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Chapter 136 - Damned People Should Just Die! Huang Zhong Enters the Fray

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Chapter 136 - d.a.m.ned People Should Just Die! Huang Zhong Enters the Fray

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Poof, poof!!!” Huang Xu's arrows were able to penetrate Zhou Tai's armor. They were now stabbing Zhou Tai’s left chest and in addition, those follow-up arrows which did not pierce Zhou Tai's chest, are now falling down piercing other parts of his body. Zhou Tai looked like a human hedgehog

“SUCCESS!!!” Those arrows had pierced Zhou Tai's chest thoroughly. This can be considered as a sure kill strike.

Zhou Tai who should have drop dead instead lifted his head, his eyes did not become beast-like again, but instead showed a shred of humanity.

“Is it his last stand?!” Liu Mang knows when a person's heart has been pierced, he will not die at the scene. Not until blood stopped flowing would the victim then die. Some strong-minded person can last maybe around 7 minutes, but with that severe wound Zhou Tai should die soon.

But looking at Zhou Tai's appearance, it seems that Zhou Tai's wound is not too severe.

“Good, very good!!!” Zhou Tai smiled. He knew that he had gone berserk before. Now with that arrow lodged in his left chest, he returned to sanity but his strength unexpectedly did not recede a bit.

Zhou Tai removed all of the arrows violently and that caused all of his wounds to start bleeding profusely, but Zhou Tai did not care at all.

“How can that be?!” The shot went through his heart will definitely bleed profusely when pulling the arrow out but this is not the result that Huang Xu wanted. “This is impossible, impossible!!!” Huang Xu shook his head and started shooting again.

“Psh, psh!!!” Those arrows again entered the left chest cavity, but Zhou Tai did not respond at all, he just pulled out the arrows casually.

“Do all of you want to know why I am not dead yet?!” Zhou Tai sneered. He looks at all the people present. During his berserk moment, all of the annoying insects had been killed. Good, the only remaining people are only a few. Zhou Tai thought

“Let me tell you clearly then!!!” Zhou Tai then removed his armor, revealing healthy muscles, but when people saw his skin, they held their breaths and trembled.

This man was the devil incarnate. On his body there were many scars, so many that there was not a single inch where a scar was not visible. Old scars mixed with the new scars caused by Lu Lingqi, the Urban Army and Huang Xu.

These kind of scars are even too many for people who often went to battle.

Even Lu Bu did not have this many scars.

Since childhood, when Zhou Tai was thrown away by his parents, he was raised by giant a cheetah. He was in nature’s territory then. Survival of the fittest was the only law.

The strong is fed and the weak became food. At that time, Zhou Tai not only needed to seize food with other cheetahs, but he also needed to fight humans and was scarred from many narrow escapes.

TL: Acinonyx pardinensis or Chinese Panther, big like lion

Because Zhou Tai always went around near human villages, he gradually understood human language. At 15 years old he went out of the forest to return to the human world. At that time Jiangdong was in big chaos.

There was the Yellow Turban Rebellion remnants fighting, there was also war between tribes at the mountain and also n.o.bles who squeezed commoners. Zhou Tai was really confused, he just got out from the forest, yet the fierceness was just the same.

Then Zhou Tai become an outlaw. During his outlaw days, he met Jiang Qin. Jiang Qin treated him like a person, like a brother, so Zhou Tai was always together with Jiang Qin and even became pirates together.

Although Zhou Tai is strong, he did not have skills in wushu, so he could only use his overwhelming strength to gain victory. But when he met an expert, Zhou Tai realized that brute strength was not enough to overwhelm a person, so he always wanted to learn wushu.

When Zhou Tai and Jiang Qin joined Yuan Shu's army, Sun Ce took a liking to Zhou Tai. When Sun Ce traded his Imperial Seal with 3,000 troops, he asked Zhou Tai to follow him to glory. Zhou Tai complied without hesitation.

So Zhou Tai had been dishing out merit since that day until today when Jiangdong was pacified under Sun Ce. He had become a famous general since the very start of his career. Although his wushu skills were still lacking, Zhou Tai can just use his berserk state to bring glory. So even though he was punctured by at least 10 arrows, he still can stand strong and fight. He had fought at least 10,000 battles, resulting in the Zhou Tai now.

Zhou Tai who had experience from 10,000 battles has developed his own skill in wushu, while also giving him scars. If Lu Bu is the G.o.d-of-war then Zhou Tai is an evil spirit. The more pain he is in, the stronger he gets, that is the way of an evil spirit.

He will be able to make enemies terrified just by doing that. Even if he is slashed, shot, or hurt, he will not flinch at all.

Although Lu Bu during his servitude toward Ding Yuan was no more than a beast man, because Lu Bu was very strong, he is also very arrogant. It was very hard for human society to accommodate him, only in the presence of beasts can his behavior be accepted.

Moreover when he became the White Wolf G.o.d, he had a very small concern for human life. He cut them down like weed. This is how an expert was born from wilderness.

Zhou Tai then said to Huang Xu “I have two hearts. If I had only one, I would have drop dead immediately. But unfortunately, I still have one more. Although I am now severely wounded, I will take you with me!!!” Zhou Tai then insulted Huang Xu

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“Did your master did not tell you how to identify man with two hearts? Clearly the one who taught you is garbage like you!!!”

“However, you will die here!!!” Zhou Tai pulled out all of arrows from his body.

Zhou Tai started moving again toward Huang Xu, he is a beast of war, he did not care whether he survived this battle or not. All that he knows is that he must complete his mission and kill his opponents.

“WATCH OUT!!!” Liu Mang moved forward to block Zhou Tai.

“I WILL DEAL WITH YOU LATER, f.u.c.k OFF!!!!” Zhou Tai deflected the shield with his fist. Liu Mang and his great shield was sent flying because of the momentum. When he hit the ground, he vomited blood.

Seeing Liu Mang injured, three ladies simultaneously screamed “HUSBAND!!!” After calling that, the three of them saw each other with hostile intention.

The first scream belonged to Lu Lingqi. She is truly worried. Even though she was shy, she has accepted Liu Mang wholly because of Liu Mang's bridal carry earlier. When she heard the two ladies also calling him HUSBAND, anger welled in her heart.

The second scream belonged to Yuan Fang. That is acceptable, because she also had been betrothed to Liu Mang as a sister wife.

But that third scream, was He Yu’s voice, what is the connection between her and him? Lu Lingqi and Yuan Fang had both been betrothed to Liu Mang, so naturally they can call him husband, but He Yu did not have any connection at all, why did she scream like that?

Little did Lu Lingqi and Yuan Fang know, she was secretly ahead of them when it came to the battle of love! Liu Mang had rescued her from a tiger and also deflowered her in Wancheng City. Those particular events had blossomed seeds of love inside their hearts.

“Nice of you to be loved, eh Prince of Shu. What a pity, you are doomed to die here. At least you can go to h.e.l.l together with your wives!!!” Zhou Tai said to Liu Mang while preparing to choke slam Huang Xu.

Huang Xu no longer had any strength to resist Zhou Tai so he just coughed blood repeatedly. His pneumonia is acting up again.

“Such a young age, but already a master archer. If I let you alive, you will be a bane to our Sun Ce’s banner. Let me send you to h.e.l.l now!!!” Zhou Tai said while raising Huang Xu higher to slam him. If the choke slam connected, Huang Xu will be dead in only one slam.

“THE ONE WHO WILL BE IN h.e.l.l TODAY IS YOU!!!” Suddenly a voice full of anger bellowed from the West Wing gate.

That man was wearing yellow armor with a longbow. In his voice, there was anger, pain and murderous killing intent. The murderous aura in the West Wing which had calmed down, suddenly rose again.

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