Necropolis Immortal

Immortal Amidst Snow In July

Chapter 1586

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Chapter 1586: Argent Snow

It wouldn’t be an easy or swift task to impart dao in the fourth realm. If a great dao wished to leave its mark, it would have to weather layer upon layer of obstacles and challenges to win such a privilege.

Most importantly was that formula dao was a known path. Though it only circulated in the world of immortals and chaos, there were many arrangements from fourth realm powerhouses in those realms.

Lu Yun’s ident.i.ty would be exposed as soon as formula dao appeared in the fourth realm.

But for the sake of his grand scheme to come, he had to do this. Though his current destiny was different from the previous thirty-three cycles, he was still, at best, just a tiny wave. A tiny, tiny wave in a vast and boundless river.

If he failed, this insignificant wave would return to its previous form and his destiny would revert to its “proper path”—sitting alone in the void, keeping company the gradual decay of the immortal dao.

He never wished to experience that kind of loneliness and despair again.

His so-called enemies were just obstacles on the path to his goals. Who they were didn’t matter. He’d eliminate them all even if they were the masters of heaven!


Mo Yi and the Dao King returned to the Disordered h.e.l.l. This time, Lu Yun fully severed the connection between that h.e.l.l and the outside world. Since Ah Zhi had been able to discern Mo Yi’s existence, that meant other sequence experts would be able to do the same.

Thoroughly shutting off the pa.s.sage between the Disordered h.e.l.l and the fourth realm meant that sequence experts could no longer see Mo Yi, but that the two could still leave through the exit to the world of immortals. That egress led to Lu Yun’s kingdom of h.e.l.l and other locales.

However, Mo Yi and the Dao King showed no signs of leaving.

“Since I am to impart dao, then I need to popularize formula dao. But I need to make sure that I take things one step at a time and not be in a rush.” Lu Yun sat down in his nameless residence and stroked his chin, debating his next steps.

“I need to first train my soul force to its maximum—at least grandmaster level. Mm, there’s a spirit herb in the Star Sect called the Seventh Rank Lotus that can immediately propel my soul force to grandmaster level.”

Out of the bundle of books that Ah Zhi had given Lu Yun, there were both f.u.xi’s legacy from the original Hongmeng and some tomes regarding the sect. One of them mentioned a soul force treasure called the Seventh Rank Lotus.

It was similar to the Profound Nineroot that he’d eaten before—highly beneficial to soul force and could enhance the soul force of supplemental cultivators. The lotus was superior to the root and could propel ninth level soul force into grandmaster level.

However, very few within the Star Sect made use of outside forces to reach grandmaster. Supplemental cultivation was the process of training both soul force and mentality. Take Xing Wuliang, for instance. He had the requisite soul force but not the proper mindset, so he was unable to compel the second form of Horizon’s Edge.

Lu Yun stood up when his thoughts traveled here and walked out of his abode.

“Are you junior brother Feifan?” A clear voice sounded as soon as he set foot outside.

Lu Yun looked over to see a handsome man in blue robes wielding a silver staff roughly a meter long. The smiling man inclined his head at Lu Yun, but a certain degree of menace threaded his emotions.

The newcomer was no friend.

He was a powerful supplemental grandmaster and a Void World King. What caught Lu Yun’s eye, though, was the short silver staff in his hands.

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A soul weapon!

“What?!” Lu Yun’s eyes widened when he heard the question. A Nihil World Sovereign from the Central Hongmeng? Wasn’t that him?

There were exceedingly few people who knew his true strength—was the s.p.a.cetime King behind this?

No, the s.p.a.cetime King was a smart man. After Lu Yun and the overlord of Ice let him off the hook, he wouldn’t pursue another karmic tie and cause further trouble. Thus, there had to have been someone else present when Lu Yun reverted to his Nihil World Sovereign self.

“What does it have to do with me that a Nihil World Sovereign has emerged from the Central Hongmeng?” Lu Yun asked calmly, regaining his composure.

“It is of grave importance that a Nihil World Sovereign has come from that area… Any Eastern Plane denizen is to be interrogated. Apologies for the offense, junior brother.” Xing Heng waved his silver staff and summoned silver snowflakes from the void. They came imbued with a strange power and sealed off the premises.

Argent Snow.

One of the eight great soul weapons of supplemental grandmasters.

One hundred and eight pieces of silver snowflakes drifted around them, each of them the size of a palm. They formed a cohesive whole in the air—a formation that didn’t seem like one, a boundary that wasn’t quite one.

Lu Yun felt wisps of arctic air gather from the surroundings, but didn’t panic. He flipped his hands over and materialized golden and blue orbs in his hands.


The Water Virtue and Metal Virtue Orbs erupted at the same time. The worlds of water and swords intersected with each other, watery ripples oscillating over golden swords and slamming into the snowflakes.

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