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Chapter 2216 Close Female Confidante

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Chapter 2216 Close Female Confidante

This time, the Grand Xia’s populace was truly enraged. It didn’t matter if those people had been forced or not. They still could not accept such a thing.

Xia Yuyang directly gave the order to expel the Grand Han’s refugees from the borders of the Grand Xia. The Grand Zhou and Grand Chu followed suit.

In truth, the Grand Han’s refugees had been a constant headache for the three nations. The three nations accepted them because they pitied them and didn’t want to see them dest.i.tute and homeless. Without their help, they would starve to death, freeze to death, or be killed by the war ravaging their home.

However, many of those refugees had been dissatisfied with their living arrangements. They would occasionally demand some outrageous things, for example extra farming tools or seeds with no conditions attached. They also wanted skills to be taught to them, and some even demanded more resources to improve their quality of life to the point that it would reach the middle cla.s.s of the Grand Xia.

Such unreasonable requests were naturally ignored. As a result, even before this, they had put on demonstrations, with them saying that it was the Grand Xia’s fault that they were dest.i.tute, so the Grand Xia had to bear the responsibility. The imperial family had been so infuriated that they had directly killed those people as a warning. But it was inevitable more people would take up their cause not long after.

That was why Xia Yunchong said they were a group of immature, hungry wolves. They didn’t know grat.i.tude. The Grand Xia had given them a peaceful environment where their lives weren’t in danger, and yet they constantly l.u.s.ted for more. Using Xia Yunchong’s words, they had given them a fire, but they demanded a donkey.

Now, in front of everyone, they had falsely testified that the Grand Xia had enslaved them. Hence, the Grand Xia’s people no longer had any pity for them.

People instantly carried out Xia Yuyang’s orders. Xia Yuyang walked over to Long Chen and nodded. “General Long Chen, you’re as mighty as ever. You’ve managed to protect the imperial dignity of the Grand Xia. As for your reward, I will definitely ponder what I can offer you.”

“Many thanks for your majesty’s graciousness.” Long Chen acted immensely grateful, eliciting laughter from Xia Yuyang and the others.

Back in the day, when Long Chen had left the Grand Xia, he had been chased down by others.

Now, he was a figure who stood at the peak of the world. But his character was the same as before.

“Alright, let’s continue to enjoy the festivities. Long Chen, when you have time, come and drink a few cups with me. Of course, I’ll be asking you to bring the wine.” Xia Yuyang smiled.

Xia Yuyang naturally had fine wine, also from the Wine G.o.d Palace. But he knew that his wine wasn’t at the same level as Long Chen’s.

“Yes, you prepare the food, and I’ll bring the wine.” Long Chen also smiled.

Xia Yuyang was the only ruler that Long Chen respected. He was devoted to his nation and his people, which Long Chen found admirable. He truly did view the Grand Xia as a home and its commoners as his family.

Xia Yuyang then brought the army away. He knew that the atmosphere would naturally be tense if he stayed, so he gave the youngsters this area to play.

“Long Chen, you came at the right time.” Xia Yunchong went over and gave Long Chen a fierce embrace. If Long Chen hadn’t come, he didn’t know what state the Grand Xia would have been turned into.

“Actually, I was watching for a while. It was only when that idiot saw that he couldn’t beat you so he threatened the lives of the Grand Xia’s populace that I had no choice but to intervene. Otherwise, I would have let you teach him a lesson. Don’t blame me for stealing your spotlight.” Long Chen smiled.

Long Chen’s voice wasn’t loud at all, but he had sent his Spiritual Strength rolling through it, allowing the entire capital to hear him clearly. Only then did everyone learn that it wasn’t that Xia Yunchong wasn’t able to beat Han Zijun, but that he had been forced to hold back for their safety. Even when Han Zijun had wanted to force Xia Yunchong to kneel, Xia Yunchong had endured for them.

It was well known that Xia Yunchong cultivated the Undefeatable Dao. Any humiliation could influence his Dao-heart. But Xia Yunchong had been willing to bear that humiliation for them. Their impression of Xia Yunchong rose once more.

Although Xia Yunchong wasn’t the crown prince, he was considered the s.h.i.+eld of the Grand Xia, the protector of the nation. He had previously sworn to the imperial shrine to live to protect the Grand Xia.

That was why Xia Yunchong’s fame was perhaps even greater than the fame of the future emperor. Long Chen knew this, which was why he had said this so that everyone knew that the Grand Xia’s imperial family was always looking out for its people, even if they couldn’t see it. He also said it to protect the image of Xia Yunchong in people’s hearts. After all, every nation needed idols. This allowed them to be more cohesive.

“Many thanks.” Xia Yunchong naturally understood Long Chen’s intentions and was grateful. This brother of his that he hadn’t seen in so many years hadn’t changed just because of time or his greater status.

“Come, let me introduce you. This is my close female confidante, Dong Mingyu.” Long Chen pulled Dong Mingyu over by her hand.

Dong Mingyu immediately blushed. Even her eyes looked a bit red.

To call her a close female confidante, any sense of inferiority within her heart vanished. Because she could no longer grow, this body of hers had become a heavy matter on her heart. She had decided to spend her life living for Long Chen, and she was afraid of being viewed by him as a child the entire time. That feeling might even be worse than dying to her.

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By switching from calling her Little Yu to Yu-er, she was already grateful. Now that he said this, he had basically confirmed her status, and she almost cried.

Although they all knew that Long Chen wouldn’t marry an ordinary woman of the secular world, just that vague hope was better than nothing. Most importantly, this would be enough for them to show off for a lifetime. The girls that had given Long Chen their heart flowers were all bursting with joy. This proved just how sharp their eyesight was.

As for that group of outer students from the Scholar’s Mansion, they were pale. They had actually demanded the strongest expert of the Grand Xia to get out of their way. They had even mocked him openly.

Long Chen was someone who didn’t even care about the divine families. But he had still given them the right of way on the road. That had to be him taking pity on their youth and ignorance. They began to sweat. “That’s a real expert. He doesn’t bully the weak. But we….”

Long Chen attended the festivities with everyone. Long Xiaoyu was delighted with the various programs. Her eyes were locked on the stage.

The Lantern Festival was the largest festival for the people in the Grand Xia, so the performances were all fun to watch.

Long Chen reminded his little sister several times that it was getting late and that their mother wouldn’t like it if they went home too late. However, she refused to leave. It was only when the performances came to an end that she finally, reluctantly left.

Xia Yunchong suggested going to the imperial palace to drink, but Long Chen tactfully declined, saying that they could reschedule for another day. He brought Long Xiaoyu back to the Wine G.o.d Palace and sent her to bed.

Upon returning home, he saw that his parents hadn’t gone to bed yet. Seeing the heart jewels on Long Chen’s scarf, Mrs. Long smiled brightly, making Long Chen roll his eyes.

After sending his little sister to bed, Long Chen quietly left with Dong Mingyu.

“Big brother Long Chen, what are we doing?” asked Dong Mingyu curiously. With how stealthy he was acting, it was like he was being a thief.

“Hehe, after sending back the little girl, we can really have some fun. Let’s go strolling on our own. At the later stages, this Lantern Festival gets much more colorful. The city doesn’t sleep until the sun rises.”

“Big brother Long Chen is the best!”

Dong Mingyu was delighted and wrapped her arms around Long Chen’s neck, giving him a kiss on the face excitedly.

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