My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

梓云溪 - Zi Yunxi

Chapter 1968

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Chapter 1968: Hugs

Precisely speaking, Qiaoqiao tugged the corners of her lips to reveal an expression that made her look like she wanted to cry but was struggling not to.

It was a novel feeling!

Qi Xuanxuan couldn’t resist asking, “Since Qiaoqiao calls them senior sisters, that means that she encountered people from her sect?”

She had thought that Qiaoqiao had met up with those people she was waiting for at the entrance to the Shuntian Prefecture. It turned out that wasn’t the case.

“Mhm, mhm. I didn’t expect the little stoic to actually have so many pretty senior sisters.” Dao Wuji chuckled as he rubbed his chin.

“Ha.” The little despot gave him a cold glare. “Looks like a certain someone is about to be finished!”

Dao Wuji reb.u.t.ted in exasperation, “How am I finished?”

“Think about it.” The Little Despot said softly, “Qiaoqiao views her senior sisters very highly. If she finds out that you intend to lay hands on them, what would she do to you?”

When Dao Wuji thought of the little fellow’s vicious methods and also saw his Boss send over a threatening look, he quickly shut up without daring to say anything else.

He was a tactful person, so he was still going to choose his life over women…

Meanwhile, Qiao Mu followed her senior sisters back to their inn.

Just as they closed the door, everybody couldn’t resist running over to look at Qiao Mu. They also patted her head in pa.s.sing.

“Little Junior Sister, have you been well these years on Sikong Planet?”

“You must have suffered a lot.”

“Look, she’s thinned down so much.”

Qiao Mu couldn’t even cut into their flurry of questions.

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On the side, Yu Gui couldn’t help but laugh. “With Crown Prince Mo with Little Junior Sister, I imagine that he wouldn’t let her suffer from grievances.”

Qiao Mu nodded.

Yu Gui could not help but glare at Fang Xu with with a smile. She grasped Qiao Mu’s pet.i.te hands and explained, “Ignore your senior sister. She’s just quick-tempered. You can’t just ditch your academy in the middle as one of their representatives. Besides, you can go cultivate in Blinsheet Island’s spiritual domain if you are victorious. Don’t let this rare opportunity slip by.”

Qiao Mu nodded again after some contemplation.

The sapling’s recovery hinged on whether she could go to the spiritual domain, so she indeed could not just give up easily.

“Our residence in Polan Prefecture is not going to run away, so we will definitely make a trip between the end of the compet.i.tion and the trip to Blinsheet Island.”


Everybody smiled at each other. Even though it had been years since they saw each other, they felt that the relations.h.i.+p between them was still that tight-knit.

Some words did not need to be said. It was all comprehended through each other’s gazes.

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