My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

梓云溪 - Zi Yunxi

Chapter 2393 - 2393 Master Is Very Well!

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Chapter 2393 - 2393 Master Is Very Well!

2393 Master Is Very Well!

This truly was very depressing.

They had barely survived the terrifying black fire, yet they got hit by a beam that reached to the sky. They got obliterated and kicked the bucket just like that!

If one closely observed these ghost spirits just as they dissipated, they would be able to capture all sorts of emoticons and stickers.

*Bam!* Before Shen Jue and the others could see what had happened, they got knocked out the door.


The two door panels and the screen were thrust over to block the entrance one after another, obstructing everyone’s view.

After Fang Su, Eunuch Hu, and the others got chased out, they all looked at each other in dismay.

Mo Lian had booted everyone out the room the moment the beam shone from Qiao Mu’s body.

He was absolutely certain that those people had merely got blinded by the light and that they did not see was exactly was inside the little lady’s body.

Crown Prince Mo walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. He caressed the little fellow’s fair and tranquil face. He then looked toward her dantian.

There, he clearly saw a ball of white light suddenly appear and reduce all the ghost spirits into ashes.

When he a.s.sociated this with Qiaoqiao’s ghost spirit-dispelling const.i.tution in Mount Tai’s underground base, Mo Lian could practically ascertain that this ball of white light in her dantian had been protecting her body.

What was that? He stroked her abdomen but did not probe further.

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It was better for him to tell Qiaoqiao after she woke up so that she could investigate herself.

Mo Lian swept him a cold glance.

Qiuqiu hastily divulged everything that he should and shouldn’t have. “Master’s soul has left her body, but you can rest a.s.sured, Master is completely fine! Not only is she alright, her spiritual conscious is still growing, growing, growing, growing!”

Qiuqiu got more excited as he rambled, beaming with joy. “I, I got disconnected from her. She, uh, her spiritual conscious apparition ran off with her soul. B-But that doesn’t matter, Master she…”

“Get to the point!”

Qiuqiu swallowed his saliva. “The p-point, the point is that Master is fine, and is also doing well. She is on an extraordinary cultivation journey. Even though her physical body’s cultivation did not advance much, b-but her spiritual conscious is skyrocketing! I-If this continues, perhaps, her spiritual conscious will, will break through to the divine realm first!”

“Think about it!” Qiuqiu was ecstatic. He mused while tilting his head, “Which person has had their spiritual conscious apparition break through to the divine realm before their physical body does? Only our little masta!”

“Where is Qiaoqiao right now!!” Mo Lian couldn’t stand this talkative Qiuqiu anymore. He hadn’t gotten to the point all this time, so Mo Lian snapped.

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