My Father in Law is Lu Bu


Chapter 395

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The messenger that arrived immediately jumped off his horse. He never expected to lose control of his horse. He also never expected there to be so many people at the governor’s residence. Just as it was about to run over the common people, Zhang Fei rushed out and grabbed the horse’s saddle. As there were not enough time and s.p.a.ce to turn the horse around, Zhang Fei slammed the horse’s head onto the ground.

With a loud crash, the horse’s head was broken by Zhang Fei. The body also ruthlessly fell to the ground, scattering dust everywhere.

“What great strength!” The people present were impressed. It would take a lot of strength to force a running horse to the ground. While skill is also required, Zhang Fei’s strength played a huge role.

“Third General. Come back.”

While the surrounding people were impressed by Zhang Fei’s strength, there were even more of them that paid more attention to the messenger. The messenger was also unable to give his thanks to Zhang Fei. His words made everyone stunned. “Milord. Liu Mang’s Army have reached Xinye!”

“What? The Liu Mang’s Army has arrived at Xinye?” Everyone was shocked. It was too fast. It was only a few days ago when they found out that Liu Mang had left Shouchun. Yet, he had already reached Xinye. Only the swift and resolute could gain an advantage in war.

They were still talking about sending troops over to Xinye but Liu Mang have already reached Xinye.

“Where are they in Xinye?” The Kuai brothers calmly asked. Xinye was like a county. As it was large, it was possible that Liu Mang have only just arrived at the edge of Xinye.

“The Liu Mang’s Army is within the walls of Xinye!” The messengers reply caused the Kuai brothers to no longer stay calm. Was Xinye captured already? Even if the King of Shu was good at wars, it should not be this fast.

From shortest travel time from Xinye to Xiangyang would be about half a day. Meanwhile Kuai Yue was still discussing about Xinye with Liu Biao.

The messenger’s words had also caused the others to panic. Even if Xinye was at the borders of Jingzhou, it still had strong walls. How strong could Liu Mang be that he could capture Xinye within half a day? How long could Xiangyang last if Liu Mang fights his way here? The ones that offended Liu Mang turned pale. They would be the first to suffer when Liu Mang arrives.

Pang Tong was also shocked. Could Jingzhou’s troops be so useless that they lost Xinye in half a day? Personally, Pang Tong did not care whether Xinye was captured or not. He simply did not want Liu Mang to obtain the provisions inside Xinye. At the rate this is going, Liu Mang would be able to solve his crisis with provisions making thing more difficult in the future.

“Liu Jingzhou. There is no time to waste. You have lost Xinye but if provisions were sent to Milord along with General Huang Zu and his thirty thousand troops, recapturing Xinye would only be a matter of time.” Pang Tong urged Liu Biao to provide provisions. He wanted to stop Liu Mang or take away the provisions in Xinye.

“In that case, we will dispatch immediately!” Liu Biao also nodded. Earlier, Liu Biao was only doubtful but he was now certain that Liu Mang wants war.

“Eh?” Pang Tong and Liu Biao’s words confused the messenger. They still had Xinye but the messenger was not able to say it.

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Kuai Liang was the one that noticed this and inquired once more. After hearing the answer, his mood turned better and even laughed towards the sky. This affected Liu Biao and Pang Tong who were still nearby.

“Haha!” Kuai Liang laughed in anger but it looked as though he laughed in shame to the others.

“It is not that I have nothing to say. I simply felt it was a pity that Brother Guang Yu is not into writing stories! Right now, I can guarantee with my life that the King of Shu is not the one that killed Tang Yun!”

“The Fake King have already attacked the city and you still speak for him? You are truly ignoring us scholars in Jingzhou!”

“The King of Shu attacked us? When did we get attacked?”

“Hmph! We just received urgent news that Xinye has been captured. This King of Shu has wild ambitions!”

“What a joke. You dare to speak so brazenly despite missing the big picture! Have your teacher not teach you the meaning of truth?” Kuai Yue sneered. As the scholar was from the Lushan Academy, his teacher must be Pang Degong.

“We have not lost Xinye. The King of Shu also did not send his troops after us. Their objective is not us but Liu Bei!”

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