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Chapter 2217 I Can't Die

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Chapter 2217 I Can’t Die

This time, Long Chen didn’t keep that scarf on. Holding Dong Mingyu’s hand, they went out to have fun.

This day was a festival for the Grand Xia’s young men and women. Around the midnight hour was when the festivities peaked, when the older crowd and the children returned home.

At this moment, the streets were filled with youngsters. Even the people overseeing the festivities were youngsters, and that was what made it even livelier. Who knows? Perhaps they might encounter their destined partner here.

Earlier today, Dong Mingyu had accompanied Long Xiaoyu in wild snacking and playing. Long Xiaoyu had her own mentality for treating guests. The things that she liked were a bit childish to Dong Mingyu. But Dong Mingyu hadn’t had a childhood, so this could make up for some of those lost years. At least, it wasn’t boring.

After bringing back Long Xiaoyu, Long Chen brought Dong Mingyu out to do what the other youngsters were doing. Some favored areas were Connected Hearts Bridge and Destined Marriage Mountain.

The two of them acted like ordinary mortals who didn’t know how to cultivate. They followed the crowd, hearing all kinds of delightful stories from random people.

“Big brother Long Chen, I suddenly really want to be an ordinary person.” Dong Mingyu sighed.

“Are we not normal?” Long Chen smiled.

“I’m saying that I don’t want to be a cultivator. It seems that they’re living a much easier and more relaxed life,” said Dong Mingyu.

She was very envious of these people. Their lives were simple. The cultivation world was much crueler.

Long Chen said, “Who told you that they live easy and relaxed lives? Every person in this world has hards.h.i.+ps in their life. You envy them for being worry-free, while they envy others for being rich, while rich people envy cultivators for having the ability to fly through the skies and live longer lives. You envy others because they have things that you don’t have, but no one has everything in this world. A cat likes fish but can’t swim. A fish likes eating earthworms but can’t go on land. This is just life. Even a G.o.d does not have a perfect life. Regretfully, many people don’t understand this, and even upon dying, they don’t know what kind of life they wanted. When facing troubles, unhappiness is a kind of instinct. But to stiffen your spine and live through those struggles happily is a kind of skill. Just look at me. I’m chased down by almost everyone on the continent, but aren’t I still living happily?”

Dong Mingyu smiled. She felt like today was the most fortunate day in her life. It didn’t matter how many troubles she encountered. As long as she was with Long Chen, as long as she could hear his voice, see his smile, she didn’t have any fear.

Atop Dragon Ring Peak, Dong Mingyu lay in Long Chen’s embrace, looking at the lanterns down below. The entire capital was illuminated in a soft light. Hearing his jest in her ear, she occasionally laughed.

Eventually, she fell asleep. Looking at her face, Long Chen felt pity. From Dong Mingyu, he had seen another kind of life. The truth was that there weren’t that many truly evil people in this world.

The majority of people were kind. Dong Mingyu was someone who had been raised as a killing tool, but just one bit of kindness from him had changed her life.

That wasn’t because his charisma was so great, but simply that this little bit of kindness had awakened Dong Mingyu’s true nature inside.

However, many people had already lost sight of their true nature. They lived with no beliefs, blind. Someone who had no limits on themselves was truly frightening.

Even more frightening were the people who had been brainwashed to the point that their own beliefs were gone. Any good in their heart had been sealed by that long-term brainwas.h.i.+ng, and they had become weapons with no thoughts of their own.

Long Chen held Dong Mingyu, trying to keep her comfortable. Seeing her sweet smile, Long Chen had an urge to kiss her, but he held back for fear of waking her.

Sleep might be a normal thing to others, but to an, sleeping was a dream that they would never dare to hope for. had to be on their highest guard at all times. Even the slightest relaxation could cause them to lose their lives. This was why Dong Mingyu envied ordinary people so much.

In Long Chen’s embrace, she was finally sleeping soundly like a baby. In this world, there was nowhere safer than Long Chen’s embrace.

Long Chen looked into the distance. Just now, playing with Dong Mingyu and hearing her laughter had made him forget all his vexations.

However, now that he paused, his thoughts came surging back. He rubbed the nine-line Soul Calming Jade. That was the only thing his birth parents had given him.

He felt that he was getting closer to the truth. But his heart was growing more nervous.

In the past, he had seen a corner of the truth through Future Lake. Later on, Long Chen had asked Li Tianxuan if he could use the Reincarnation Mirror to see more, but Li Tianxuan had said that it was impossible. Back when he had looked into Future Lake, his cultivation base had been lower, making it easier to look back. But even that had almost destroyed the Reincarnation Mirror.

Now that his cultivation base was higher, the Reincarnation Mirror didn’t have the ability to look back into his past. Hence, Long Chen had no way of learning his origins this way. He didn’t even know if his birth parents were still alive.

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He recalled that man’s bright laughter. He recalled that woman’s rebuking which was full of love and concern. He recalled a pair of merciless hands that cut open a baby’s body and took away his seven-colored blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone.

“The sun’s about to come up.”

Long Chen suddenly pointed into the distance. Dawn was breaking. A dark red sun was starting to creep over the horizon and spill its light onto the earth. It warmed the world, nouris.h.i.+ng life.

Long Chen didn’t remember the last sunrise he had seen. Seeing the sun rise over these flouris.h.i.+ng lands, he smiled. Every day was a new beginning.

After the dark came the light. It might be difficult for him to progress right now, but he was confident that as long as he endured, he would be able to walk out of the darkness. The sun would rise.

“Let’s go. We can see some old friends in the imperial palace.”

Long Chen descended the mountain with Dong Mingyu, going to the imperial palace.

They spent a day in the imperial palace before returning to the Wine G.o.d Palace. There, they rested for a day before the two of them went to a secret room that the High Priest had prepared for them. Long Chen was preparing to remove the G.o.d seed from Dong Mingyu.

The room only held Long Chen and Dong Mingyu. Dong Mingyu was nervous, and her voice quivered. “Big brother Long Chen, you have to save me. I wasn’t afraid of dying before, but now I am. I want to be with you forever. I can’t die.”

An’s first lesson was to be fearless in the face of death. Only then could they maintain absolute calm and make the best choices no matter what happened.

However, the current Dong Mingyu was not fearless. It wasn’t dying that she was afraid of so much but no longer being able to be with Long Chen.

Long Chen hugged Dong Mingyu tightly and kissed her forehead.

“Trust me.”

Long Chen and Dong Mingyu sat in lotus style. Dong Mingyu closed her eyes, and Long Chen pressed a finger against her forehead.

Light erupted from the spot that he pressed. A terrifying divine pressure caused the room to shake.

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