Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort

Yi Shi Feng Liu - 一世风流

Chapter 1129

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Chapter 1129

Holding his chest in his hands and sitting on a high chair, Ryukyu looked at TOBI mu with no expression. If xuanyuanche is here, you can see the surprise in Ryukyu's cold face.

It's a big taboo of the strategists to change before the attack.

Even if a little general understands this truth, it is impossible for a big general like tobim not to understand it.

What does that mean?

Holding his chest in his hands, Ryukyu began to look at tobim.

Yesterday, I was still in favor of temptation. Today, I immediately changed my mind. Is that so reasonable?

If he suddenly fell into the roof overnight, and was enveloped and brainwashed by immortals, it is possible for him to have such a change of fortune and spiritual light.

But is it possible?

No way. Ryukyu doesn't know much about array tactics.

During this period of time, the brain is not very flexible, and it is a little abnormal covered by hatred and injury.

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However, if she still can't see the problem in such an obvious change, she won't have to discuss revenge.

At that time, she didn't care much because she didn't see any changes in tobim.

But now think about it.

Ouyang Yufei is not praising tobimu's carefulness and cleverness, but telling her that tobimu has problems and what he says and does is not quite the same as his mind and previous style of work.

Eyebrows, slightly sink.

Ryukyu gave tobim a deep glance.

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