Vampire's Slice Of Life


Chapter 730 The Real Celebrations*

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Chapter 730 The Real Celebrations*

On Lith's side there were no males other than him.

Only a select few of his ladies and maids were on this island while the rest had left as the main celebrations had been over.

Lucifer had put her three daughters in Mayzin's care and the butlers took Ren, Mu Mu, and Sky to Nightingale.

For this celebration, Hecate was given an invitation as well but she had apologized and mentioned that she wouldn't be able to come as there was extremely important work that she was discussing with the Queen Mother of Witches.

It was a pity but Lith knew there were a lot many opportunities to come so he wasn't really worried.

On his island, there were his wives and lovers along with the maids.

For Lith, the main celebration was going to happen now as they were all about to play much more fun games than before.

When everyone was on the island, Bella took the stage present on it and said cheerfully,

"Ladies and Your Highness! Now begins the real celebrations of His Highness' birthday!"

Lith was not in the know of the celebrations of the games as it was a surprise kept for him.

Lilith, Lucy, Lucifer, Arya, Luna, and Bella were the ones who had collaborated together to create a few fun games that Lith would enjoy a few days prior to this.

Bella got down from the stage and went towards Lith. She then said to him with a smile, "Your Highness, you must come with us to the waiting area until we prepare for the first game of today."

Lith smiled and wondered what game were they going to play here?

Wouldn't it be best to just f.u.c.k?

Whatever the case, Lith nodded and went with Bella to the waiting area, which was a hot spring where there were a few of his maids standing naked and holding various things in their hands such as towels, oils, and so on.

Bella went in front of Lith and started unb.u.t.toning his shirt. While doing so, she said with a smile, "Your Highness, everyone is a virgin here. Feel free to enjoy yourself a pre-game snack if you wish to."

Most of the maids had been called on this island back from home for this private birthday celebration.

Except for Luna and Qingyue, all the other maids were virgins as Lith hadn't plucked their flowers yet.

Lith didn't have plans to do so today either as he had lots and lots of rounds to do with his wives which would consume most of his energy.

He was really having the most authentic Vampire Royal experience which was a life of debauchery.

It was still in his control however, and Lith was well aware of the potential threats, his enemies, and everyone else that he would need to face later.

Right now though, it was his day to enjoy and let loose.

Lith smiled and grabbed Bella's big fairy peaches. He squeezed them and said, "You want me to fulfil my promise now, Bella?"

Lith hadn't forgotten the promise and asked.

Bella giggled and shook her head. "No, Your Highness. It's totally up to you. However… I'd love it if you could pluck my flower here rather than out in front of everybody. It's just a wish, His Highness must not take this seriously."

Lith chuckled hearing it and shook his head. If Bella wanted it to be in private, then so be it.

Bella took away all his clothes and he pulled her close in his embrace, kissing on her soft supple lips.

Lith put his hands under Bella's skirt and kneaded her plump cheeks. They were soft and he felt his hands melt in them.

He then made her jump on him and have her legs wrapped around his waist.

Lith went to the hot spring while holding Bella in such a manner and dipped inside, making all of her clothes wet and her nipples pointed out in arousal.

Lith broke the kiss and had a look at Bella's upper body drenched with water.

It looked s.e.xy and the nipples protruding out made Lith bite on them.

"Ahh~" Bella moaned in pleasure and wrapped her hands around Lith's neck.

As Lith played with her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, she turned to the naked maids at the side and asked them to start cleaning up Lith.

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The maids nodded and entered the water.

Lith's vampire instincts were asking him to bite her and drink her blood, but controlling himself, he smiled and said, "Nothing is wrong. I just felt that I should reward my cute maids."


The maids around Lith gasped in shock as they heard themselves being termed as 'cute' and then called 'my maids' in such a possessive manner by the Prince.

If these maids weren't high level immortals and trained properly, they would've pa.s.sed out by such high praises!

The maids looked at Lith with expectant eyes as they heard they were getting a reward.

Their expressions amused Lith and chuckling, he got out of the water.

Standing totally drenched, Lith said, "Bella, come pat me dry. And the rest, take care of this."

Lith's shaft bulged in front of the maids and amazed them.

With stars and hearts in their eyes, they immediately got to work and sucked on Lith's shaft to the best of their abilities.

They took turns to blow him and Lith didn't mind whatever they were doing.

Once he was dried up, he hugged Bella from the side and extending his fangs out, bit onto her neck.

Bella's body shivered from the pleasure that came from getting her blood sucked.

The lewd nectar flooded out as her arousal reached new highs and her eyes turned hazy while her breathing became erratic.

Lith could feel the heat from Bella and he knew she needed some urgent attention.

In the coming two minutes, Lith shot out his load on the faces of his maids and gave them a facial.

He then asked them to clean each other up which was a signal stating that they could taste his seeds.

The maids were ecstatic and immediately got to work while Lith left with Bella to a nearby cave, to give her the much needed attention.

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