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Immortal Amidst Snow In July

Chapter 2233.1: Getting Married and Having Kids, Then Watch Long Aotian's Hatching

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Chapter 2233.1: Getting Married and Having Kids, Then Watch Long Aotian’s Hatching

The mistress’ final plan was to borrow Motong’s hand to send Lu Yun to her home, paying her own life as the price. If this world of immortal dao civilization was preserved, then the worlds of the future would survive as well.

Lu Yun was always the most pivotal part of the plan. His mission was complete the moment he obtained the Seal of the Mult.i.tude—he could return to his original world at any time. Everything that happened after was the machinations of the heavenly dao to ensure that he would form an increasing amount of ties to this world.

He now had friends, family, and an undertaking that he was soon to complete. He was further lauded as Sir Heaven by the Jade Ruins Realm and beloved by many. Lu Yun had fully become part of this world and truly formed karmic ties and connections to it. Even if he left now, he would return to complete his enterprise.

An exceedingly humanized smile appeared on the heavenly dao’s face. He knew that if Lu Yun awoke at this moment and understood the cause and effect of everything, he still wouldn’t blame anyone. Such was the mistress, Dao King, and G.o.d’s personal motives.

They paid not only the price of their lives, but also all traces of their existence to pursue their desires. They were eternally erased from all time and s.p.a.ce, never to exist again.


According to the original history of this world, its world of immortals would be destroyed by the will of the nothing after all beings marched on the heavens. But since it’d lost its three greatest powerhouses earlier than expected, it was destroyed ahead of time.


Goodwill from the people settled down over Lu Yun like a mantle. The shadow of a sword broke out of his forehead—the Sword of Heaven and Earth.

The sword shadow hidden in the sword paG.o.da was the sword shadow that sealed away his memories in the Origin Continent. It came from Yus.h.i.+ Moli and was one of Motong’s contingencies. She wanted Lu Yun to recreate the deceased Origin Continent.

She nursed the same thoughts as the heavenly dao and mistress at first—have Lu Yun lose himself in the Origin Continent and prevent its demise. However, the continent’s karmic ties to the world of immortals of the future ran too deep. If the continent existed, the future would never arrive.

Thus, the shadow of the Sword of Heaven and Earth could not keep Lu Yun’s memories under wraps. He naturally progressed to awakening, leaving Motong no choice but to activate the mistress’ plan.

However, she secretly hoped that Lu Yun would still revitalize the Origin Continent after he became the heavenly dao.


The sword paG.o.da that Lu Yun refined was the Sugato Sword. After he reincarnated to the world of immortals from Earth, the Sugato Sword forced him to grow methodically and protect Dusk Province.

Dusk Province…

The place he’d reincarnated to in this world of immortals was called Dark City. They shared the same first character. So it would seem that all karmic ties were long decided in advance.

Lu Yun opened his eyes in reality, sorrow and a lost look flas.h.i.+ng through them.

“But… I don’t want to go,” he murmured. “I haven’t challenged Marquis Skyglory yet and won justice for the Jade Ruins cultivators.

“I haven’t seen Long Aotian hatch yet…

“I haven’t seen my disciple unlock all of the restrictions on the bamboo…

“I haven’t seen grandfather defeat Yan Guichi and take vengeance… I haven’t seen the family rule over everything beneath the heavens…

“I really don’t want to go.” Although Lu Yun held endless yearning and connections to his world, he had truly built relations.h.i.+ps in this one as well. He really didn’t want to go before he finished everything.

Was he supposed to give up halfway and forgo everything in this world?

“Go home,” the heavenly dao said lowly as he approached the young man. “With the Seal of the Mult.i.tude, you can defeat the will of nothing and become the heavenly dao of your world.”

“But…” Lu Yun’s throat was dry. “Can’t I go home after I finish everything here?”

“You should know our plans by now,” the heavenly dao chuckled. “What we wish for you to do is not only to save your home, but also ours. The mistress, Dao King, and G.o.d have already fallen. Our connection with the future is severed and you can come back if you so wish.

“I hope that when you return, you can save this world. With the mistress, Dao King, and G.o.d having perished, no one can prevent the vicious spirits from evolving into the ghost zombies. They will destroy the world of immortals—you are its only hope.

“If you stay, what happened to you in the great wilderness will play out once more. You will become part of history and propel it forward, becoming someone like the great three.

“But that will not empower you to save this world. Everything you care about, your grandfather, friends, disciple… Everyone in the Jade Ruins Realm and all of the worlds will be devoured by the ghost zombies,” the heavenly dao said gently.

“I can… come back?” Lu Yun brightened. Three thousand reincarnations had enabled him to take root in this world. The experiences of his final lifetime crafted bonds that made him reluctant to bid farewell to where he was.

“You can.” A figure in white appeared in front of him—a young man in pristine white robes with a vacant gaze in his eyes. There was no expression on his face and he held a scarlet h.e.l.l Flower in his hands.

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“He’s gone.” Seven boys and girls in Fallen Leaf City looked to the sky.

“He is the heir of the mistress, Dao King, and G.o.d. He will be back,” Zi Chen chuckled.

While the three were no longer, someone needed to fill their positions and the vacancy. Thus, seven souls were born to inherit the three’s mantle, but they were far less than their predecessors. All they could do was silently watch over everything and die alongside with this world.

“The goodwill of those from the Jade Ruins Realm and that of the entire worlds of cultivation finally tied him so closely to us that we are one and the same. He is part of this world and its factor of change.

“We have found salvation.”


Deep in the depths of Immortal Burial Valley, Vermilion Bird lifted her head with an expression of great relief. Only with Lu Yun’s departure was he freed from the karmic ties of this world. He was now independent of it and its factor of change. When Lu Yun returned, this world would see a glimmer of hope.

All peak powerhouses in this world of immortal dao looked to the sky, at where Lu Yun had left.


“I’ve finally… come back.” Lu Yun stood at the peak of the world of immortals. The world of immortals, h.e.l.l, and the new world of immortals were connected to each other. They were the only world in the nothing.

The war between the city lords of nothing and Saviors was over. The cities of nothing had been completely eradicated from the nothing and horrific casualties inflicted upon their former rulers. The survivors transferred to immortal dao and entered the world of immortals for succor.

The legitimate Saviors were dead; those that remained were controlled by the will of nothing.

Lu Yun stood at the tallest peak in the world of immortals—Mount Xuanhuang—and looked into the nothing. The great tomb had fully manifested and bore down on the world of immortals with magnificent momentum. Countless Saviors and ghost zombies circled around it, looking lasciviously at its prey.

Qing Yu and the little fox brimmed with the power of reincarnation, protectively flanking the world of immortals.

Their expressions suddenly changed as they shot to their feet and looked behind them.

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