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Chapter 1602 Interim Leader Of Daimon City -Part 6

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Chapter 1602 Interim Leader Of Daimon City -Part 6

After Kraft babbled on the fact that he was going to exploit the customers, Jin had no choice but to allow him to do whatever he wants mainly because the boss was not there to facilitate it. Besides, deep down, he knows that this would definitely be a money saving trick that he could employ in order to save on the electricity bills.

Perhaps, if they went large scale and if it was popular enough, he could be able to power up the Tree Mall with it and the cost savings could be past down to the vendors as well. Of course, some price expectations were needed to ensure that his tenants were also not ripping their customers off and expecting a revision of their prices or at the very least, keep the prices stable.

That way, they would not need to be awfully worried about the electric supply if this project proves to be successful and Qiu Yue will most likely be appeased that Jin was doing something useful for the store instead of being missing all the time. If that was Kraft's way of a.s.sisting Jin, he would no doubt appreciate it but it was better that Kraft could do so by saving Jin's sorry a.s.s from the celestial plane. Yet, this current issue was a more pressing concern compared to his body.

Now Jin understood why the AI administrations would prefer a lot of entertaining...situations to happen. If what Kraft had said about the electrical pulses, stimulations were necessary to create better and stronger pulses. So, Jin's interference and presence caused the people within the simulation to be stimulated, enhancing the creation of stronger pulses and thus more electricity produced for their needs. Thus, if Syn felt that Jin was not able to provide sufficient stimulation for the AI Administration to collect data as well as the power to fuel their requirements, it was possible that he would fall short of his bargain- something that Jin would never wish to do.

Thus, the only way forward was to continue on with this situation and hoped that the introduction of not just one variant but as well as the incoming waves of cultivators would provide the necessary stimulation for the Synthesis World AI Administration to be 'joyful' about. (After all, Jin predicted that they could not feel emotions as well as his System could.)

"System, ensure that the cultivators have sufficient training and use the Mount Sunn scenario as a possible simulation training ground before allowing them to reach here."

"Is User worried about not having sufficient time to prepare for your customers to be in the same s.p.a.ce as you?"

"Nah, I am more concerned about the timing. Imagine when they reach here and there was nothing but peace?" Jin said.

"The System have User to take note of the time differences that he is experiencing. There is so much the System can do to prepare the customers but it won't be much help if they were to be waiting for days for you to share your... decisive strike." The System reminded and Jin felt that this was a headache he got to handle with.

"Are you able to have full control of the cultivator's souls?"

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"For a System who handles souls regularly, this is not an issue and had been reiterated multiple times to the Syn Administration, as they think that the System was equally incapable of doing so."

"The System will inform Qiu Yue of your decisions and they should be implemented without much impetus as the System finds that it is an appropriate choice as well. The System shall now leave the User to do what he needs to do for the defences of Daimon City. If there is any additional implementation that requires the User's input, the System shall consult with Sub System User Qiu Yue first."

"Great idea, thanks." Jin closed off the System and got back into the room where Denise had been waiting. She had created a holographic console which had all the information that Jin needed to know with regard to Daimon's City defences.

Ranging from the number of soldiers that they have in control and where they had been stationed. The reserve soldiers who had previously served were also called back to return to service so that they were able to a.s.sist with backend support. However, there were many who prefer a very singular purpose- Just give me a gun, and tell me where to stand.

It was an extremely simple order that the ex Daimon Soldiers preferred and Jin gave praise for their directness. However, the fact that they were ex soldiers, they were being stationed in the second wave of defence compared to soldiers who had been paid to work and stand on the frontlines.

The surprising thing about this situation was that Jin felt that if his country or region had been invaded, the citizen cultivators would also do the very same thing for their nation without a thought. If they do have the same mentality like his own fellow countrymen then perhaps, the commanding of troops might be easier than he would expect it to be.

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