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Chapter 2220 Di Feng's Patience

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Chapter 2220 Di Feng’s Patience

Currently on the entire Martial Heaven Continent, the person with the greatest fame was Long Chen. He was a figure who had managed to suppress the apex figures of the largest powers on the continent.

In the battle in front of the Yin Yang World, he had killed two Emperor heirs and then fought the heroic spirits of those Emperors. He was someone who called a Sovereign brother. If it weren’t for the fact that he wore black robes, he would be the one acclaimed to have the highest chance of becoming a Sovereign.

The entire Martial Heaven Continent was discussing Long Chen and the Dragonblood Legion. There were some other legions amongst the various factions of the continent, but the Dragonblood Legion’s name was so resounding that the other legions were completely drowned out.

The Dragonblood Legion was claimed to be the number one legion on the Martial Heaven Continent. However, no one dared to call themselves the number two legion because the difference between them and the Dragonblood Legion was just far too great. They couldn’t be compared.

It could be said that this battle had made Long Chen’s fame reach an unprecedented level. Thus, Qu Jianying had been thinking of sending Long Chen as the representative of the Martial Heaven Alliance for the gathering held by the divine families.

As soon as she had received this information, she had come to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s territory so that she could pa.s.s this information to Long Chen. She had wanted him to be prepared and not have any conflicts with the divine families.

However, who would have thought that Long Chen would waste no time in forming an enmity with the divine families? Not only that, but he had even killed one of them. That was big trouble.

Now she didn’t dare to allow Long Chen to attend the gathering. She was sure that with Long Chen’s character, if the outer branches of the divine families tried to cause trouble for him during the gathering, Long Chen would flip the table.

That was why the old man had said that although they had come to discuss something, there was no longer any need to.

“Alright. I’ll send Lingshan.” Qu Jianying felt a headache coming on.

Although Ye Lingshan was powerful and had a certain reputation amongst the Martial Heaven Alliance, Qu Jianying was worried that she was still too young. Others might take advantage of her.

As for Long Chen, he was an old fox. He was best suited for handling such a thing, but he couldn’t go. Qu Jianying didn’t know where she could release the frustration she felt.

The original plan had crumbled. She could only send Ye Lingshan, yet she was also worried about her.

Long Chen smiled. “Lingshan’s charisma as a leader is constantly growing. She’ll be fine. In the worst case, my Dragonblood Legion will send a few people to help Lingshan.”

Long Chen knew what Qu Jianying was thinking. As the elder, who wanted their children to be bullied by others? This upcoming gathering would definitely be rife with schemes from multiple wily old foxes.

“Alliance head, what is the intention of the divine families? Are they going to take the lead in the dark era?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. Everyone heard what Sovereign Mo Li said. The Sovereigns are already gone, so we cannot depend on their protection. Perhaps this is why the divine families finally came out, to gather the continent’s power to face the invasion of enemy races. We have to borrow the power of the divine families. This is a good thing. Long Chen, it would be best if you didn’t mess around,” warned Qu Jianying.

Long Chen shook his head. “Alliance head, it’s not that I’m messing around but that others want me dead so I have to fight back. Also, I should warn you that there are traitors within the Martial Heaven Continent. I personally witnessed people trying to destroy the Sovereign seal. However, they’re too powerful, so I won’t bother saying who it was, as no one would believe it anyway. They would just throw dirty water on me in retaliation. It’s meaningless.”

In truth, Long Chen had no intention of mentioning Pill Valley’s behind-the-scenes actions. He felt a scheme growing. The more people that knew, the easier they would be implicated.

However, Long Chen still decided to warn Qu Jianying. She couldn’t trust others. As a result, Qu Jianying and the others’ expressions changed, but they didn’t ask who it was. That was taboo. The atmosphere grew tense.

“The gathering the divine families are holding, my Dragonblood Legion won’t be attending. If the continent is in trouble, as a member of the continent, we will fight. But as for fighting alongside old enemies, that is a huge joke. The Dragonblood Legion would rather fight to the death than hug those filthy-hearted b.a.s.t.a.r.ds,” said Long Chen.

It didn’t matter who was directing the battle. The Dragonblood Legion would not be fighting alongside Pill Valley, the Corrupt path, the Xuan Beasts, or the others. They would not fight while worried about being stabbed in the back by the others.

“Fine, I understand.” Qu Jianying nodded. She knew Long Chen’s character.

Qu Jianying left with her people. After that, Mo Nian and Liu Zongying also said goodbye to Long Chen. They had been worried about Long Chen, so Mo Nian had stayed until he returned.

Mo Nian left to focus on his realm as his cultivation base had reached the ninth Heavenstage of Life Star. Now everyone needed to comprehend their own Dao of Life and Death.

“I’m starting to feel some pressure with how much stronger you’re getting. I’ll also work hard so that I can comprehend life and death faster. When both of us break through Netherpa.s.sage, we’ll go plunder the Corrupt G.o.d Cemetery.”

Mo Nian gave Long Chen some parting words as he left with Liu Zongying. With the dark era on the verge of coming, everyone needed to work hard on advancing. Only with great power could they survive the upcoming battles.

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Once everyone left, Guo Ran and the others surrounded him.

In the same realm, Long Chen didn’t fear anyone. But if others advanced to Netherpa.s.sage first and gained control over life and death energy, the Dragonblood Legion would be in danger.

All the large powers were lying low. The silence on the continent was frightening as countless geniuses were preparing to advance to Netherpa.s.sage. So Long Chen also had to hurry and advance. That was the most important thing. This would decide the life and death of the Dragonblood Legion.

Long Chen said, “I can advance to Netherpa.s.sage whenever I want. But now isn’t the time. I want all the Dragonblood warriors to advance to the Netherpa.s.sage realm together.”

“Together?” Guo Ran and the others didn’t quite believe their ears.

“Yes, we’ll go through it together. This is the way that has the highest chance of survival. Otherwise, it would be lucky if even half of us survive a trip to the Netherworld. Other than that…” Long Chen shook his head. “Well, there’s no need for me to say much. Just focus on being ready to advance.”

Long Chen wanted to say that he would probably have a much more difficult time in the Netherworld. That was because he had once taken a nail from the Gates of h.e.l.l. The laws of the Netherworld had probably memorized his spiritual fluctuations.

He also had some bad relations.h.i.+ps with a NetherG.o.d. Leng Yueyan had schemed against her. Hence, his advancement would have a high chance of death.

Long Chen could only hope for Leng Yueyan. If she could lead them, then things could go smoothly. But he had no idea where Leng Yueyan was.

As a result, he had no choice but to gamble. He refused to allow half the Dragonblood warriors to die in the Netherworld. Either everyone advanced or they all died together.

Long Chen asked about the original devil race as well, and Guo Ran said that they were completely safe. The original devil race had temporarily sealed the connection between the World and the Martial Heaven Continent.

The World could now only be entered through the Wild World, while the Wild World could only be entered through a transportation formation in the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. They were absolutely safe.

With the divine families coming out, they definitely couldn’t allow anyone to catch the original devil race. Hearing that they were fine, Long Chen was at ease.

Long Chen began to refine a large number of Nethergate Pills for the sixth star. He wanted to hurry and finish the nine star transformations.

However, on the third day of his refining, a piece of news reached him. The sea demon race had started attacking the continent with their reasoning being that Long Chen had insulted the sea demon race, so they were getting their revenge against the human race.

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