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Chapter 1622 - Changes

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Chapter 1622 Changes

However, when Meng Xiaoyao said this, it was like a serious order to them, so they no longer hesitated and obeyed promptly. They simply said farewell and walked down the southwest hillside after turning around and thanking Alex.

Although Yu Xuening couldn’t understand English, she could figure out what was going on. When she noticed Meng Xiaoyao was ready to go, she snorted and abruptly stopped him.

Meng Xiaoyao knew what Yu Xuening meant without asking, and smiled, “Little Xue, don’t you understand?”

“These people here have nothing to do with me, but there is one thing I want to ask clearly. Otherwise, it is self-contradictory that you can sit back and ignore it like this,” Yu Xuening said.

Meng Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows, “Why do you say so?”

“Why build up such a protracted game, waiting for Yang Chen to play so much for you, when you are so casual and easy-going about things? Why don’t you just go away, leave the earth alone, and let the human race die?” Yu Xuening’s tone was a little arrogant.

“After I pa.s.sed through that gate 50,000 years ago, all my thoughts and ideas are based on what I have realized, not bound by the cause and effect of heaven and earth,” Meng Xiaoyao stated with a smile. “I don’t have to explain how to deal with it to anyone, and I have my own judgement.”

Yu Xuening squinted her eyes, a trace of annoyance flashed on her beautiful face, and she gritted her teeth, “I am tired of hearing your excuses.”

“Why are you so worked up for, Little Xue? You have concealed what I wrote and my numerous arrangements in front of Yang Chen since you are in the Tongtian PaG.o.da, which shows you have already agreed with my method. Is it necessary for individuals like you and me to quarrel about something so insignificant?” exclaimed Meng Xiaoyao

Yu Xuening laughed with a silver bell-like sound, as though she believed Meng Xiaoyao was overconfident. “You only predicted it half right. I agree with your deployment, and while it is not entirely understood, I can comprehend your expectations. However, I am willing to do this not because I believe in you, but because I believe in my own vision. That dumb boy Yang Chen will eventually make you realize that your years of comprehension may not be fully accurate.”

“Oh, my expectations for Yang Chen are also a little higher given the fact that you can create such statements about him,” Meng Xiaoyao stated quietly.

Yu Xuening rolled her eyes at him and she disappeared from the slope in a flash.

In this scene, Alex, who was beside him, was so frightened that he fell to his knees and wors.h.i.+ped loudly, thinking that it was a G.o.d descending to earth!

And in the next instant, what almost followed everyone’s ears was the sound of an explosion from the sea.

Those wars.h.i.+ps with reinforced iron frames, like behemoths in the sea, made a series of roars…

Yu Xuening sank these European troops with just a little means!

That being done, Yu Xuening’s figure returned to the mountain again, and turned her head towards Meng Xiaoyao, “If you want to give up on them, that’s your choice, but I won’t.”

Meng Xiaoyao didn’t bother about her actions. As if watching a little girl fooling around, he didn’t take it too seriously, and said, “The days here are coming to an end, so let’s go to my residence now. There is a little guest there, she can’t be left alone or she will inevitably feel unwelcome.”

This made Yu Xuening a little puzzled, and she didn’t ask any more questions. She then followed Meng Xiaoyao and his two other apprentices and left the island.

In a small world that was extremely quiet, there were birds singing and flowers and bushes everywhere.

The air was filled with the fragrance of nature, the temperature was comfortable and the sun was s.h.i.+ning.

In the center of a piece of gra.s.s, there were several ingenious wooden pavilions and lofts, surrounded by waterside flowers, and some exotic flowers and plants that were planted on several acres of small land.

And precisely in such a quaint place, a white woman in an amber color dress was sitting on the edge of a stone platform outside the building, holding a roll of objects similar to bamboo slips in her hand, but if you look closely, it was a jade slip.

On these turquoise jades, various golden runes were glimmering, and the runes recorded a huge amount of information that could be extracted by putting in True Yuan.

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The white woman looked at this jade slip with great enthusiasm. On the stone table beside her, there were quite a few other copies.

Meng Xiaoyao shook his head and continued, “If you weren’t as amazing as I stated, I wouldn’t ‘flatter’ you. Plus, you’re a hidden gem and an unexpected variable, therefore I wouldn’t allow you to come and remain with me during this time.”

After listening to Jane, although she knew it was a compliment, she laughed more bitterly and helplessly.

Yu Xuening, who had been listening, was in a daze. She didn’t know much about the concept of science, and she wondered, “What are you talking about, why is this beautiful girl a variable?”

Meng Xiaoyao turned back and said, “Little Xue, this little girl is not simple. If Yang Chen, with his understanding and personality, will become the key to affecting the fate of this human catastrophe… Then, this little girl is someone who can rely on her brain to affect the outcome of this catastrophe. I have no choice but to separate her from Yang Chen, otherwise, with her a.s.sistance, maybe it won’t be able to stimulate Yang Chen’s true limit.”

Yu Xuening froze, looking up and down at Jane, and didn’t seem to believe it.

Jane also looked at Yu Xuening curiously. Like what they said, beauties always pay special attention to each other.

“You’re kidding, right? Although this little girl looks good, her cultivation is barely approaching the Tribulation Pa.s.sing Stage. Hmm… Her comprehension and root bones are excellent indeed, but there is still a gap with Yang Chen’s frantic qualifications. You must know that if the kid is working hard now, it will not be a problem to double his strength. How can this little girl… become the key?”

When Jane heard this, she asked excitedly, “What? Senior…you… Do you know Yang Chen? Has he come back? Where is he now?!”

Yu Xuening thought for a while, remembering that Yang Chen seemed to be looking for a woman, and couldn’t help giggling, “It turned out to be you… You are that kid’s confidante who was kidnapped and taken away? Hehe, don’t worry, he’s all right. It’s just that he’s kinda unhappy that he can’t find you I suppose.”

Jane breathed a sigh of relief, she looked a little anxious yet helpless at the same time.

“Don’t worry too much, Yang Chen already knows that you are safe and sound, he has more important things now, and he needs to make a choice. When everything is settled, I will naturally let you out,” Meng Xiaoyao comforted her.

Jane nodded, but her concerns were clearly unabated. She got increasingly concerned about Yang Chen’s fate as she gradually realized the truth of everything, because… this cannot be solved rationally.

Yu Xuening also showed a trace of excitement, she didn’t plan to go out and will stay in this place and wait for the result.

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