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Chapter 4165: Commission Fee

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Chapter 4165 Commission Fee

Long Chen leisurely said, “Your Soaring Dragon Company can hold an auction. In this auction, you can gather appraisers and other sellers. To tell the truth, your Soaring Dragon Company really is despicable. You tried to use the name of the Heaven Earth Cauldron to get me killed. Truthfully, neither of us knows the origins of this bronze cauldron. But with my current power, I’m unable to use it, so it’s a waste. That is why I am hoping to get rid of this hot potato while I can. If it is the real thing, I’m hoping to get some items that I need. If it’s fake, I want your Soaring Dragon Company to kneel on the ground and apologize to me.”

“You… you’ve gone too far!” roared the elder from the Soaring Dragon Company. How was he supposed to accept this condition? If it really was fake, would the Soaring Dragon Company have any face left to exist?

“You’re the one who went too far. You kept saying that my bronze cauldron is the Heaven Earth Cauldron. You tried to get me killed, so don’t talk to me about going too far. My time is precious, so hurry up. If you do not have the authority to decide, go and ask. I’ll give you three days. If you can’t give me an answer within that period, I will ask the Huayun Trading Company to hold this auction. If it weren’t for my close relations.h.i.+p with the Huayun Trading Company, which might cause rumors that we’re colluding to sell a fake item, do you think I’d be willing to let you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds get anything? Scram!” sneered Long Chen.

“Fine, I’ll ask. Just wait for our reply,” said the elder gloomily.

“Brat, if the Soaring Dragon Company agrees and you back out of the deal, I guarantee that you will regret coming to this world,” said one of the other Heaven Venerates who hadn’t spoken yet.

Being threatened, Long Chen immediately slapped him in the face, striking him solidly and sending him flying.

“Who do you think you’re talking to? Make sure to be more polite in the future!”

That innate Heaven Venerate had never expected a lowly human to dare to slap him. He was sent tumbling into the distance. The next moment, blood Qi exploded out of him.

“Blood race?”

Long Chen was startled. This expert who looked similar to the human race was actually from the Blood race.

“I’ll kill you!” Blood Qi and killing intent erupted from that Heaven Venerate.

“Come, I’ll stick out my neck and let you kill me. Well?”

Long Chen really did stick out his neck as though he was begging for a beating. He even pointed at his own nose.

That Blood race expert quivered with rage, his veins throbbing on his forehead. He was an overlord in his domain, a respected innate Heaven Venerate, but he was actually slapped in the face by a human? That was an absolute humiliation.

However, when Long Chen really stuck out his neck and asked to be killed, he instantly calmed down. If he were to attack Long Chen, perhaps the curse of misfortune would strike him even before Long Chen died.

In the past few days, dozens of innate Heaven Venerates had been struck by the curse of misfortune, becoming lessons for the others. Thus, although he was infuriated, he still had a trace of rationality left, so he didn’t dare to actually attack.


Long Chen snorted, and seven innate Heaven Venerates could only leave while clenching their teeth.

Seeing Long Chen shout away seven innate Heaven Venerates, Guo Ran looked at him wors.h.i.+pfully. Just when would he have his boss’s daring?

“Boss is mighty!”

Xia Chen also raised his thumb. “However, boss. The Soaring Dragon Company’s old ghosts have no shame. Your condition probably won’t bind them.”

“Tch, who is trying to bind them? When the time comes and they inspect it, they’ll say that it could still be the real thing or fake, and then they wouldn’t need to kowtow to me. This way, even if they realize that it is fake, they won’t dare to say it. That’s my goal,” laughed Long Chen.

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“Haha, boss is wise. Now, we’re in an unbeatable position!” Guo Ran also laughed after he understood Long Chen’s plan.

Feeling extremely grateful to Long Chen for his generosity in sharing this technique, they started to look at him like a G.o.d. As long as Long Chen gave the order, they would be willing to run into boiling oil for him or cut themselves to the bone by charging through a mountain of blades.

For Long Chen, comprehending this technique was very easy. But explaining it was a bit more taxing, especially in a way that everyone could understand.

However, he knew that comprehension needed time, as well as a certain amount of luck. Not comprehending immediately was not a problem. They just had to remember what he said and slowly think about it in the future.

Long Chen then spent two and a half days explaining everything he could. Originally, he was planning on checking the territory of the High Firmament Academy in this place, but there wasn’t enough time. The Soaring Dragon Company had been kept outside for a full day with their reply.

“Oh, how coincidental. We meet again! So, what does your Soaring Dragon Company want?” Long Chen went to see the same elder.

The elder had been kept out for a full day by Long Chen and had been nursing a belly of fire. However, he didn’t dare to unleash it on Long Chen and could only clench his teeth.

“Our Soaring Dragon Company can do this business with you, but we also have a condition.”

“Oh? You also have a condition? How novel. What is your condition?” asked Long Chen.

The elder raised a finger. “A ten percent commission.”

“Ten percent? So little? Ugh, fine, I don’t want to bother haggling with you too much. If the auction does pan out, you can just pay me the fee on the spot,” said Long Chen.


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