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Chapter 2221 The Sea Demon Race's Goal

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Chapter 2221 The Sea Demon Race’s Goal

At this time, the sea demon race had initiated a beast tide, attacking the Eastern, Southern, Western, and Northern Xuan Regions at the same time.

Although the scale was not too big, it still caused panic on the continent. That was because all the geniuses of the continent were in seclusion right now to comprehend life and death.

Many of the ancient sects had actuated their own life and death training areas to help their geniuses. This was a crucial moment. If their enemies advanced to the Netherpa.s.sage realm, then there was danger of them being wiped out. Although this was a critical time for the continent as well, no one dared to guarantee that others wouldn’t attack them.

Even if they didn’t fight openly, a secret sneak attack could also destroy a sect. In the cultivation world, the only time that things had been just and fair was during the eras of the Sovereigns.

A sect that took great damage would no longer have any use to the continent, and even if they had been wronged, no one would speak up for them.

As a result, even though the divine families had started to return to the continent for the upcoming battles in the dark era, everyone was still on guard. Without power, they wouldn’t even be qualified to suck up to the divine families.

For the sea demon race to initiate a beast tide against the continent shocked and enraged the continent’s experts. The sects of the Martial Heaven Alliance in particular were in trouble due to how widely they were spread, and requests for aid quickly escalated.

As for Pill Valley, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts, they ignored the invasion of the sea demon race. They had no intention of helping. It was like they weren’t even a part of the Martial Heaven Continent, and this was of no concern to them.

To use their words, this was Long Chen’s fault, so he could handle it himself. Didn’t he like playing the hero? Then he could keep playing the part.

“Boss, the sea demon race is targeting us. Let’s slaughter them and show them the color of blood.” Guo Ran came out, his armor repaired. In the last battle, he had noticed some flaws that he had fixed as well, improving his armor and making him itch for a fight.

Long Chen shook his head. “If we did, we would be falling for their trap. They don’t want to let us cultivate. How vile.”

Long Chen looked at the letter in his hand. It was written by Li Tianxuan and stated the goal of the sea demon race.

Li Tianxuan pointed out that the Dragonblood Legion’s power had terrified the sea demon race, so they wished to disturb him.

If the Dragonblood Legion was stalled for long enough, then once the supreme geniuses of the other powers advanced, their first target would definitely be the Dragonblood Legion. No one would be able to save them then. So Li Tianxuan’s advice was for Long Chen to pretend he didn’t know about this matter and just focus on his cultivation.

Li Tianxuan also added that the sea demon race would not dare to make things too bad for fear that the outer branches of the divine families would interfere.

“If we ignore this, Pill Valley’s mouths will have more ammunition against us,” said Guo Ran hatefully. “It’ll also implicate many innocent lives. Most importantly, is the Dragonblood Legion a cowardly turtle?”

Gu Yang poked Guo Ran in the back hard. Wasn’t he trying to get Long Chen into trouble now?

Long Chen glanced at Guo Ran. This fellow was itching for a battle with his new armor.

“I’ll handle this matter. There’s no need for you to worry about it,” stated Long Chen.

“Hehe, boss, I have no talent when it comes to cultivation. Why not let me accompany you? Let’s not trouble the other brothers. They’re working hard.” Guo Ran wanted to go out with Long Chen and test his new armor.

“Just focus on cultivation. We’re in a race against time. Others are trying to slow us down, so just leave it to me. Guo Ran, you have to focus the most. Your comprehension skills are the weakest of all of us. If you hold us back, don’t blame me for using some extraordinary measures. At that time, you’ll be crying for your mommy and daddy, so don’t blame me if I don’t give you face,” warned Long Chen.

“Alright, alright! Boss, please just save me this little bit of face,” grumbled Guo Ran. Long Chen truly understood him too well.

Guo Ran and the others went back into seclusion to focus on consolidating their realm and comprehending life and death.

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The other sects had already opened life and death training areas for their disciples, but the Dragonblood Legion did not need that. Liu Ruyan had received the Yin Yang Immortal Gra.s.s’s power, and she was able to share her comprehension of life and death with everyone. Long Chen would also refine a few pills when the time came. The pills should allow everyone to comprehend life and death when combined with Liu Ruyan.

“Really?” Long Chen looked at Ye Zhiqiu with surprise.

“Yes. My Spirit Blood was activated by the Ice Divine Sword. I’ve finally obtained her approval.” Ye Zhiqiu nodded. Although her face was still expressionless like an old well, there was a bit of excitement in her eyes.

“Excellent. Now we have another expert on the level of a divine daughter,” exclaimed Long Chen.

“Long Chen, can we also activate our Spirit Blood?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Of course. But because no supreme experts appeared amongst our ancestors, we don’t have their bloodline to activate. Some people have amazing existences in their bloodlines that allow them to awaken their Spirit Blood sooner. Others will have to wait until they advance to the Netherpa.s.sage realm before awakening their Spirit Blood and connecting to their manifestation. That’s why we should hurry up and advance. Those fellows with terrifying predecessors are already starting to awaken their Spirit Blood. But that advantage will vanish once we all enter the Netherpa.s.sage realm. They’re relying on their ancestors, but we can only rely on ourselves,” said Long Chen.

With a powerful ancestor, they cultivated faster than ordinary people even if they were just slacking off. However, that was no excuse to be lazy. The only thing that you could do was put in twice the effort and pay twice the price to achieve a similar result.

The Dragonblood Legion hadn’t relied on anyone to grow. They had all put their lives on the line to reach their current height.

“How are you planning on handling the sea demons?” Meng Qi handed a fruit she had peeled to Long Chen.

Meng Qi and the others had heard news of the sea demon race, but they hadn’t partic.i.p.ated in the discussion. They wouldn’t oppose whatever Long Chen decided, so they had just been waiting here.

Long Chen received the fruit with a smile. Biting into it, he said, “The sea demon race’s attack is not as simple as it appears. I will handle them and test their bottom line. I want to know just what they’re thinking. So tomorrow, I’ll bring Cloud and Yu-er over to show them that Master Long is not as weak as they seem to think.”

Long Chen smiled sinisterly. He had already thought through how he would handle the sea demon race.

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