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Chapter 112 - The Extermination of Three Generations

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Chapter 112 – The Extermination of Three Generations

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

More and more stewards and servants from n.o.ble families appeared in the Administration Office, each of them who heard the news gave Lu Bu, who sat at the seat of honor, an angry stare.

“What happened? What happened?!” The head of Wu clan is feeling very strange.

“Master, master!!!” Finally servant of Wu clan also appeared.

“Ah Fu, why did you come here?!” The head of Wu clan quickly inquired and in his heart there is an unknown surge of panic.

“Master, not good, not good. All of our grain and provisions in our storage and shops, all are gone!!!” The servant called Ah Fu, huffing and puffing, said those words slowly.

“How can that be?!” The head of Wu clan now truly anxious. These grain and provisions are his lifeblood. In war times, grain and provisions become as valuable as gold. Therefore many n.o.ble families changed their currency from gold into grains and provisions. If their grain and provisions are gone, the head of Wu clan will have nothing left.

“Did it catch on fire or destroyed by earthquake?!” The head of Wu clan thought of all the worst possible outcome.

“No, no, neither of that!!!” Ah Fu shook his head.

“Then spit it out now!!!!” The head of Wu clan is truly anxious, he grabbed Ah Fu’s shoulders as hard as he can.

“Cough, cough!!!” Ah Fu removed his master’s hands with great difficulty. Ah Fu then said their grain storage and shops were emptied by government troops, they said that this grain and provisions are drafted for upcoming battles. That event happened in the evening, after all of n.o.ble clan heads went into Administration Office. One by one government troops arrived at the grain shop and their houses, forcing them to open the front door.

When they wanted to reject, suddenly the commander pulled out his sword. Under the cold radiance of the sword, those servants become really scared and opened the door. After that, government troops quickly moved out all grain carts from grain shop.

“Emptied?!” The head of Wu clan’s leg suddenly lose its strength and dropped on the ground “Everything gone?!” This head of Wu clan’s is held by Ah Fu and still hoping that news from Ah Fu’s mouth is a false news and only joking with him.

But how disappointed he is because the news is true “Forgive me, master. All the grain is gone!!!” Ah Fu nodded.

The head of Wu clan has grasped the main focus. This Wancheng city has been conquered by Lu Bu. Ah Fu said that government troops are the one who came to his shop. That government troops must be Lu Bu’s army, it cannot be any other army.

“General Lu!!!” The head of Wu clan naturally will look for Lu Bu, but another person already took the lead to find Lu Bu and already shouting at him.


Chen Yao’s anger is erupting. The troops who were sent to his stores and his storage had completely cleaned out his grain and provisions. And also, several of his servants became victims, killed by Lu Bu’s army and also his grain storage was burnt down.

Chen Yao thought that Lu Bu is just bluffing against him, in order for him to reduce the grain price. But who knew, that Lu Bu hit his face directly.

“General Lu, by committing this act, what is the difference between you and a robber?!” Liu Kai has spoken. Liu Kai’s loss is the biggest here. All of his three grain storages in Wancheng city are all emptied and destroyed. It can be said that the Liu clan’s wealth suddenly shrunk from wealthy to almost dest.i.tute. How the Liu clan became this rich is because they acc.u.mulated it from generations to generations, who ever expected that this wealth is destroyed in only one night.

“General Lu, you must give us an explanation for your action!!!”

“Yes, even if you are the current master of Wancheng city, you cannot seize our grain and provisions by force. If you do not give us explanation now, none of us will leave this Administration Office!!!”

“Explanation, eh?!” Lu Bu looks at those n.o.ble families who just pointing and scolding him, his mouth forming a sneer. Chen Yao said that his grain storage and his stores are emptied and his servant also died and also his warehouse was burnt.

That Chen Yao needed to look into the mirror to see who is to blame for this incident. Heh, servant? That servant is his private soldier. That soldier can defy the law because he is employed by Chen clan. When government troops arrived he is seen abusing his colleague and when he saw Lu Bu’s army, suddenly he revealed his weapon. He was asking for death!

“So, all of you want explanation eh?!” Lu Bu step by step walked toward all of n.o.ble clan heads. Every step that he took, he radiated extreme coldness. This type of coldness is the type that wanted to eat humans. How could these pompous and haughty n.o.ble clan heads have encountered these feelings?

All of them subconsciously averted their eyes from Lu Bu.

“I will explain to you!!!” Lu Bu casually saying “Let us be straightforward now, when I wanted to discuss with all of you on borrowing grain and provisions, what did you say to me?! Master w.a.n.g, please speak first!”

Head of w.a.n.g clan wanted to retreat to the back but he was actually called first by Lu Bu.

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“General Lu, I....!!!” The head of w.a.n.g clan actually wanted Chen Yao to be the first interrogated by Lu Bu, but now with he is the first one, he actually had nothing to say and can only silent all the time.

“Oh, that thing eh? What you said earlier is yours and I am willing to compensate it. I go pick up that which does not belong to you!!!”

“You are a robber, a bandit!!!”

“Hahaha, I am a robber and a bandit, so what!!! You want to bite me eh?!” Lu Bu did not know when Liu Mang rubbed off him, changing his sneering att.i.tude and almost everything about him

“You, You, Lu Fengxian, do not bully me too far!!!” Chen Yao pointing at Lu Bu, scolding him

“I bullied you, how did I bullied you? Let me tell you this. You are a person who is shameless, even after a person had tried to give you respect!!! I wanted to borrow from you legally, but you did not want to do it, forcing me to do this!!! I know, all of you are thinking about Sun Ce and Jiangdong’s army. All of you are thinking that without grain and provisions, that this Lu Bu would be unable to defend Lujiang and when the time comes, I would be expelled!!! Yes, your ideas are very good! I also admit that currently Jiangdong army is much more formidable that my Lu Bu army! However you forgot one simple thing!!! This Wancheng city, is my, Lu Bu's domain. This Lu Bu is responsible for this city and the location where I call the shots, not yours!!!!”

“You d.a.m.ned slave of three surnames, patricide lover!!!” Chen Yao cursed Lu Bu directly.

“En?!” Lu Bu's eyes narrowed. This Chen Yao is the same as Chen Duan eh? A moralist a.s.shole. “Do you want to know how your cousin elder brother died?!”

Chen Yao was taken aback, he then said “After you killed my cousin elder brother, you also want to kill me? Come and kill me then. After you kill me, you can forget about how long you will reside in this city!!!”

“General Lu, please do not harm yourself!!!” Liu Kai opened his mouth quickly. He wanted to see Lu Bu and Chen Yao quarrel, but he never wanted for Lu Bu to kill Chen Yao.

“Are you thinking the same thing?!” Lu Bu asked at those n.o.ble clan heads

Both sides are looking at each other disdainfully.

Lu Bu laughed and said “Since all of you are thinking of not killing him, well then this Bu will first have to say sorry for not fulfilling your expectations!!!”

“You...!” Chen Yao already cannot speak “dare do this to me”. He finally knows how his cousin elder brother died. He finally knew why his cousin elder brother's corpse showed purple color due to asphyxiation as he is now experiencing it himself. Before long, Chen Yao stopped all movements.

Lu Bu just casually threw Chen Yao's corpse like throwing trash and said “Pa.s.s my military siege the Chen clan's Residence. Kill everyone, no one is to leave. Execute the Chen clan up to the third generation!”

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