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Immortal Amidst Snow In July

Chapter 1664

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Chapter 1664: The Color of Blood

“Be it Qinglie or Chickadee, it doesn’t matter what I’m called if I can kill the beholder of immortal dao from the Central Hongmeng.” Qinglie smiled beguilingly and elegantly extended a hand, flicking her wrist to slam her palm down on Lu Yun. Just like the Curse King, she preferred to kill with her first move instead of engaging in wordy exchanges.

As a curse dao heavyweight, her palm strike manifested countless demons in the void. They spilled forth like shadows, enveloping Immortal Nation in the blink of an eye. Their target was also Lu Yun.

“If the Curse King was still alive, he would not have made this trip,” Lu Yun sighed gently as he took in the endless horde of demons. These demons were all horrific curses. Any normal living being, even an expert who’d accessed the first level of sequence, would be annihilated if they were grazed by any of the creatures.

“Oh?” Qinglie started as her eyes snapped to Lu Yun on the altar. There was no time for her to further consider the comment—three thousand and six hundred curse demons charged up the structure.

“Because I never fall down in the same place twice.” Lu Yun waved his hand and summoned the Army PaG.o.da. Its curtains of light surrounded the young man with a coc.o.o.n of protection a split second before the curse demons arrived.

Though it’d become the barracks of the Soldier King and his men, essentially a spatial treasure, its nature hadn’t changed. It was still a Profound PaG.o.da, the first one to ever appear in the Boundless Planes.

Lu Yun’s current level of strength couldn’t deploy the paG.o.da’s full power, but the Soldier King had left a formation of heaven and earth before his departure to use as the hub in commanding the treasure. Lu Yun could use the formation as a lever to pry into the paG.o.da’s power and release purple-golden light, pus.h.i.+ng it out in all directions.

“d.a.m.n it, that Profound PaG.o.da!” Qinglie cursed at the sudden might from the paG.o.da and left without another word.

After Lu Yun killed the Curse King’s replica, he’d sat cross-legged over the ocean for three years. The paG.o.da had watchfully hovered over his head during that time; no one had been able to s.h.i.+ft it. Qinglie hadn’t thought that the Profound PaG.o.da would remain by Lu Yun’s side after the last soldier left for Ruina.

“That brat must be G.o.d’s b.a.s.t.a.r.d son!” Qinglie swore in a bad temper and ran off with curse dao’s heavyweights. She didn’t dare try for Lu Yun’s head when such a terrifying treasure stood by his side.

The Curse King had given her a command before he died—never, ever try to kill Lu Yun. She’d come regardless because there was a tiny rebellious murmuring in her heart.

Lu Yun would never fall down in the same place twice, and thus he would never be killed in the same manner twice.

“Running off just like that?” He shook his head. “I wouldn’t be able to do anything to her if she insisted on invading immortal dao. All I can manage now is to defend myself.”

“Although Qinglie can’t do anything to master, martial uncle will make trouble for her when he returns,” Qi Fengyun laughed. “Her only goal was master and not immortal dao. Occupying immortal dao now wouldn’t benefit her in the slightest. In fact, it’ll only attract disaster to curse dao.”

“She’s already attracted disaster to curse dao,” Lu Yun grinned. “Dongfang Ao, take three thousand golden immortals and go on a stroll through curse dao’s world. Kill some folks, set off some fires, knock a few places down. See what she can do about it.

“Curse dao’s disciples are in low spirits after the Curse King’s death. Qinglie has just come to this world of sequence, the dao’s denizens don’t recognize her yet.”

“Understood!” A bit dejected at how earlier events had gone, Dongfang Ao promptly perked up at Lu Yun’s command.

All immortals now practiced the new immortal dao and worked with new foundations. Dongfang Ao was ten times stronger than before. He’d yet to fully unleash his power when he fought the intruder, so this time, he would have at it with Qinglie no matter what.

He was Dongfang Mo’s disciple, after all. Perhaps he’d been a bit too weak before the foundations of immortal dao were changed, but he was certainly on a dao beholder level now. Those dao beholders had stopped at nothing to kill his senior and junior brothers and sisters!

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Unless Qinglie wanted to die, she wouldn’t dare take personal action against Dongfang Ao and the three thousand golden immortals.

“What did you find?”

“Blood!” Qi Fengyun looked a bit pale. “Perhaps I’m not skilled enough and came to an erroneous conclusion… but I did see blood, mayhem, and the keening of endless souls. This isn’t a world of sequence, and the final world it evolves into will not be the world of sequence for a great dao!”

Lu Yun jerked with surprise. Qi Fengyun was second only to him when it came to formula dao. He was the third greatest in the art and his practical application of formula dao was superior to Lu Yun’s. Some of his ideas were outside the scope of Lu Yun’s capabilities.

Since Lu Yun was the founder of the dao, Qi Fengyun’s overall accomplishments would never surpa.s.s his master’s. Anything he attained strengthened formula dao, an improvement that would be instantly conveyed to Lu Yun. And so, Lu Yun didn’t doubt his disciple’s words.

He copied the idea and a.n.a.lyzed the altar as if it was Myriadsea World.


A b.l.o.o.d.y cloud rose over Lu Yun’s head and exploded, releasing a b.l.o.o.d.y face that pounced on the young man with an open mouth.

“p.i.s.s off!” Lu Yun snorted and waved the burning withered wood out of the void. He directed it at the face.


The altar trembled and blood trickled out of the simplistic azure structure, dying it red.

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