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Chapter 2805 Dirty Tricks

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Chapter 2805 Dirty Tricks

“It really is unfair. He was clearly the one picking a fight. This junior brother is innocent. You shouldn’t strip him of his right to partic.i.p.ate.” The woman spoke up for Long Chen’s innocence.

On the other hand, Long Chen shrugged. “No, I feel like this is correct. Without rules, there is no order. Your way of handling this matter is fair, right, just, effective, and precise. Hehe, in any case, I wasn’t planning on partic.i.p.ating.”

Long Chen turned and left, leaving the other person dumbfounded. Long Chen might not mind, but this guy had been in line for three months. He had pa.s.sed through many checkpoints to have this chance for a great future, so how could he end up buried here?

“Big brother, I am Pan Mingxiong. You don’t know me, but you definitely know my big brother! He is Pan Mingying, a core disciple!” he cried out.

The academy’s disciples were also split into different tiers: probationary disciples, outer disciples, inner disciples, and core disciples. These people here were only in line for a chance to be probationary disciples. As for core disciples, they were elites picked out from millions and millions of geniuses. Their position was very high.

This Pan Mingxiong only felt superior to the others in line because of the existence of his big brother in the academy. Because of it, he had ended up acting quite disdainful to others in line during this time, causing them to dislike him.

However, it was forbidden to make a fuss in line, or, as seen here, they would lose their right to partic.i.p.ate. Thus, no one had bothered with him.

Unfortunately for him, he had ended up provoking Long Chen. Not only was he slapped in the face, but his qualifications were also stripped away. Hence, he hastily reported the name of his big brother.

“Pan Mingying? The one ranked forty-seventh on the rankings?” asked the disciple, looking Pan Mingxiong up and down.

“Yes, yes! That’s him!” cried out Pan Mingxiong, ecstatic to hear that this disciple really knew of his brother.

“And?” asked the disciple.

“And what?” asked Pan Mingxiong.

“What does that have to do with you being stripped of your qualifications?” asked the disciple indifferently.

“You…” Pan Mingxiong’s dumbfounded expression almost caused people to laugh.

“Rules are rules. That little one said it well. Without rules, there is no order. He is nothing more than an ascender from a lower world who doesn’t even know how great the name of the High Firmament Academy is. Are you telling me that you are inferior to him? Do you think the rules of the High Firmament Academy will be bent for a single disciple on the Mortal rankings? You really are naive. I can’t be bothered to say anything more to you. Hurry up and scram,” sneered the disciple.

“Fine!” Pan Mingxiong clenched his teeth and furiously walked away. However, he seemed rather fearless. It looked as if he was planning on getting revenge.

“How satisfying. I had to deal with Pan Mingying’s arrogance in the academy before, and now I finally get to vent,” laughed the disciple to his companion.

“It’s too bad that he didn’t resist. Otherwise, you would have been in the clear to give him a beating,” said his companion.

“He’s probably leaving to use some of his connections. But even if I can’t drive him away, I can make him get in line again. How delightful, hahaha…” Those two disciples left while laughing, leaving the ones in line with strange expressions.

Long Chen was unaware of what happened afterward as he had headed to a different line. Other than the giant line, there was another line not far from it. But this line only had a few people.

That was the line for the workers. The High Firmament Academy had many disciples, and those disciples needed a large amount of manpower to look after. The lowest level matters required a large number of workers.

However, even for the workers, the requirements were quite high. There was a ninety percent rate of was.h.i.+ng out. Long Chen saw many people shaking their heads and leaving this place when he arrived.

In front of Long Chen was an interviewer who expressionlessly looked at him. Sensing Long Chen’s mortal aura, the interviewer frowned.

“How old are you?”

“I’ve forgotten,” said Long Chen.

“Are you dumb? You don’t even remember your own age… Whatever, there’s a bone age tester right there. Go test yourself,” said the interviewer.

His initial reaction was anger, but that anger was stifled by a single look from Long Chen. In that instant, he almost jumped out of his skin. He felt like he could see endless corpses and seas of blood within Long Chen’s eyes. That terror caused him to change his tone.

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“Many thanks.” Long Chen walked over, warning himself not to get angry. Ever since the Purgatory Eyes awakened, he felt that his control over himself had worsened.

Long Chen was startled. There were over eighty people going through the examinations right now, but there were only two spots left, with one being reserved. As for the other, it was given to whoever could bribe them the most? This place was surprisingly corrupt.

The two of them vanished after talking. However, Long Chen was sure one of them was a core examiner.

After that, Long Chen joined the line once more, and it quickly reached his turn. His examiner was a square-faced middle-aged man. Without even looking at Long Chen, he directly asked, “Name?”

It was the raspy voice man. Hence, Long Chen instantly understood. Just now, the person who had been accepted was the one whose spot was reserved. Now there was only one spot left.

“Long Chen.”

Long Chen’s eyes roved around, and he spotted a certain thing on the table that made him smile slightly.

That person finally looked at Long Chen. Seeing Long Chen’s shabby clothes, he didn’t bother concealing his disdain and impatience.

“I’ve looked through your qualifications. You’re too old.” He directly rejected Long Chen.

Too old? Was he sure that he wasn’t blind? The other person who had just pa.s.sed was in his eighties. Long Chen almost laughed.

“Alright.” Long Chen nodded and turned to leave. But as he turned, his sleeve ‘accidentally’ knocked over an elegant teapot on the table.


The examiner shouted, but the teapot and a few cups shattered. He furiously shouted, “You’re paying for that!”

“I don’t have any money. Could you deduct it from my salary?” asked Long Chen helplessly.

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