Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 2219 The Pill Sovereign's Will

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Chapter 2219 The Pill Sovereign’s Will

Long Chen didn’t resist. This was the result that he wanted. The instant his will was suppressed by the G.o.d’s will, a power that had been slumbering within his soul for a long time was provoked. A supreme will exploded.

It was like a dragon had been provoked by an ant and finally opened its eyes. Some kind of force instantly erased the G.o.d’s will from Long Chen’s mind.

The elder controlling hundreds of altars wanted to say something, but his body suddenly exploded. Then the altars crumbled into dust, and the illusory images in Long Chen’s mind faded.

After the elder died, another figure appeared. It was a young man with shoulder-length hair. Divine light flowed within his mind, seeming to mimic the revolution of the cosmos.

If Dong Mingyu saw him, she would instantly recognize him to be the G.o.d wors.h.i.+pped by the Bloodkill Hall: the Killing G.o.d Enpuda.

Enpuda looked at the destroyed altars and frowned. He then formed a one-handed seal and s.p.a.ce twisted, revealing a scene full of dust.

That was the scene of the altars being destroyed. Time continued to reverse, playing back what had happened.

However, just as he saw the elder, his expression suddenly changed. He hastily dispelled his divine energy.

The hand forming seals exploded, and Enpuda’s expression was dark. After muttering to himself, he turned and left, vanis.h.i.+ng within the endless darkness.

The illusions in Long Chen’s mind had vanished, and the G.o.d’s will had been disintegrated. However, all the G.o.d energy that had been poured into the G.o.d seed was still within Long Chen’s body.

“So the Pill Sovereign’s will has always been present.” Long Chen had proven its existence once more. This meant that his character had definitely been influenced by the Pill Sovereign’s will. A very large portion of his domineering nature had to be caused by the Pill Sovereign’s will.

The reason he hadn’t resisted the G.o.d’s will and allowed it to invade him was because he wanted to test the Pill Sovereign’s will. Originally, he had thought that even if it existed, it would have to have a fierce battle with the G.o.d’s will. But he hadn’t expected that even G.o.d energy would be nothing in front of the Pill Sovereign’s will.

How was it that the Pill Sovereign was even more terrifying than the G.o.d? The instant the two had clashed, Long Chen could tell that the two of them were in completely different dimensions.

Just who was the Pill Sovereign? Why did it find him? Why would it choose him to inherit the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art?

Long Chen was full of questions. The power of the Pill Sovereign’s will made him think of many things that had been unimaginable before.

If the G.o.d energy was stronger, he had planned to refine it for his own use. But now there was no point. If the Pill Sovereign’s will could crush it so easily, there was no need for him to waste his time researching such a thing.

His 108,000 astral stars activated. They had previously silently absorbed the G.o.d energy and were now spitting that energy back out. This G.o.d energy had his will within it.

This was the backup that Long Chen had prepared. He had split half his will throughout the 108,000 stars. If the Pill Sovereign’s will was unable to beat the G.o.d’s will, he would launch an attack.

Now though, these preparations were revealed to be meaningless. He then forced the G.o.d energy back into the G.o.d seed, and it was now filled with pure G.o.d energy without the G.o.d’s will within it.

Long Chen slowly opened his eyes. Dong Mingyu was still pale and was staring at him worriedly. No one understood just how terrifying the G.o.d’s will was better than her.

“Big brother Long Chen, you succeeded! We can stay together forever!” Dong Mingyu was delighted and cried tears of joy, hugging him. If he had died, there would have been no meaning in her living.

Once Dong Mingyu had calmed down, Long Chen patted her back. “Here, let me return the G.o.d seed to you.”

“The G.o.d seed? Big brother Long Chen, you…” Dong Mingyu jumped back, staring in shock at him, thinking he had been taken over by the G.o.d’s will.

Long Chen smiled. “It’s not like what you’re thinking. The G.o.d seed is still present. I just erased the G.o.d’s will. It’s now just a seed that cannot influence how you think.”

Long Chen placed his hand on Dong Mingyu’s Dantian. With a thought, the G.o.d seed left his body and entered Dong Mingyu’s.

The G.o.d seed became active upon entering Dong Mingyu’s body as if it had returned home. It surprisingly had a strong sense of belonging there.

“How is it so powerful now?” When the G.o.d seed entered her body, she felt a power a hundred times greater than before.

To test the Pill Sovereign’s will, Long Chen had repeatedly provoked the falcon-eyed elder, making him pour more and more G.o.d energy into Long Chen. Now the G.o.d energy had been purified of the G.o.d’s will and was now pure energy, perfect for Dong Mingyu.

Her body had a high level of compatibility with this energy. With this much energy, her combat power would rise to an even more terrifying level.

Furthermore, with the Killing G.o.d’s will erased from it, the G.o.d seed could now begin to merge with Dong Mingyu’s Root Qi. Dong Mingyu could already sense her Spirit Root going through some kind of transformation.

“As expected, fortune lies in danger. The bigger the guts, the bigger the reward, hehe.” Long Chen smiled brightly.

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Once the G.o.d seed merged with Dong Mingyu’s Spirit Root, she would possess her own G.o.d energy and would no longer need to pray for the G.o.d to descend.

“Yes, I know of it. I even had some unpleasantness with them in the Grand Xia this time.” Long Chen shrugged helplessly.

“Was there a conflict?” asked Qu Jianying.

“It doesn’t count as a conflict exactly…”

“What happened?”

“I just killed someone from the divine families’ outer branches,” said Long Chen.


Qu Jianying and the others were shocked. The large sect leaders who had come with Qu Jianying gasped.

“Actually, this isn’t my fault. They wanted to kill my friend. I naturally couldn’t let them get away with that…”

Long Chen gave a simple explanation of how they had supported the Grand Han in causing trouble for the other three great nations.

“Fool, why would you kill them?” Qu Jianying held her head.

The divine families’ outer branches were essentially the representative of the divine families. They were the only ones capable of communicating with the true divine families. If those people from the outer branches decided to report back what had happened with some extra details, it would be troublesome.

“In any case, he’s already dead. Let them do as they please. You still haven’t answered me though, what did you need to discuss with me?” asked Long Chen.

The old man laughed. “There was something, but now I don’t think it’ll happen.”

“You’re laughing? You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you raised a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. You’re trying to worry me to death,” raged Qu Jianying.

The old man chuckled and didn’t say anything. He stealthily gave Long Chen a thumbs-up. He approved of Long Chen’s style, but he couldn’t support it openly.

“Seven days from now, the outer branches of the divine families will host a gathering. All the large powers are to send representatives to discuss how we will defend against the Blood race’s invasion. We wanted you to go, but now…” Qu Jianying shook her head helplessly.

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