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Immortal Amidst Snow In July

Chapter 1588

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Chapter 1588: Nine Floors of Treasury

“You want to borrow the Star Sect’s power to antagonize the Luminaries, don’t you?” Xing Chen saw right through Lu Yun’s intentions and dismantled his plan. “The sect will not involve ourselves with the conflicts of others.”

She waved a hand and left with Xing Heng.

Lu Yun rubbed his nose. Xing Chen was certainly a decisive character and left no room for discussion whatsoever. Brief contemplation, however, quickly provided the reason for her behavior.

She knew his ident.i.ty and how he’d broken free of his destiny. She’d wanted Xing Lan to stay by his side for a while and indirectly alter her destiny as well. However, he’d shut his door in the girl’s face.

Xing Chen… seems to have a bit of a temper. She’d purposefully taken Xing Heng away when she discovered the situation here.

Lu Yun chuckled ruefully, not minding the matter. The Luminaries was worth keeping a watchful eye out for, but his primary goal for the moment was to disseminate dao.

“The Tome of Life and Death exorcized the resentment and curse from the withered wood, which means I’m no longer a walking sack of misfortune.” Lu Yun stared off in the direction that Xing Chen had departed in. “But that isn’t very rea.s.suring either. Who knows what might happen to the book after it’s digested such a terrifying amount of bitterness and curse? I should probably stay away from forming deep relations.h.i.+ps for a while.

“Let’s find a Seventh Rank Lotus next and raise my soul force to grandmaster level.” He headed in the direction of Mount Buzhou.

The mountain was situated in the center of the World Star. Last time, it’d seemed that Xing Shenzuo had brought Lu Yun to Mount Buzhou when he’d actually done so under Ah Zhi’s control.

“Wait.” Lu Yun suddenly stopped. “The pair of eyes in Xing Wuliang’s pupils isn’t Xing Chen’s either. Who’s borrowing his eyes to observe the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor?”

If it wasn’t Ah Zhi, Xing Shenzuo, or Xing Chen, it would seem that powerhouses abounded in this sect. He hadn’t even been able to determine how many Nihil World Sovereigns were present.

“I need to get my hands on a soul weapon after my soul force reaches grandmaster level.” Lu Yun continued making his way to the mountain.

Mount Buzhou was incredibly large. He’d visited Ah Zhi’s residence on his prior trip; the sect’s treasury was located on the same mountain. Since the Seventh Rank Lotus was an incredibly precious spirit root, it should be stored there.

The Star Sect’s treasury was a ma.s.sive tower nine floors tall. Each floor was a real world. It wasn’t under heavy guard, just protected by its own rules. People could access the floors they had clearance for and would be blocked from entry if they weren’t authorized.

If there came an enemy so strong that the rules couldn’t hold them off, death would be the only ending for any sect heavyweights that rushed to it. Ah Zhi had set the rules; simple Nihil World Sovereigns couldn’t break them. Only someone who’d set foot into sequence like her could force them open.

Lu Yun smoothly walked in without challenge.

“That’s strange… why does it feel like I’ve been to someplace similar before?” He found his surroundings oddly familiar when he observed the first floor.

Treasures and natural ingredients abounded on the first floor; connate treasures were dumped in piles like trash. He almost thought that he’d returned to the world of treasures Yun Zhongzhi had created in the Tomb of the Hallowed Emperor.

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Such was the acc.u.mulation of the entire sect throughout its long and ill.u.s.trious history. However, Lu Yun wasn’t gazing upon the wealth, but the world that comprised of the first floor. He found it so very familiar, like he’d once been here.

“Su He?” Lu Yun paused. “That’s strange, all of the other true disciples have Xing as their surname. So why do you…”

“Because I’m a World Star native,” Su He chuckled. “People born on the World Star are disciples at birth. We don’t need to change our names even after we gain a master.

“Ah, yes, junior brother Feifan, you’re in a lot of trouble. Senior brother Xing Lingkong says he’s going to teach you a lesson after you turned senior sister Xing Lan down!” the girl continued gleefully. “Senior brother’s always known that senior sister is a girl and fell in love with her a long time ago. He won’t let you get away with insulting her.”

Lu Yun held his forehead.

“Do you know where the Seventh Rank Lotus is?” He couldn’t be bothered with these things.

“The Seventh Rank Lotus? It’s on the eighth floor, but only elders have the right to enter. You…” Su Heng trailed off; Lu Yun had already vanished.

“He’s really gone to the eighth floor?” She blinked with incredulity. “They say that senior brother Xing Wuliang brought junior brother Feng Feifan back from the Eastern Planes. There’s a lot of people in the sect who’ve joined the Luminaries… they probably want to do something to him, don’t they?

“Senior brother Xing Lingkong…” Su He blushed when she thought of the handsome, das.h.i.+ng, and princely senior brother.

“Eh? Wait wait, he really entered the eighth floor? How?” Her jaw dropped when Lu Yun didn’t return to the first floor. “He’s not martial uncle Xing Shenzuo’s b.a.s.t.a.r.d son, is he? And the martial uncle didn’t accept him as a disciple because he didn’t want to start gossip…” The girl’s mind roved in wild flights of fancy.

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