My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Helan Yang Yang - 贺兰央央

Chapter 1650 - Explanation to Fu Hanzheng

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Chapter 1650: Explanation to Fu Hanzheng

She finished the conversation with Fu Hanzheng, checked the time and said, “It is late, let’s get ready to go and continue on our journey.”

“What about Fu Hanzheng?” Yuan Meng asked worriedly.

Normally, she was not scared of Fu Hanzheng, but when something happened, she was indeed scared of the furious Fu Hanzheng.

He looked so cold and sharp as if he wanted to chop her up.

“I told him, alright?” Gu Weiwei said with a smile.

Relieved, Yuan Meng said instantly, “That is what I have been waiting to hear.”

Having said the words, she turned to Lei Ning and was about to leave in the car.

Gu Weiwei threw a look at Kuroda Keiko who was still sitting by the roadside and said, “I will explain to Fu Hanzheng. Please take Keiko to the hospital, I will go there later.”

She had planned to drive her to the hospital, but if she was going there, Fu Hanzheng would think that she was seriously injured.

So she had better go home and tell him everything, in case he took it out on Lei Ning.

“Got it, I will.” Yuan Meng nodded.

On the way back to the car, she did not feel sleepy at all, although she still had a headache because of the cold.

Gu Siting’s men might have failed the mission today, but he was definitely going to send more men.

She was not afraid of him, but she was worried that the two children would be hurt.

He might not do anything to her, but he would never show mercy to her and Fu Hanzheng’s children.

Two hours later, the motorcade entered the capital city and stopped by the roadside.

She threw an apologetic look at Ji Cheng who had been shaking all the way.

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“Ji Cheng, I am sorry that you got involved.”

“Keiko, Yuan Meng will take you to the hospital first. I will visit you tomorrow at noon.”

She had to go home now. If she did not stand in front of Fu Hanzheng in one piece, he would think that something had happened to her and take it out on others.

“Okay.” Kuroda Keiko stuck her head out of the window and asked with a smile, “But when will you let me meet your current boyfriend?”

She had turned down the idea of returning to the Gu Family and insisted on staying in Hua Land. She even gave birth to two children for that man.

She was very curious as to what kind of person he was that made her so devoted to him.

“When you get better, I will definitely bring you to meet him.” Gu Weiwei nodded with a smile.

Then she went into another car driven by the bodyguards of the Fu Family.

After she got into the car, she suddenly thought of something. She took out the mirror from her bag and checked her face, only to find that there was a patch of blood on her forehead.

In order to prevent Fu Hanzheng from making a fuss when she entered the car, she wiped herself clean with a wet napkin and brushed down her fringe.

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