Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 3635

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Chapter 3635

Alldevil Tianye’s head was cut off, and the fire of his soul was fully extinguished. A generation’s Supreme genius died just like that.

All of a sudden, the sky darkened and rain fell from the heavens. It was like even the heavens felt sorrow for the fall of such a genius.


Long Chen snorted and stabbed the Minghong Saber into the heavens, blowing apart the black clouds.

“Are you his dad? You’re going to feel sorrow for him? My human race lost millions of good men on the battlefield, but I didn’t see you feeling any sorrow for them! As the spirit of the world, you can’t differentiate between good and bad. If you anger me, don’t blame me for erasing you from within the nine heavens and ten lands!” Long Chen roared at the heavens.

The black clouds receded and the rain vanished. It was just like they were afraid of Long Chen. The world once more became clear and bright.

The sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly as if nothing had happened. However, the void here was still wrecked and had yet to repair itself. That showed what had happened here.

Guo Ran, Xie Liuer, Leng Hui, and the others came to Long Chen’s side. Although Alldevil Tianye was dead, even now, two clas.h.i.+ng wills from their final attack could still be sensed hanging in the air.

Thus, just by standing here, their souls felt sharp pains. The mental pressure was alarming. Only now did they comprehend just how terrifying that final exchange was.

“Boss, I want that arm.” Guo Ran eyed Alldevil Tianye’s corpse.

Alldevil Tianye’s bones were all shattered, and only that one arm was fully intact. In fact, it wasn’t even the slightest bit damaged. While his divine staff was shattered, his arm was fine. This was a Supreme Bone.

“Take it. This Supreme Bone can be nourished within the body. However, how to nourish it is something that we’ll need to study in the future.” Long Chen nodded.

If it was Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, or the others who wanted this Supreme Bone, he would not agree. He would worry about them depending on this bone and losing sight of their own cultivation.

However, when it came to Guo Ran, he relied entirely on things other than his own efforts at cultivation. This Supreme Bone was most suitable for him.

Guo Ran was overjoyed and immediately swaggered over. When he picked up the Supreme Bone, he found that its body was like black jade. It was heavy in his hand. Although its runes had gone dark, it still gave off a suffocating pressure.

Guo Ran carefully took out a jade case and put it away. He was full of antic.i.p.ation. If he could truly equip this arm, wouldn’t he have Alldevil Tianye’s terrifying power?

Adding on the support of his battle armor, he didn’t even dare to imagine it. At that time, who could possibly be a match for him?

Leng Hui took Alldevil Tianye’s head. He said, “Boss Long Chen, let’s go. This battle… we… we’ve lost so many people. We’ll use this fellow’s head as a sacrifice to those heroes!”

Xie Liuer, Tu Hu, and the others’ eyes also reddened. They thought of their dean that had died in battle. They thought of their brothers that had fought alongside them.

Of the three hundred and sixty thousand starry river warriors, only one hundred and fifty thousand remained. Over half of them had died. As for the losses of the experts from the various sects, there was no way to count them.

“Let’s go.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. He also felt sorrow. However, he knew that this was the reality of battle. It made people feel profoundly powerless.

Even so, the nice surprise was that while the Magnificent Heaven City was destroyed, the Heavenly Dragon Domain and the Celestial Essence Domain were perfectly intact.

Alldevil Tianye had directly led the army to the Magnificent Heaven Domain. Perhaps it was because he had simply been too overconfident and never cared about destroying the human race’s cities. Not wanting to waste any time, he had come straight to their final stronghold at the greatest speed to finish his trial.

The homes that people had abandoned were now regained. Countless people felt hundreds of different feelings. Perhaps this was the fortune within misfortune.

Other than the Magnificent Heaven Domain, the majority of the human race’s homes were intact. It was their greatest consolation.

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After all, these buildings, this territory, these sects, they were all their homes. The home was where the soul could be at peace.

“Dean Yifan, Long Chen has accomplished our promise. You can rest in peace.” Long Chen looked at the sealed spatial gate and bowed deeply.

Following Long Chen’s bow, all the other experts were moved and bowed as well.

The spatial cannons and the spatial talismans had been prepared by Xue Yifan. Even though he was already dead, he still paved the way for them.

He had calculated that when the Alldevil race made their huge invasion, it would put an excessive burden on the spatial gate. It would then be unable to open for another forty-eight hours.

This was the best time to seal the gate. Xue Yifan’s calculations were extremely accurate. Based on his plan, Long Chen managed to seal the devil gate without the slightest mishap. It was very easy.

Long Chen felt great admiration for this dean. He was an elder worthy of respect, wise and far-sighted. Such a person was truly rarely seen.

“This place shall henceforth be known as the Devil Seal Forbidden Area. There must be people guarding it at all times. Those guarding it as well as anyone who wants to go through must be cultivators of the Starry River of the Sky Art. Anyone else who gets close is to be executed!”

Long Chen directly turned this place into a forbidden area. They absolutely could not permit anyone to break the seal.

Everyone then returned home and built a cenotaph honoring the fallen heroes. The names of all the experts who died in battle were carved onto it. The nine elders’ names were carved in the very first row.

After that, Alldevil Tianye’s head was used as an offering. Other than Long Chen, everyone kowtowed deeply toward the cenotaph.

Once that ceremony was complete, Long Chen announced, “The threat of the Alldevil race has been removed. It is now time for us to leave. Everyone, take care!”

When Long Chen cupped his fists at them, countless people’s expressions changed.

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