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Chapter 2114 Xia Chen's Methods

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Chapter 2114 Xia Chen’s Methods


Long Chen and the other Dragonblood warriors in the underground hall were laughing heartily at the performance of the group of warriors sent aboveground.

“I bet Zhao Wuji’s current expression is very marvelous. It’s too bad we can’t see it,” sighed Xia Chen.

Xia Chen’s formation was only able to sense a group of vague figures. He couldn’t hear them. But that was already heaven-defying as the Mechanism Sect was extremely skilled in runes. Their grand concealing formation was a work of art. Due to how skilled they were in this regard, they didn’t even suspect that Xia Chen had noticed them.

“Continue according to the plan.” Long Chen smiled.

The Mechanism Sect’s hidden formation slowly pushed forward. They were getting closer and closer to the core of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s ancestral land.

“It’s strange. Why haven’t we seen anyone this entire time?” wondered someone.

“We already heard them say that Long Chen is prepared for an a.s.sault here. They’ve entered a battle-ready state, so people are hiding,” answered someone else.

Zhao Wuji sneered, “It doesn’t matter where they’re hiding. Once their transportation formations are broken, we’ll immediately cast our net, completely sealing this area. Not one person will get away. I’ve actually changed plans. Let’s capture as many of them alive as possible, especially those Dragonblood warriors. I’ll make sure to send Long Chen one head per day until he goes crazy.”

“Stop. Another wave of them.”

Suddenly, they saw another patrol of Dragonblood warriors walk by their formation. They had no choice but to stop until they had pa.s.sed before continuing.

However, they were a bit surprised to find that the patrols of Dragonblood warriors were growing more numerous. They were frequently forced to stop.

To be absolutely safe, they would only advance once the Dragonblood warriors had pa.s.sed. Sometimes those Dragonblood warriors would suddenly stop and chat for a while, forcing them to wait.

“Curious, why haven’t we reached the core region even after so long?” One of the Stone race’s experts couldn’t hold himself back.

The core region clearly didn’t look far, but even after several hours, they hadn’t reached it.

One of the Mechanism Sect’s experts explained, “This is an important region. They probably have a formation to make this s.p.a.ce bigger than it appears, so it looks close but we are still far.”

One hour, two hours, three hours… after ten hours, the core region was still so close yet so far.

Even the Mechanism Sect’s experts were growing uneasy. Even if there was a formation here, they would have reached the core after so long. There was no way that the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s ancestral land was this big.

“No, we’ve been caught!” One of the experts controlling the mechanism suddenly shouted.

“What is it?!” demanded Zhao Wuji.

“We’ve entered someone else’s illusion formation.”

The formation master suddenly formed hand seals, causing the formation to transform. The surrounding s.p.a.ce rippled. The buildings and land they saw around them vanished like they were nothing more than a reflection. Now they were surrounded by mist.

Everyone was shocked, not knowing what was going on. Before they could figure it out, a voice rang out.

“Zhao Wuji, s.h.i.+ Lingfeng, I’ve been waiting for a long time. How is it? Was playing hide and seek fun?”

“Long Chen!”

Zhao Wuji and s.h.i.+ Lingfeng instantly recognized that voice, but Long Chen’s voice was coming from every direction. They couldn’t pinpoint where he was.

“Hurry up and destroy their formation!” shouted Zhao Wuji. He was getting a bad feeling.

The lead formation master immediately took out over a hundred formation discs. After forming a strange image, over a hundred rays of light soared out of the formation discs, piercing into the sky.


The surrounding mist didn’t budge. Instead, the formation discs exploded.

The formation master suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood. His formation had been destroyed before he even finished setting it up. Clearly, every one of his movements was within the expectations of the other side.

Suddenly, a giant ray of sword-light pierced toward them.

“Attack!” shouted Zhao Wuji. Blood-colored armor appeared on his body. It was actually a different set of armor than he had worn before.


Zhao Wuji was the first to attack, smas.h.i.+ng a fist into the sword-light. However, he was startled to find that the sword-light contained no power behind it. It exploded as soon as he touched it.

“Be careful!”

The formation master’s expression suddenly changed. He hastily formed hand seals, summoning a barrier of light.

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However, he was still too late. That barrier of light hadn’t even fully formed before the scattered sword-light fell around them like rain. Every drop was followed by an explosion, and waves of light devoured their formation.

One of the Mechanism Sect’s experts had their head pierced by it. That seemingly unremarkable and haphazard light was able to ignore their armor and kill them.

One expert after another was pierced by the rays of light. Their armor was like mud in front of it, and they were cut down one by one.

“Don’t touch the tip of that light!” shouted Zhao Wuji. He had noticed the problem. These lights were actually needles with the thickness of a pinkie finger. He could barely make out that those needles were covered in runes.

The needles possessed terrifying penetrative power. The ordinary armor of the Mechanism Sect’s disciples was unable to stop them.

Sparks flew as s.h.i.+ Lingfeng’s fist smashed into one of the needles. That needle was smashed to smithereens. His body was even tougher than the armor of the Mechanism Sect.

“Long Chen, get out here and fight!” roared s.h.i.+ Lingfeng.

“If you want to exchange blows with my boss, you’ll have to get past my level first.” Xia Chen’s voice rang out once more. The stone platform itself exploded, unleas.h.i.+ng giant swords of golden light.

The golden swords cut the void into pieces. It was like the world was crumbling around them, and the very restrictions of the Heavenly Daos were torn to bits.

The terrifying golden swords annihilated the disciples of the Mechanism Sect. They were blown apart along with their armor.


One of the golden swords slashed onto s.h.i.+ Lingfeng’s body. s.h.i.+ Lingfeng was actually sent flying, and two white wounds appeared on his arms where it had struck him. However, those wounds quickly healed.

s.h.i.+ Lingfeng’s body was extremely tough, but the disciples of the Mechanism Sect weren’t so fortunate. With the runes on their armor having lost effect, their defense and speed had sharply dropped. The flying swords cut down a couple of them.

However, these golden swords were one-use items. After a sword shot out, it lost all its power. It was just that this one blow of it was extremely shocking.

Over ten of the Stone race’s experts were also blown to bits. The fortunate survivors only had their limbs cut off, but they were able to reconnect them as if it wasn’t a serious injury.

It was said that the Stone race only had one vital spot, which was their head. As long as their head still existed, any damage to their body could be healed. But if the head exploded, their body would explode as well.

“Boss, my show is over. I’m very regretful to say that I wasn’t able to exterminate them all.”

After this wave of attacks, Xia Chen and Long Chen’s figures appeared in the sky. Xia Chen looked both excited and helpless.

“Long Chen!”

Upon seeing Long Chen, s.h.i.+ Lingfeng and Zhao Wuji’s killing intent erupted.

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