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Chapter 1194 Another war

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Chapter 1194 Another war

Every time the giant Cursed s.h.i.+p would be hit by the beast lasers, different parts of the s.h.i.+p would rumble slightly. However, Logan was doing a great job blocking the attacks.

Although the Cursed faction had plenty of crystals on board for situations such as this one, they never wanted nor expected to get into a battle where it would be down to who had more crystals on board. Without knowing the enemy that was a bad road to go down.

At the moment, using his ability and his eyesight, Logan was concentrating immensely to use the absolute minimum amount of crystals possible. Each time an attack was about to hit a certain part, he would be sure just to activate the s.h.i.+eld in that area.

"Why is a non-Dalki s.h.i.+p attacking us?!" Megan screamed looking for an answer but Sam had no clue what was going on, and from the looks of it neither did most of the others in the command centre.

"No, they're here, now!" Sil said, almost pulling out of his hair.

"Snap out of it kid, you knew this day would come!" Raten shouted.

"It's the Blade family!" Vorden eventually explained to the others. "I've seen that s.h.i.+p before, back on the island it belongs to Hilston!"

A day that a lot of them had expected to come at some point, they all knew the reasons for why they had come. It was, either to exact revenge against Quinn and Arthur, or to get Sil back. The only thing was, Quinn wasn't here to help them this time.

"The Blades, why now of all times?!" Sam banged his fist on the table. "Is he really that selfish? The whole world is in a crisis and they are still thinking about their own agenda. Is Hilston really that arrogant that he thinks there is no one in the world that can stop him even after being defeated!"

What was more worrying were the little battles.h.i.+ps that were heading their way. After Quinn's last visit to their island, most of their personnel should have been dealt with, so just who were the ones currently piloting those s.h.i.+ps?

'As long as he isn't dealt with, we won't be able to send support to the other groups. I have to inform them immediately about what's going on with the Curse s.h.i.+p right now.' Quickly, Sam recorded a voice message that was sent out to both Owen, and Sach.

"Urgent report, the Cursed faction s.h.i.+p is currently facing its own trouble. Hilston Blade is attacking us. I repeat, Hilston Blade is attacking us!" Sam shouted down the receiver.

It was enough for the others to fully understand how dangerous the situation the Cursed faction was facing and after Sach and Owen had received the message, they worried that maybe the Cursed faction would soon be the one needing the help.

When sending the message out, there was one more person Sam hesitated to ask for help, and that was Quinn.

'If I ask him to come here, and help us. Would he abandon all of those on the Cursed planets to fight against Hilston. If I do that, then there is a good chance that many lives will be lost. The other question is whether we can even deal with Hilston on our own...but I'm not the Cursed leader. Is it selfish of me to make this decision on my own?' Sam hesitated at the moment.

By now, everyone had already left the room, apart from Logan who was controlling the main s.h.i.+p. Because they knew they had a tough battle ahead of them.


Inside the s.h.i.+p, Bonny and Void were busy conducting their interviews with those in the Cursed. Specifically ones that had recently been out on missions. As they wanted to know what their experience was when dealing with those from other factions.

The red alert had been signalled but the reporters were unaware of what the emergency call exactly was, but news spread fast and soon the worries on everyone's faces could be seen.

'A full out war, and they're attacking all three groups at once. I guess since the Cursed s.h.i.+p is constantly in orbit and doesn't have a home planet it settles on, it could technically decide to help any of the groups. Although the most likely choice is to help out their own people.' Bonny thought.

At the moment, she wished she was at one of the other planets, and at the same time didn't. Perhaps it was a sign telling her that she should avoid such a confrontation if she wanted to live.

Instead, all she could do was continue interviewing people and ask them what they thought of the situation, although they were unsurprisingly far less willing to waste any time right now.

"Void, go live." Bonny told her a.s.sociate.

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"We won't be able to edit anything out in that case." Void cautioned her, yet Bonny didn't care and pressed the b.u.t.ton to go live herself. As a professional her cameraman shut up and continued to roll.

[Alert, this is a message from the Cursed faction Vice leader. We are currently being attacked by a group of people from the Blade family. They are intruders, with powerful abilities and are a threat!]

Hearing this, those from the Cursed stepped back and drew their weapons. However, it was hard for a lot of them to attack someone, when they hadn't been attacked yet, but that soon changed, as the person lifted his hand, to reveal the floating daggers on each side.

Then tapping all of them, they started to shoot off like a bullet, straight at all of the members around them.

'The Cursed faction are being attacked by the Blades!.' Bonny thought trying to make sense of it all, and the tone coming from Sam didn't make it sound exactly safe either. 'I'm starting to think that maybe trouble comes wherever we are.'

"Freedom…I will earn my freedom!" The man cried out like a maniac, as he ran towards one of the Cursed members that had fallen from his initial attack. Lifting the Cursed member's sword, he intended to use his powers to increase the velocity of any item. He soon tapped the back of the sword and saw it spinning off again towards the reporter and the others.

Before it could reach, a shadow raised up in front of them, and when it fell to the ground, the sword had been grabbed by someone. The next second, he started to infuse the sword with Qi, and quickly threw it back, stabbing the invader directly in the chest, causing him to fall to the floor.

"Don't show the intruders any mercy!" Nate shouted. "You've seen it, they're here to kill us all!"

Behind him, were fifty well trained members of the Cursed faction all adapted to Qi training.

"Void, are you getting all of this? We need to keep filming. The situation is getting hectic!" Bonny shouted, as the two of them ran for cover, trying to find a safer place to film from. Zooming in with his camera, that's when Void could see a strange deceive that had been dropped by the s.h.i.+p. However he soon recognised it, and a few seconds later, it had created a portal, activating on the spot.

Seconds later, and multiple strong ability users could be seen storming into the Cursed s.h.i.+p, all eager to regain their freedom.


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