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Chapter 2475 The 1st Returns!

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Chapter 2475 The 1st Returns!

There was nowhere to run for Quinn. Everywhere he turned his head, there were those that were blocking his way. The entire room had been filled, in this almost infinite s.p.a.ce for him. What was worse was the fact that not a single one of them had yet to make a move.

It was putting an immense amount of pressure on him as he looked at all of their faces. 

'What do I do, should I just pick a direction and run, to get this over with?' Quinn thought. 'But what will happen if I end up running into two people at once. Can that even happen? Maybe I should try and focus on those that are weaker than me?' 

In the middle of his thoughts, someone had struck out, firing a blood aura attack. Quinn was able to avoid it, but when he did, there was a Dalki right in front of him with a fist. His face was pounded, causing his body to be lifted up from the ground. 

'Arghhh! That freaking hurt, and now my head as well!'

The pain from the physical attack weighed on Quinn, just like when Bryce had used his blade. He wasn't bleeding in any way but it felt like it was actually going through his body. Then at the same time, the memories of the Dalki's death and its emotions were being portrayed. 

'It's a good thing the Dalki are simple minded, they quite enjoy a warrior's death, so that wasn't too bad.' 

Opening his eyes, he could see another vampire with its hands b.l.o.o.d.y. It was one of the first vampire knights that Quinn had killed when he had entered the settlement, someone's name that he couldn't even remember. 

"Feel my pain!" The vampire shouted with a b.l.o.o.d.y claw. 

The two were mid-air and Quinn was dropping to the ground, but if he was going to get hit, and go through this, then at least he was going to do it on his terms. Spinning his body, a kick landed right on the face of the vampire. 

It felt solid, unexpected since he thought there was a chance his foot would go right through the other person. They were sent flying in the distance and while mid-air, their body started to disappear. 

Once again, as Quinn had made contact, the emotions consumed him along with the pain. 

'My chest, everything in my body hurts… and all of this anger!' 

It was an extreme struggle and it hadn't ended there. A large hit in the back, infused with the power of Qi, from a member who used to be part of Pure, caused Quinn to open his mouth wide. 

Another Dalki was in front of Quinn delivering a punch. Each attack was painful but the emotional damage was more draining. It was making it difficult for him to even move. Those in the mist had surrounded him and continued to attack Quinn while he could do nothing. 

They had smiles on their faces as they hit him causing him pain. Some had hit him so much that their bodies were already disappearing, having already given all the pain they had felt in their final moments. 

"Stop!" Quinn managed to shout out… "Make it stop… my head." 

The physical pain Quin could take. He had been through a lot, it was his mind. As multiple people touched and hit him, he was experiencing more than one person's regret at the same time. 

This was causing his own mind to be confused as to how it was to feel. In one's death, their emotions were on the extreme end of the spectrum. His brain felt like it was splitting apart, not just in one or two directions, but in multiple ones. 

Tears were falling down his face, while he started to bite his lip and dig into his own hands with his nails. 

"It's too much… it hurts… it really hurts." 

Quinn wasn't so sure, but it almost felt like he could feel his body reacting, his heart beating rapidly, and then it slowing down. As he was going through everything. Eventually, he had no idea how much time had even pa.s.sed. 

How many people had disappeared because when he looked around it looked like he had the same amount that he needed to go through. The queue wasn't getting any shorter. 

He didn't realise that he wasn't imagining things at all. On the outside, Pultra could see his body reacting. It hadn't done so during this whole time but now on the makes.h.i.+ft table, it was moving about shaking. 

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"What's happening to him?" Anon asked. 

"There's more… can I even take this anymore?' Quinn thought as he stared at the ground. 

"Look up Quinn, and fight this thing straight ahead." A voice said. 

Quinn started to look in front of him, it was the most figures from before. They had formed into people, several people, but why were they standing away from him then?

"You don't have to do this alone… we are sorry we are late, and we will take the pain, on your behalf." 

The long black hair that was flowing, the confident voice that was speaking. The man stood in front of Quinn stretched out his hands, and shadow started to form around it.

"Arthur!" Quinn shouted out. 

Arthur Pendragon, the first vampire punisher, had appeared and he wasn't alone.


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