My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

梓云溪 - Zi Yunxi

Chapter 1960

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Chapter 1960: The Long Unseen…

Shenghua Battle Arena.

In the front rows where the key academies were seated.

Zhuang Meng pursed her lips and tugged on a corner of Xu Xinran’s clothes.

Xu Xinran turned around impatiently to look at her, and she saw Zhuang Meng gesture forward with her pursed lips.

Xu Xinran followed her gaze and saw Yu Gui, Jiang Qi, and the others sitting together. Even though they didn’t say anything, it was evident that they were in a rather good mood. They had an indistinct smile on their lips.

Especially Yu Gui, this girl, who normally had a stern expression all day. Her eyes also had a valiant air about them, which made her look somewhat unapproachable at a glance.

However, Yu Gui was a bit different from usual today.

“Humph.” Xu Xinran rolled her eyes and slowly turned her head back. She inquired of a servant who stuck close behind her, “Have you finished preparations?”

“Yes, my lady. Everything has been prepared according to your instructions.”

Xu Xinran nodded and revealed a sneer. She wanted to see what kind of… b.e.s.t.i.a.l wails a group of supercilious people would make in desperate straits.

At this time, G.o.dsend Academy’s middle-aged mentor slowly walked toward them with two other mentors.

“Everybody come get your spiritual-returning solution for the day.” One of the mentors said with furrowed brows, “Three bottles for Xu Xinran, two for Zhuang Meng, and one for everyone else.”

Yu Gui and company took their portions nonchalantly and returned to their seats. Not a single ripple could be seen in their expressions.

Don’t ask why Xu Xinran could get three bottles and Zhuang Meng two.

This kind of inequality was omnipresent. Ever since entering this G.o.dsend Academy, there was no lack of this kind of action.

If they were to nitpick over everything, they would soon infuriate themselves to death.

In this world, there was no longer a place like the Holy Water Sect that treated everybody equally.

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There was no such distinction as inner and outer sect disciples. Both the three peak masters’ personal disciples and normal disciples received basically the same cultivation resources.

These two days, the three mentors strictly forbid them from leaving the inn and strolling on the streets. Xu Xinran and Zhuang Meng had also been drifting in front of them all day like phantoms, preventing them from finding a chance to speak to Little Junior Sister.

When they ascended the stage later to compete, Little Junior Sister would definitely see them. Would Little Junior Sister misunderstand…

“Senior Sister, don’t think too much. First deal with what’s in front of us before anything else,” Jiang Qi advised in a low voice.


Yu Gui nodded, and she took a deep breath before stepping onto the stage with her five martial sisters.

Their opponents, who were already standing on stage, matched them in number. They were students from Shuntian Prefecture’s Moonlight Academy.

“Please instruct us, these senior sisters.” The other six people saluted them courteously.

Yu Gui’s group of six naturally returned the salute.

Subsequently, both parties drew their blades and triggered their spiritual energy.

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