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Chapter 138 - Massacre of the Rebellious Nobles

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Chapter 138 - Ma.s.sacre of the Rebellious n.o.bles

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“I lost!!! I lost!!!!” Zhou Tai now collapsed to the ground in denial. His serpent spear is split into two, his hands are missing and his Achilles tendon was severed by Huang Zhong. A moment ago, he could still fight with his hands and serpent spear, but now, Zhou Tai's four appendages are no longer useful.

“Who, who the h.e.l.l are you!!!! At least tell me your name!!!!” Zhou Tai yelled still in disbelief.

In Sun Ce army, only Taishi Ci and Sun Ce can be compared with Zhou Tai. Once Zhou Tai has gone berserk, Taishi Ci and Sun Ce are not a match for him

Now, that same person was easily defeated by a veteran. Although when fighting Lu Lingqi and Huang Xu, Zhou Tai had already been exhausted; a loss is still loss. When fighting in the forest, n.o.body will give you any opportunity to even take a breath. Once you show your weakness, you are done for.

“My name is Huang Zhong, Huang Hansheng!!!” Huang Zhou said while putting aside his longbow and his gold curved dao, continuing to dress his wound.

It seems that his earlier decision was quite wrong, letting Zhou Tai get a clean blow him, he thought “Hmm, maybe I should not have been too confident earlier, his blows really are painful and are able to make me wounded like this!”.

“Huang Zhong, Huang Hansheng? Huang Zhong, Huang Hansheng?!” Zhou Tai just repeated Huang Zhong's name.

“Cough, cough!!!” Liu Mang's body had many dislocations, he is suffering from a big ache.

“Little lord!!!” Huang Zhong did not attended his son, but instead hurriedly went to help Liu Mang. Huang Zhong saw that although Huang Xu is injured, it was not a serious injury. Presently, the Urban Army's casualties is more than 200 men including those 100 troops who were sent earlier to the Administration Office. Those who survived are only less than 30 people and these 30 people also lost their battle prowess.

Luckily Huang Zhong arrived on time, if not Liu Mang may be among Urban Army's corpses.

“Old man Huang, thank you very much!!!” Liu Mang was struggling to sit, his face was pale. He was considered very lucky this time. His other brothers-in-arms either died or were severely wounded. Although his bone is also injured, it was not severe at all.

“Old man Huang. Speak now, say that I am not cursed!!!” Suddenly Liu Mang asked this strange question while looking at his comrade’s corpses.

“Eh? Little lord, what do you mean?!” Huang Zhong really did not understand why Liu Mang asked that question.

“You see, this morning they were all still standing; still living. They called me general, they call me little lord. But now, now!!!” Liu Mang's eyes cannot hold his tears. His comrades, brothers-in-arms, all 200 troops died like trash. Even those 30 troops who managed to survive, are severely wounded and will not live through the day.

“After Battle of Mt. Bagong, I thought after I practiced martial arts and become strong, I can change their fate, but now? Nothing has changed, nothing!!!! I AM A GARBAGE BEYOND ANY RECOGNITION!!!” Liu Mang exclaimed loudly while sobbing. He no longer care about his dislocated bones his wounds.

“General, we would never blame you!!!” An Urban Army soldier opened his mouth. His chest already broken; his intestines spreading on the floor. His complexion is pale holding down a lot of pain. He knew that he would never see another morning.

“General, let me tell you this! You brought dignity to us, only you recognized us as humans!!! It is you who made us understand that being a soldier is not just to fill ones belly!!! You created many brothers for me, you created many family members for me. You made each one of us valuable in your division!!! That alone makes us very happy!!!!” Said that man while suppressing his pain.

That man is an ex-supply troop from Battle of Mt. Bagong. Afterwards he was drafted into Urban Army. In the supply troops, he only knows that being a soldier is to fill ones belly with warm food in order to survive. But after being in the Urban Army, he realized that there is more being a soldier than just filling one's belly.

In the cold weapons era, casualties to an elite unit was divided into three parts. After suffering 30% casualties the elite unit must fight to the death. After suffering 40% - 50% casualties it can be considered a defeat. After suffering 60% casualties and beyond, it can be considered as the unit being annihilated. Those are the three cla.s.sifications of elite casualties in the cold weapon era.

Regarding Liu Mang's Urban Army, the current Urban Army really cannot be compared against other elite units in regards to battle efficiency. They definitely cannot be compared with Danyang soldiers, the Bing Province Heavy Cavalry, the Formation Breaker, of the Ferocious Cavalry.

Even The Urban Army cannot be compared with the n.o.ble's private soldiers if they fought one-on-one. Every single troops of those elite squad are very strong in wushu and was also led by a general who was very strong in wushu too, therefore their battle efficiencies are very strong. The Urban Army currently are only able to fight together, no one-on-one bouts.

However, regarding morale. The Urban Army is unmatched by any of these elites. Although in the battlefield, the commander was always ordering them to protect each other, but usually soldiers just goes in their own pace. Ignoring comrades who had been mortally wounded and only wanted to watch out for their brothers, fathers and sons.

But in the Urban Army, Liu Mang always emphasized the importance of being a team, they are family. A team are people who work together as one, back-to-back with their fellow brothers. So, when one member is in distressful situation, they will quickly move to help them. That is how a family should be, there is trust in the team; they were truly brothers-in-arms.

They would complete their task no matter what. They were even satisfied on laying down their life for their General and elder brother, Liu Mang; they became his weapons and his shields.

These 200 troops, even if they are dying, they will stay strong for Liu Mang. Earlier they had resolved to die in order to stop Zhou Tai. Even if their body was destroyed in the process, even if their body was split into two, they will endure the pain in order to help Liu Mang. This is the embodiment of their motto, “Together we live or die; Together we share riches and honor” that Liu Mang taught them, the spirit of his division.

“General, I am sorry that I cannot be with you again! I will go to netherworld with my other brothers!!!” His face already pale and his body convulsing painfully, but on his dying face there was a smile of satisfaction.

“General, what he said is right. We would never blame you! Please go on living, for us!!!” Another Urban Army solder responded to Liu Mang’s question.

His hand is holding a sword to his neck. He is unable to bear the pain, so he might as well kill himself to ease the pain. With that, another brother disappeared from this world.

Seeing his brothers following to commit suicide, Liu Mang exclaimed out loud


But they will not comply with Liu Mang’s order. They knew that they will not be able to live any longer. They just choose death in order to alleviate the pain, but all of them are smiling towards Liu Mang without any resentment, similar to Xu Cheng.

“General, farewell to you!!!” With those words of parting, all of them slashed their necks.

“NO, NO!!!!” Liu Mang struggled to stand up to stop them. But he cannot move because of his bones being dislocated, so after standing he just sat back down again.

“Old man Huang, go, stop them, stop them!!!”

“Little lord, let them go!!!”Huang Zhong refused to obey Liu Mang’s order. He also saw that these soldiers’ wounds are untreatable, so it is much better, for them to pa.s.s away quietly.

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There is no good in sparing those n.o.bles. He truly discovered that by sparing them, he only invited more trouble for himself. If it were not for these n.o.bles, would the rebellion have occurred until Wancheng city become ruined like this? Would the Administration Office become a place of ma.s.sacre?

If he had taken a few steps of precaution before!!! But now, since they dared to rebel, they must suffer the consequences.

“Hanyang, most of them are innocent!!!”Lu Lingqi who just heard Liu Mang’s order suddenly protested. The crime committed by the clan heads cannot be burdened with their wives and daughters. If only exterminating the n.o.ble’s clan heads, Lu Lingqi will not object to Liu Mang’s order. But now Liu Mang’s order was to slay them all of them including the private soldiers and servants! They probably didn’t even know that their own family members was a part of Wancheng city’s rebellion.

“Huh, innocent? Do you want to argue with me about innocence Ling’er? The gate defenders and those 200 Urban Army troops protecting you, they were innocent people caught in this war! Have you see Wancheng city clearly? Those commoners who got swept in this chaos, they are also innocent!!! You still wanted to argue with me about innocence? Those who take up the knife, must know the consequences when they die!!! Those Urban Army soldiers died, those gate defenders died, those commoners died. Yes, they died, but their family suffers because of their death!!!! Now, those n.o.bles are the ones who took their lives, KILL THEM ALL, SPARE NO ONE!!!!”

“Little lord, it is prudent to wait for Milord to come back!!!” Huang Zhong also warned Liu Mang. Although Liu Mang is Lu Bu’s son-in-law and Lu Bu’s army little lord, he is not Lu Bu’s son. Overstepping the lord’s authority is one of the heaviest sins in this day and age as they are still maintaining a feudal caste and can be considered as murdering the lord in order to get authority.

Usually in a warlord’s family, if the youngest child wanted to grasp authority then he must kill his father and brothers to obtain it. That is why in royalty, there is no brotherhood.

“I WILL BEAR ALL OF THE CONSEQUENCES!!!” Liu Mang also knew that rule, but he cannot make these soldiers and those commoners die in vain. He definitely cannot make them scream for revenge beneath h.e.l.l.

“YES SIR!!!!” The entire Wancheng city that had just calmed down, was again plunged into terror, but this time, it was in the n.o.ble’s mansions.

After Liu Mang dispensed his orders and asked Cheng Yu to put his mother-in-laws and his wives-to-be in his mansion, he got out from Administration Office.

Liu Kai, Liu Neng and with prisoners He Shuo and Lin Feng, were all there. Liu Kai and Liu Neng were really frightened by the way Liu Mang looked, so they kept their mouths shut and asked him for orders later.

He Shuo and Lin Feng who were tied up, suddenly kowtowed toward Liu Mang and said “Please Your Highness Prince of Shu, spare us and our family. We swore to leave this Wancheng city and never to return again!!!”

Liu Mang retorted coldly “Oh, leaving Wancheng city, so you can provoke others like Cao Cao to attack me, huh? Keep dreaming!!!”

He Shuo burst out “Liu Mang, Liu Hanyang, you are not afraid of sins? Are you not afraid that all of the n.o.bles will turn against you and your father-in-law?!”

Liu Mang took a glance at Liu Kai and Liu Neng and they nodded in turn. “Afraid? Did you really think that this nation only has the He clan and Lin clan as the n.o.ble’s spokesperson? I have the Liu clan who will tell the truth about this Wancheng city rebellion!!! They will serve as me and my Honorable father-in-law’s main supporters after all of you die!!!”

Lin Feng screamed because he did not see any other means to persuade the Prince of Shu to spare them “LIU MANG, LIU HANYANG. THINK ABOUT THE REPERCUSSIONS YOU WILL HAVE WHEN MILORD SUN CE ARRIVES IN WANCHING CITY!!! REMEMBER… PSSHT!!!!” Lin Feng had not yet finished his sentence when was stabbed by Liu Mang who said coldly “Your words mean nothing to me!!!!” and spat towards Lin Feng’s face in disbelief.

Soon enough, He Shuo joined Lin Feng in the underworld, he was beheaded by Liu Neng.

In Wancheng city, screams of helplessness still were heard inside the n.o.ble’s mansions. “Help!!!”, “SPARE US!!!”, “HAVE MERCY!!!!” However, no Urban Army soldiers paid heed to their plea, for they, themselves considered these n.o.bles, servants, and these n.o.ble private soldiers as a punching bag and sacrifice to their banners.

Blood flowed endlessly on the city streets, blood flowed until the moat looked like the crimson sea.

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