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Chapter 130 - Drastic Changes; Wancheng City's Administration Office is in Danger

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Chapter 130 - Drastic Changes; Wancheng City's Administration Office is in Danger

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

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Listening to Liu Neng's words, Zhou Cheng was very silent. What Sun Ce did is indeed too much. During Lu Kang's reign in Wancheng city, the Lu clan was very respectful toward the Liu clan. They even married Lu Kang's daughter to Liu Kai.

After that, Yuan Shu occupied Wancheng city. Yuan Shu is the third brother of the Yuan Family's fourth generation, naturally they knew about the Liu clan's influence, so he left them alone.

When Yuan Shu was defeated, Liu Xun came to Wancheng city. Liu Xun is one of the Han Dynasty clansmen and relative, so he naturally treated the Liu clan well. Only when it was Sun Ce's time did the situation changed.

Even though the Liu clan was once one of emperor’s royal courtier, the Liu clan was already prepared for their decadence in n.o.ble status and even wanted to hand over their status as Wancheng city's oldest n.o.ble. But the Chen clan, He clan and Yu clan were truly impatient, they wanted for Liu clan to drop their status.

All of them, performed many things to embarra.s.s the Liu clan when Liu clan invited their guests. From boorish table manners, to bad-mouthing the Liu clan, making the Liu clan truly embarra.s.sed. The He clan and Yu clan were originally Wancheng city's local n.o.bles but the Chen clan, were immigrants from Guangling.

Originally they are just a small clan from Guangling but when Chen Duan tied their knot to Sun Ce's war chariot as their advisors, their status suddenly rose up and they began leeching from the Liu clan's power and influence until they became one of Wancheng city's main n.o.bles.

Because of the He clan, Yu clan and Chen clan’s treatment of them, the Liu clan had truly become fed up and disheartened. They had already prepared themselves to become low level n.o.bles. At worst, they will also give up their status as n.o.bles and become commoners. As long as they can preserve their surname, it is enough for them. But when Lu Bu’s army took over Wancheng city, suddenly there a ray of hope for them. Lu Bu’s army came with a Liu clansman. That is the Prince of Shu, and this Prince of Shu truly gave the Liu clan big hopes.

Liu Mang is Lu Bu's son-in-law, in other words, he is Lu Bu’s army's little lord and his future successor, along with that the Prince of Shu is one of the Han Dynasty clansmen. He definitely will not treat us bad, because the Liu clan and His Highness Prince of Shu share one ancestor which is Liu Bang.

The Liu clan also determined to make the Zhou clan as a tribute to the Prince of Shu in order for him to accept them. So this Zhou Cheng, is one of the first tributes to him.

“Ha-ha-ha!!!” Zhou Cheng's legs lost his strength and froze up on his warhorse, his eyes lost its initial l.u.s.ter. Zhou Cheng has acknowledged that he had lost. His Black Flag had surrendered and his escape route had been cut off, the last path for him is death.

“Tie up our Mr. Zhou Cheng!!!” Liu Neng actually did not need to say, because two of the Urban Army soldiers already pulled down Zhou Cheng from his warhorse and tied his hands.

“Zhou Cheng, is he Zhou Yi's son?!” Liu Mang had also caught up. The Black Flag has surrendered themselves. Their heavy armor had been removed and their weapons confiscated.

They are waiting for Liu Mang to punish them. Liu Mang hit his warhorse to get closer. After that, he got down from warhorse for closer observation. This young man is really resembled Zhou Yi of Shucheng County, the one who prepared hot food for them when they just arrived in Lujiang.

This Zhou clan is Shucheng County's oldest n.o.ble and can be compared with the Liu clan as Wancheng city’s oldest n.o.ble.

Shucheng County dispatched these three thousand troops in addition to the Zhou clan's private soldiers in order to capture Jiashi County, as well intimidating s.h.i.ting County and Wuwei Village.

The Zhou clan had this much power and influence truly showing that their status is not small. No wonder in the history books, there is a footnote denoting that the Han Dynasty’s decadence was caused by these n.o.bles are gathering their powers by themselves. If one of them revolted, n.o.body can hold their tide.

“HUMPH!!! ARE YOU REALLY SATISFIED BY CAPTURING ME?! EVEN IF WANCHENG CITY FEL INTO YOUR HANDs AGAIN, MY ZHOU CLAN HAS NOT YET BEEN EXTINGUISHED! My father has reoccupied Shucheng County and Jiashi County and now is fighting with Lu Bu in s.h.i.ting County and Wuwei Village. As long as we can persevere, when General Sun Ce arrives with his 100,000 troops. Your Lu Bu army will perish!!!” Zhou Cheng roared.

“Still fighting?!” Liu Mang shook his head. “That information you have is not up-to-date!!!”

“Let me tell you the most updated information. My Honorable Father-in-law has already destroyed the Zhou clan's army in Wuwei. s.h.i.ting County has also returned in our hands. As for Jiashi County, your Zhou clan cannot do anything, because they were decimated by the Liu clan!!!”

Jiashi County. Although the place is very strategic, that place is only a small county. Inside the city, there are two n.o.ble clans who had very good relationship with the Liu clan. Liu Kai, in order to build trust with Liu Mang, contacted those n.o.bles to destroy the Zhou clan army and now in Jiashi County, the Zhou clan's city banner was changed into the black banner of Lu Bu’s army

“So, your father should be cornered in Shucheng County now!” Liu Mang sneered toward Zhou Cheng.


“Heh, perfect?! Does perfect also means that you are defeated and have turned into a captive in Wancheng city?!”

Thinking about the Zhou clan's scheme, Liu Mang also shivered with fear because if the Liu clan did not help Lu Bu’s army, perhaps Wancheng city, Shucheng County and Jiashi County will lose because of the Zhou clan's a.s.sault.

With the Zhou clan deploying troops in Wuwei Village, they needed only to persevere until Sun Ce landed on Wancheng city. With an attack from all sides, Lu Bu’s army will be besieged from all direction and this Lujiang will be the second Xiapi.

Even without Sun Ce’s army besieging them, as long as Wancheng city was overtaken by Zhou clan, Lu Bu’s army will just need to wait until they starved to death, because Lu Bu’s army supply, grain and provisions are stored in Wancheng city.

That hypothetical scenario was now suffered by the Zhou clan. Their plan is crumbling like a house of cards. With their victory, it is impossible for Lu Bu to let the Zhou clan go.

Currently he is looking for every single Zhou clan member cutting them down, one by one. Zhou Yi's grain and provisions were already depleted. With Liu clan allying with Lu Bu’s army, it can be said that Lu Bu’s army got the justification in ma.s.sacring these n.o.bles.

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The Liu clan is Wancheng city's oldest n.o.ble. They can be the representative for all the n.o.bles. The Liu clan will just tell the truth behind the ma.s.sacre. Lu Bu only wanted to kill those n.o.bles who were against him and he definitely did not want to be an enemy for those who stood beside him.

Zhou Cheng then confessed the truth, when the Zhou clan was still planning to recapture Wancheng city, Sun Ce had send troops into the Zhou clan's mansion. Zhou Cheng was responsible for recapturing Wancheng city.

If Wancheng city cannot be recaptured, at least Sun Ce will gain something. So Zhou Cheng made a big enough noise for Lu Bu’s army to move. The leader that Sun Ce sent this time, was a person whose strength had reached supercla.s.s but still did not have enough experience to become a leader, so that is why he was still low cla.s.s general.

Sun Ce will not a.s.sign n.o.ble's soldiers for they are not elite and only rabble soldiers. The leader was sent by Sun Ce personally to kill Lu Bu's family in Wancheng city.

Lu Bu’s army has captured Wancheng city, killed Sun Ce's wife Da Qiao. So Sun Ce wanted blood for blood.

“d.a.m.n, THAT IS A FIRST-CLa.s.s GENERAL!” Liu Mang's complexion changed. A supercla.s.s general was sent only to kill Lu Bu's family. A person like can be considered a first-cla.s.s general and can command tens of thousands troops, just like Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun.

According to Zhou Cheng's words, this general is a low cla.s.s general. That news is enough to make Liu Mang startled. If his Honorable Mother-in-laws run into these people, there will be at least wounds. If that happens, how can Liu Mang have face to meet Lu Bu again?

“Cheng Yu, you clean up the West Gate. Brother Ziji, you take these Black Flags into prison. Let the cavalry squadron come with me!” Liu Mang has redirected his horse toward the Administration Office.


Zhou Cheng was spouting threatening words. He knew if he was captured by Liu Mang it would not be a good ending. Maybe, he will also be taken away to threaten his father in Shucheng County for him surrender to Lu Bu’s army.

He suddenly broke away from his binds, shoved aside a soldier who was with him and quickly wanted to take a warhorse. But that warhorse was frightened, so it raised its hind leg to kick Zhou Cheng's chest as hard as it can.

Zhou Cheng falls down to the ground. He held down his chest, blood flows from his mouth.

His ribs were broken and pierced his lungs, he will not survive any longer.

Standing in front of death’s door, Zhou Cheng repeated his last sentence


With those words, Zhou Cheng died, closing his eye forever, but on his face there was mocking smile toward Liu Mang.

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