Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Ordinary Magician - 平凡魔术师

Chapter 2218 The God's Servant

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Chapter 2218 The G.o.d's Servant

Dong Mingyu’s body trembled. The divine mark on her forehead was s.h.i.+ning brightly, and a thunderous voice exploded in her mind.

“Those disobedient to the G.o.d will suffer the pain of ten thousand ants devouring their souls and never reincarnate.”

Dong Mingyu knew that this was the G.o.d’s will. She had betrayed a G.o.d.

Her soul was in immense pain, as if countless knives were cutting her, as if countless bugs were biting into it. However, she didn’t make a sound in order to not worry Long Chen.

“Speak to him. Endure it.” Long Chen wrote in Dong Mingyu’s palm with his other hand. He couldn’t speak spiritually, or it would draw the attention of the other side.

Dong Mingyu suddenly sneered, “I was never your follower, so why would I be obedient? When I was a child, I was your follower because my parents forced me in, shackling me to you. Did you give me the privilege of my own choice? I was born to be your slave, so you can order me around? All there was between us was a brief collaboration. I killed people for you, and you gave me power. Now, I don’t want the collaboration any longer. I will live according to my own will.”

As Dong Mingyu spoke, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength silently entered Dong Mingyu’s body, flowing toward her Dantian.

Within her Dantian was a clump of qi. That was her Spirit Root, the foundation of her cultivation. Unless it was someone you absolutely trusted, there was no way you would allow someone else’s energy to go there.

That clump of qi had a golden seed within it. That seed had tiny roots that grew throughout all her bones.

“This is the G.o.d seed. Frankly, it’s an evil seed used for enslaving bodies of flesh. A G.o.d? More like a slightly stronger fiend wearing a bright cover to con idiots.” Upon seeing that seed, Long Chen understood what it meant to be a divine daughter or divine son. They were nothing more than pieces that the G.o.ds controlled.

Due to Dong Mingyu’s strong will, she was able to resist the encroachment of the G.o.d’s will, retaining her own mind. This aspect of her was something that even amazed the High Priest.

Long Chen thought of the Pill Fairy. She should be in the same state as Dong Mingyu. However, it seemed that she hadn’t managed to retain the slightest bit of her own will.

It was unknown if the Pill Fairy had been completely taken over by the G.o.d’s will. Perhaps it was because she had been an extremely devout follower originally and had been willing to give her everything to the G.o.d. In any case, she was no longer the same.

“Everything you have was given to you by the G.o.d. Your betrayal is a disgrace. As the G.o.d’s servant, I give you the pain of your soul being devoured. Seven weeks from now, your life will end,” said that voice coldly.

Dong Mingyu was going to keep speaking to stall when Long Chen’s voice rang out in her mind-sea.

“A dog also dares to say such big words? Aren’t you afraid of being turned into a stew?”

“Who’s there?!” The voice was first startled and then burst into anger.

“Your dad.” Long Chen answered concisely and confidently.


The G.o.d seed within Dong Mingyu’s body suddenly exploded, and countless tentacles stretched out. Dong Mingyu’s eyes flew open, her gaze cold.

“Big brother Long Chen, I can’t control my body…” Dong Mingyu was appalled.

“Do you see your daddy clearly now?” Long Chen smiled. Suddenly, starry projections appeared within Dong Mingyu’s body. It was a giant astral diagram of 108,000 stars emitting divine light that severed the tentacles shooting out of the G.o.d seed.

The High Priest had told Long Chen that by using his spiritual yuan combined with his astral energy, by severing the three great tentacles within the Root Qi, it was possible to cut off the G.o.d seed. The three great tentacles were what controlled the qi, the essence, and the spirit. Once they were severed, the G.o.d seed would be unable to control Dong Mingyu.

As for the other tentacles, they could be slowly extracted. However, that process would definitely be immensely painful. It was like extracting a giant tree that had taken root in the body. It would be like losing half her life, but it was the only way to save her.

The wine left by the Wine G.o.d had paralyzed the G.o.d energy and reduced its power, making it so that during this time, the G.o.d was unable to keep an eye on Dong Mingyu. When the wine energy reached its peak, it was the best moment to take action.

However, the High Priest didn’t know that Long Chen had more than one astral s.p.a.ce. Long Chen directly severed all the tentacles.

One of Long Chen’s hands was on Dong Mingyu’s forehead. His Spiritual Strength poured into her body, protecting her soul. His other hand pressed against her abdomen. With a forceful tug, he pulled out the G.o.d seed, tossing it into his own Dantian.

The instant the G.o.d seed left Dong Mingyu’s body, she turned pale as paper and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Courting death!”

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The G.o.d seed began to swell. It was going to explode within Long Chen’s body.

Only now did Long Chen see that there was a sacrificial altar beneath him. Divine runes were activating, and their power was actually entering the G.o.d seed inside his body despite being in completely different s.p.a.ces.

The G.o.d seed grew crazily, filling with an energy that could destroy a world, but Long Chen didn’t stop it. Instead, he allowed those tentacles to invade every inch of his body, every inch of his will.

An irresistible will condensed within his mind, wanting to control him. However, Long Chen didn’t make a sound. He allowed those tentacles to control him. He wanted to use this method to peer into the secrets of G.o.ds.

The elder’s appearance was very frightening as divine runes flew around his body. Even though he was filled with divine power, he was a bit nervous seeing Long Chen looking at him expressionlessly.

“You think you can control me with just this little bit of power? Just how did Enpuda find such a useless dog?”

The powerful divine energy crashed against Long Chen’s mind-sea, trying to control him. But his own will was too powerful.

“Just who are you?!” demanded the elder.

“Enpuda’s daddy.”

The elder almost coughed up a mouthful of blood. Suddenly, his forehead split open, and blood chains shot out, covering his body like a spiderweb.

“Great Killing G.o.d, please bestow me your divine power! With your supreme will, guide the sheep who have lost their way…”

As he prayed, more and more altars appeared, lighting up. Long Chen saw that there were hundreds of these altars within this s.p.a.ce. Every altar unleashed a chain connecting to the elder’s altar.

Divine energy dozens of times stronger than before poured into the G.o.d seed. As that energy raged, Long Chen’s will was submerged by the G.o.d’s will.

Long Chen still didn’t resist. He allowed the G.o.d energy to invade him. Finally, various illusions began to appear in his mind as the G.o.d energy reached the point where it started affecting Long Chen’s will.

“From your grimace, it looks like you’re constipated. Is this all the power you have?” mocked Long Chen. Even though strange scenes were appearing within his mind, he still acted like he was clear-headed.

The elder furiously roared. A giant illusory figure appeared behind him, and divine pressure raged. Long Chen’s head buzzed as his will was finally suppressed. In that instant, a faint smile appeared on his face.

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