Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 3637

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Chapter 3637

“d.a.m.n, after spending over a year here, I feel a bit bad leaving.”

Within the flying boat, watching as the sea of people faded, Guo Ran sighed.

“Then go back. In the future, you’ll be the king of the Alldevil Star-Field,” said Long Chen.

“No, I just occasionally get emotional. Who cares about being the king of the Alldevil Star-Field? Can it compare to being the general of the Dragonblood Legion?” Guo Ran immediately grew high-spirited.

Seeing Long Chen looking down on him, he awkwardly said, “Don’t you have to read the atmosphere? Otherwise, if I suddenly seem happy after leaving, wouldn’t that mean that I, Guo Ran, am someone who forgets favor and kindness?”

“It’s just the two of us here. Who are you acting for?” demanded Long Chen irritably.

This fellow clearly wanted to leave this place yet had to act reluctant. The acting was overkill, making Long Chen feel annoyed.

“Ah, that’s right! They can’t see me anyway, hehe! Boss, I feel like following you is better. I spent over a year in the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College, but even after risking my life, I was only at the bottom of the four heroes. However, as soon as you arrived, my status soared to the very peak! So I’ve managed to conclude one truth,” said Guo Ran solemnly.

“What truth? I’d like to hear it,” said Long Chen.

“I feel like working hard is definitely important, but it’s definitely not as important as the right decisions,” declared Guo Ran.

“Is that your excuse for not working hard? Can you have some face?” Long Chen was at first somewhat impressed by Guo Ran’s truth. It definitely did seem to have some profundity to it. But Long Chen quickly understood that Guo Ran was simply saying that as long as he chose to follow Long Chen, he wouldn’t need to work hard in order to soar to success.

“Hehe, but I’m not wrong, am I? Just look at my state in the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College. Working as hard as I could, I only reached this level. But when you came, I got whatever I wanted. If I wanted wind, there would be wind. If I wanted rain, there would be rain. Who cares about the Four Heavenly Dragon Heroes? That’s trash in my eyes now! So my choice is definitely correct. By following boss, even if I have to be a side character, it’s definitely ten thousand times better than being my own main character. Furthermore, it’s safe, quick, and painless!” declared Guo Ran proudly. It was as if he was currently drunk with satisfaction over his wise decision.

Seeing that self-satisfied expression, Long Chen was speechless. Other than having an astonis.h.i.+ng forging talent, this fellow lacked any aspiration. He was satisfied with even just such a thing.

“Look, boss, as soon as you came, my life completely changed. I even have a Supreme Bone now! I have the Qingying Record as well! I have a feeling that I, Guo Ran, am about to soar, my name ringing throughout the heavens!” declared Guo Ran, waving a piece of paper with a pleased expression.

In the Luo clan’s treasury, they had found a secret case with two sheets of paper. One of them was the list of the human race’s traitors. Naturally, all the traitors on that list had already been killed.

The other sheet was the notes that Luo Qingying had personally made about forging. As a grandmaster scholar, her notes were viewed as a priceless treasure of the human race.

Long Chen and Guo Ran had entrusted the Qingying Record to the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College. This priceless treasure was to be shared amongst the human race. After that, specialists would set up an entire department dedicated to researching the Qingying Record.

Guo Ran also kept a copy for himself. This copy had many of the runes and designs that Luo Qingying had yet to complete, so this record was extremely valuable when it came to research. Guo Ran was planning on spending a great deal of time properly studying it to increase his own forging arts.

Even with Guo Ran’s talent, he didn’t understand the majority of these notes. He prostrated himself in admiration to Luo Qingying, this peerless grandmaster scholar.

Naturally, no one complained about Guo Ran keeping a copy of the Qingying Record. It had to be known that only Long Chen and Guo Ran had known about its discovery, and if they hadn’t announced it to the public, no one else would have known about it.

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This was Guo Ran’s greatest gain this time, along with the Supreme Bone. However, one thing bothered him. Just how was he supposed to use the Supreme Bone?

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“Boss, with your limitless divine ability, can you connect the Supreme Bone to me?” asked Guo Ran.

“Alright then. Then it’s up to my luck! Haha, my luck has always been excellent! What am I worried about?” Guo Ran suddenly slapped his leg excitedly. He was revitalized by that thought.

Although his days in the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College had been rather bitter, thinking back, there were several times when he had narrowly escaped death thanks to luck. He had great confidence in this luck.

“Boss, where do we go now?” asked Guo Ran.

“We’re going to find Xia Chen!”

“Boss, do you really know where Xia Chen is?”

“I’m guessing that he should be in that place. We’ll know once we go take a look.” Long Chen smiled. If Guo Ran had been transported to the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College, then Xia Chen should be in that place.


The flying boat pierced through a barrier. After that, countless startled cries rang out.

“What’s going on?! Someone from the Alldevil Star-Field has come out?!”

The experts guarding the entrance to the Alldevil Star-Field didn’t dare to believe their eyes. They stared at that flying boat, completely stunned.

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