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Chapter 2014 – Seeking Revenge

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Chapter 2014 – Seeking Revenge

“What is it?” asked a frowning Tailong when he saw Lu Yun’s reaction.

The young man mutely shook his head, operating formula dao anew. He didn’t come to any answers.

Tailong’s frown deepened, but he didn’t press for an explanation. The World Heart was a place that threatened even empyrean supremes. Being just a peak grand supreme, he wasn’t willing to overly antagonize the area.

“You better not travel to the World Heart before you ascend to grand supreme,” he suddenly said. “Although you possess the life form of a grand supreme, you’re not a real one. The World Heart will be too perilous for you prior to reaching grand supreme.”

“I know,” Lu Yun nodded. He surveilled the Firmament Prison with reluctance, trying to find a trace of its core essence that Yun Yi might’ve overlooked.

Sadly, he came up disappointed and empty-handed. Yun Yi’s style was to take every conceivable possibility into account. Since she’d decided to have Lu Yun travel to the World Heart, she wouldn’t leave any trace of the ruins’ core essence behind.

The Firmament Prison had become Tailong’s training grounds. No supreme or order cultivator would dare seek their fortune in this forbidden zone.

“Go on then. When you return alive from the World Heart, you should have the right to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us. You will truly campaign through the realms then.” Tailong waved Lu Yun off.

“Campaign through the realms… Do you mean the war between the camp of order and the camp of disorder?” Lu Yun asked subconsciously.

“The stand-off between order and disorder is an objective opposition, not a matter between living beings. You’ll understand when you see it. The world is big, much bigger than you think. Go now.” With Tailong’s next wave, the scene changed in front of Lu Yun—he’d left the Firmament Prison.

Lu Yun stood over Huangpang major world and frowned in the direction of the ruins. He remained silent for a very long period of time. Out of all the peak grand supremes that he knew, Tailong was the most mysterious. He was also the least known by people—no one knew his background.

Even Yun Yi had only reached an agreement with him later on.

“Lu Yun, I’ve waited a long time for you,” sounded a chilly, stilted voice. Lu Yun c.o.c.ked his head to see a smear of pale gold next to him.

The nine clawed golden dragon.

He was the strongest among grand supremes—even a bit stronger than Cen Sui. However, the latter was now stronger than the dragon after traveling to the tomb of the empyrean supreme.

“Whatever for?” Lu Yun smirked.

“Cen Sui is one of yours?” the dragon almost spat through ground teeth.

“C’mon, let’s go take a look at Huangpang.” Lu Yun’s smile deepened and he jumped forward, das.h.i.+ng into the major world close at hand.

Huangpang had become another world of immortals; the Immortal Sect was the strongest faction on it. These days, Huang Pang and Mo Fei were hailed as its leaders. The two cultivated immortal dao and had become true grand supremes.

While they were initial grand supremes, that cultivation level reigned supreme among the current chief worlds.

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It was why he’d constantly changed ident.i.ties, flitting from the Moran Clan to the dragons. He was limited to the dragons now, however, and unable to transform into other races anymore.

“You can!” He stared fixedly at Lu Yun. “Give me the azure dragon ancestral G.o.d’s command of creation! I’ll immediately break through to peak grand supreme if I have it!”

“And why should I do that?” Lu Yun shrugged. He picked up his wine cup and drained its contents.

“Because I can help you find what you want in the World Heart!” the dragon enunciated carefully. The two of them were close to either grand supreme or peak grand supreme. No one else could hear their conversation.

Lu Yun put down his wine cup and regarded the dragon with a frosty look. It wasn’t common knowledge that he wanted to head to the World Heart, yet the nine clawed golden dragon had so easily spoken of it.

“I naturally have my own aces if I dare come looking for you.” The dragon smiled at the young man’s expression.


A heaven-shattering explosion rang out as an enormous hand descended from the sky. It pounded one of Huangpang’s cities flat with a simple slap.

“So you’re still alive, Huang Pang, Mo Fei… Since the two of you never died, you can die today!” A sonorous voice thundered from the firmament while the hand continued to smash toward the major world’s capital city. It was a grand supreme, another incomparably mighty grand supreme.

Lu Yun’s lips curved in a chilly smile. The city that the hand had just destroyed was mostly populated with immortals from the World of Immortals.

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