prepare a place for you to live near Rafen?」

「That is unnecessary concern . Despite how much I dislike it, I won’t die from being exposed to the sun . If need be, I’ll find a place to stay on my own . 」

Siegfried said it was fine for him too .

I guess they don’t care much for the other vampires .

「Our food arrived yesterday . They were healthy and much tastier than the ones we had in the past . The servants are satisfied as well . 」

「I’m glad . 」

「The servants don’t just go for the blood but occasionally love tearing the body apart for the internal organs too . They said they like fresh prey which put up a fight . It’s foolish behavior if you ask me . 」

How pitiful, but those are criminals who have committed serious sins .

I’m guessing I’ll become her prey this time .

「However, a taste of that level is unsatisfactory for me . Your blood…… I’ll need to taste the exquisite flavor of your blood . 」

As we converse, Brynhildr removes her clothes .

If blood got her clothes dirty, it would make it harder for her to go back home unnoticed .

I have similar reasons and also take my clothes off .

Naturally, my d.i.c.k filled with l.u.s.t is exposed and stands at attention .

「……why is your p.e.n.i.s erect?」

「Because you’re beautiful . 」

Everytime Brynhildr takes off a piece of her clothing or underwear, the angle of my d.i.c.k slowly gets higher until she gets fully naked and my c.o.c.k is practically up against my stomach .

「What a strong desire for s.e.x . I don’t know if that’s just you being vulgar or honest . 」

「Brynhildr…… I’ll let you suck as much blood as you want . So, won’t you let me embrace you?」

I move in to grab her shoulder but she brushes my hand away .

She has tremendous strength as expected of a vampire, my hand is still stinging after that .

「Stupid, you think I’ll let a lowly human use me as a hole? Nevertheless, it’s huge…… are you an orc or something?」

「When I’m presented with beauty like yours, it gets even bigger . 」

「Eeei, I’m sure that’s just flattery to get me to let you inside . Enough already, just bend down . 」

No good this time as well .

I resignedly stoop down to match the relatively shorter Brynhildr and offer my neck to her .

「Haamu . 」


The woman’s fangs penetrate my neck .

She digs into my flesh without hesitation and starts drinking my blood .

「Ngh, ngh…… haa, haa, it really is delicious . An extraordinary taste, ngh, ngh, ngh . 」

She continues to suck my blood with great vigor as any liquid that spills out gets our naked bodies wet .

Normally a wound like this would be fatal, but apparently it’ll heal and the blood will stop flowing when she’s done sucking .

Arriving soon after she sank her fangs in me and started drawing blood is an intense pleasure . I’m not even being touched yet I can feel movement from my b.a.l.l.s and pre-c.u.m starts leaking out from the tip of my d.i.c.k .

「Hmph, a reward for providing me with such delicious blood . 」

Brynhildr reaches her hand down to my d.i.c.k and strokes me while she continues drinking .

「Aah…… that feels good . 」

She didn’t worry about rubbing too hard but that actually provides a stronger stimulation and feels pretty nice . My hips naturally start moving .

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「Not good……」

「It’ll be disappointing to lose your tasty blood, but I’d like for you to be imbued with my power as a part of my household . Obviously you won’t be disposable like a ghoul . Normally those that age are weak and fragile, but you might be able to serve as my aide despite retaining your human body . 」

「I don’t want…… to become a vampire . 」

「Well, I thought as much . 」

She wasn’t too obsessed with it and swiftly sat upright .

「Sorry . 」

「Don’t be . It was just a playful suggestion . 」

「I have to stay a human . 」

「Is it because you’ll be disappointed if you become the same race as us?」

「Hm? What are you talking about?」

「No, it’s nothing . If you require my strength, just let me know . I’ll lend it to you depending on my mood . 」

I appreciate it but what’s with this sudden turn of events?

「I’m also a woman, and it wouldn’t please me to know a person I had intercourse with died . That’s it . 」

Her sickly white face seemed to get the tiniest tinge of red .

Then she proceeds to lower her face to my crotch .

She probably wants to use her mouth to pleasure me .

「Go ahead . 」

I spread my legs open and expose my c.o.c.k .

「Umu, selfishly embracing me and ignoring my suggestion . Such an inconsiderate man gets-……」

I have a bad feeling about this .

Brynhildr opens her mouth wide .



She does the unthinkable and bites down on my d.i.c.k .

I let out an incomprehensible sound .

On reaction, the clear liquid left in my b.a.l.l.s sprays out .

「Ahaha, the blood from your shaft is also delicious . Perhaps I will partake my share from here next time!」


「Wait, you…… why are you getting hard!? You s.e.x-crazed animal! Take this!」


By the time we finished our intense s.e.x, it was already evening .

「Don’t you have to go back? Shall I send you off?」

「No, it’s fine . It won’t be long until the sun has set completely and I’ll be able to get back within an hour at night . Don’t worry about me and hurry home yourself . 」

So she can travel a path which normally takes a horse several hours in one hour .

I’d really like to stay longer but I have to get back and feed Celia her dinner .

I told her I’d be out for only two or three hours so she’ll definitely be sulking now .

「Alright . Then I’ll be heading out first…… come back to Rafen again sometime . 」

As soon as I left the room, I could hear Brynhildr breathe a sigh of relief .

Despite this inn being a relatively luxurious place, it’s still just a love hotel so the walls and doors aren’t the most well-made .

I doubt she thinks I can hear her .

「Aah–………… so tired . That was incredible……」

I’m happy she’s satisfied .

「Who would have thought I could feel such pleasure from sucking on each other…… most guys I’ve met would have knocked right out . 」

That’s good, I’ll have to see how I can somehow get Brynhildr to become my woman .

「Still, that giant c.o.c.k was hard and long…… and it wouldn’t stop shooting its seed . Are his juices actually a solid?」

I actually want to get her pregnant, but Lucy never got pregnant even after I came plenty inside, so my chances with this one are rather slim .

「I acted calm to maintain my dignity but…… I can’t stand up . 」

So that’s why she told me to leave first .

I feel relieved to know that it wasn’t just me who felt good .

「Siegfried, where are you? Carry me back!」

Before I even realized, the large man in black stood beside me in front of the door .

Was he killing time somewhere when Brynhildr and I were having s.e.x?

He glances at me briefly before entering the room .

I’m sure if she found out I overheard her, she’d get upset .

I’ll just leave quickly .

I need to go buy something to cheer Celia up too .

I was able to make it back home on my unsteady legs and Celia is pouting as expected .

「I was an idiot to worry about how you couldn’t indulge in any women . 」

「He stinks of perfume . 」

「Don’t say that and have some of these sugary treats . 」

「Don’t think I’m an easy woman, mghmgh…… who can be appeased just by offering-……mghmmh . 」

Her mood improved after the third piece .

–Third Person POV–


「Dana, the feudal lord-sama has gone home so please clean up the room . 」

「Ooookay Papa . 」

The young girl called Dana is the daughter of the shopkeep of this love hotel . It isn’t a job she can really be proud of but it’s family business so she couldn’t help it .

Shortly after the feudal lord left the room, the small blonde lady accompanying him also left .

The employees were making a commotion about how unbelievably pretty she was .

Dana brought a mop and cloth and then stood in front of the room .

「The feudal lord-sama is peerless when it comes to s.e.x and also possesses a large c.o.c.k so I have to prepare myself to a certain extent . 」

Because of the nature of a love hotel, it isn’t rare to see plenty of different fluids sprayed everywhere . However, he’s special .

Dana often talks to high cla.s.s prost.i.tutes in her line of work, some of which include women who has slept with the feudal lord . Some common points agreed upon by all of them are:

“His d.i.c.k is huge”

“He’s matchless in s.e.x”

”The amount of seed he e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.es can inflate your stomach”

“His technique is incredible”

The girl is fearful of what disastrous scene will be waiting for her in the room but also curious at the same time .

「Alright, I’m prepared! Hoi!」

She swings open the door .


The employees all gather in the room when they heard the scream .


Blood was sprayed all over the room from the bed, the floor and even the walls .

There was a letter of apology and enough money to replace the furniture left on the table .

「The feudal lord-sama, don’t tell me he killed the person he was with……」

「What are you saying? That girl happily left with her servant . 」

「But don’t you think this isn’t normal?」

Everyone exchanged ideas in a fuss but could not figure out the truth .

In the end, everyone settled on “the feudal lord had such intense s.e.x that the entire room got covered in blood” .

「Dana~ listen, listen, just recently the feudal lord-sama was affectionate with me and-」

「Nooooooo-!! I don’t want to listen to any b.l.o.o.d.y stories!」

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 23 years old . Winter . New Year

Omitted – No changes

s.e.xual Partners: 145, children who have been born: 32

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