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Chapter 3552 Of Course, I Did

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Chapter 3552 Of Course, I Did

"I had made a breakthrough," I replied, and the expressions of all three couldn't help, but change immediately.

"It is joking, right?" asked the Weaselman. "Of course, it is joking. The corrupted environment is extremely unsuited for the breakthrough,"

"Even we couldn't make the breakthrough in a place like this, much less this native," replied Deerman.

The Golden Fire Werewolf didn't say anything and just kept looking at me. 

They are not the only ones who are having a problem believing it. Even I couldn't believe I had actually succeeded. 

My breakthrough formation was really amazing. It had completely isolated me from the corruption; that not even a speck of it had entered inside me during the breakthrough.

"True or not; this b.a.s.t.a.r.d wasted our time, and we will take a great pleasure in killing it," said the Golden Fire Werewolf finally, and a powerful bloodline aura blasted off its body.

It attacked, with golden fire blazing across its sword. I didn't stay waiting either and attacked back the Werewolf, while the other two attacked me.

They are good, with their speed and attack faster and stronger than mine.

My lips curved seeing that, and halfway into my attack, I suddenly increased my speed.


The Golden Fire Werewolf reacted instantly, and our swords clashed and a moment later, both of the attacks came.

The Golden Fire Werewolf tried to hold me. Binding my spear with the golden fire with its sword, but my spear ripped through that binding and I retreated, avoiding the attack of both Grimms.

The Werewolf isn't someone who would let me go easily and follow me with another attack.

I defended and dodged the attack of the two.

It attacked again, and I defended, dodging attacks of two, who were trying different types of attack on me, but I had dodged them all.

Once again, it is coming at me, and this time, its aura flaring wildly. 

Burst 50%.

It had finally become serious, revealing the real power the Golden Fire Werewolves were famous for.


I defended the attack and the fire covering it, tried to come, but invisible fire blocked it. Whatever the bloodline energy had been absorbed into my armor.

It wouldn't have affected me much if I let the golden fire come at me, and I would have if it had been Grimm without a bloodline, but it had a bloodline.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have some nasty abilities and while I have confidence in my armor and abilities.

I rather, not take the risk.

It looked at me as I retreated and moved, appeared behind me at an extremely fast speed, and attacked. 

It is not only powerful but knows how to use it too. By coming behind me, it had not only blocked my way with a powerful attack but also put me in the direct way of the other two.

It was a well-coordinated attack and would have worked if I had not understood it a moment before they realized it.

I stopped in my tracks and retreated, with a speed that surprised the Grimms and avoided the attack of all three by mere inches.

"You need to do much better than this, if you want to kill me," I said to it and the werewolf nodded.

"Everyone, use your power. We won't be able to take this native without using our full power," said the Werewolf with a grin and a powerful blasted out of its body.

The aura formed a ma.s.sive bloodline phantom, before merging back into it, consolidating its power even further.

The other two hesitated, looking at the broken formations not far behind them, before gritting their teeth and activating their full power.

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Burst 100%.

They came to my armor and seemed to them and immediately a surprise appeared on my face and its lips curved.

The small smile remained on it for a second, before it disappeared like the drops had disappeared inside me.

'These drops are really something.' I thought, as all the formation inside my armor had activated and even then, it was barely able to contain that energy.

It was far more dangerous than the two attacks I had defended with my s.h.i.+elds.

The s.h.i.+elds were not made of strings. 

They are very defensive methods; I rarely use them, because most of the enemies I fight are scary and dangerous and only a s.h.i.+eld made of strings would be able to defend against them.

Like these drops of golden fire, they are extremely powerful. So much that a single one would be more than enough to burn the ten of me.

They are also programmed with multiple attacks, from blasts to burning.

Thankfully, my armor was able to suppress all that and broke it up and sent its energies into thousands of formations, which are refining it and sending it into my runes through the funnel.

The energy was so powerful, that funnel had turned red hot, making me feel hot all over my body.

Though it is handling like my armor is refining the energy. I am safe, despite this energy having the power to vaporize me.

"Have you really made the breakthrough?" It asked, and it surprised me. I thought it would speak about the attack, not about Breakthrough, which I spoke about a minute ago.

"Of course I did, otherwise how would I have been able to increase my strength so much?" I said back with a smile.


Though, I got the opposite reaction, that I had been expecting, instead of agreement and understanding. 

I saw hate and rage appearing in its eyes.

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