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Chapter 2843 Blizzard Werewolf

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"I shouldn't have given it such an easy death," I said as I looked at the decapitated body of the Grimm; it would have been much better if I had harvested it.

It would have been a fitting punishment for all the humans it had killed and eaten, and it would have given me an essence rose, and I need essence roses, especially of its level.

I have been turning them and sending them out with those who are leaving; I am sure they have already started showing their usage on the battlefield.

I shook my head at the mistake and collected the body of the Grimm; while I could not harvest it from the essence rose, I could harvest it in the crystals; it had been a while since I had done that.

After dealing with the Grimm, I resumed walking, reading each mural by a step and copying them.

Since I arrived in this place, I have copied hundreds of them, but not a single one seemed to have connected to each other. It is clear all of them are part of a single story, but the story is d.a.m.n huge that I felt like I would have to collect thousands of them before I find something connecting.

Five hours pa.s.sed, and in the five hours, I had collected a few hundred more murals and pasted my seals on the glittering gla.s.s they are, but not a single gla.s.s had reappeared in front of me.

Maybe my seal is getting destroyed by a gla.s.s, or maybe I have yet to come across them; it is very hard to tell.

As I was moving, the disappeared and appeared around me, blocking the old ways and creating new ones.

Also, three new Grimms in front of me.


As I looked at the three Grimms, all Grandmasters. They opened their mouth as they saw me, but before they could let the word out, they disappeared, appearing into my core where the runes began to climb on their bodies.

One had a bloodline, and while the two were useless, I did not want to kill them, seeing the number of humans they had killed. It is better they get harvested; it would be a better end for them.


In the past few hours, I have come across many Grimms, Grandmasters, and High-Grandmasters, but not a single one of them was powerful. Even among the peak High-Grandmasters, there was not a single one that hadn't killed within a minute.

It is not just the Grimms that are weak, but I am too strong for them; my level had not increased like most of these Grimms, but my strength had a strength not many could match.

Still, I do not dare to wish for a strong enemy; who knows when I had asked for the strong enemy; a Grand Lord might appear; I am not a match for Grand Lord.

Another hour pa.s.sed, and the glittering gla.s.s walls changed again, this time bringing a group of four humans in front of me. All of them are High-Grandmasters; when I had seen them last time, they had just leveled up to Grand, and now they had reached the High-Grandmaster cla.s.s.

I just nodded at them and walked away; given their power, they are more than powerful enough to protect themselves and even powerful High-Grandmasters.


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A few minutes had pa.s.sed since I had walked away from that group when I heard the faint sounds of fighting. It stopped me for a moment before I became a blur as I moved toward the fight; each step carried me closer and closer to the battle till I was able to see it.

It is, without a doubt, the most dangerous Grimm below the Grand Lord cla.s.s, and not many could contend against it; the humans are capable of fighting against it already, told the length of powerful he is.

Though I am not surprised, considering it is one of the most powerful inheritances that appeared in us, humans.

The Angel Inheritance and the host of it is my ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend Simon; I have never liked this b.a.s.t.a.r.d and have taken quite a revenge on him.

I heard he had been training hard for years to take revenge for the humiliation I had caused him during the champions.h.i.+p.

"I have heard so much about angel inheritance that appeared among the humans in this generation, but it turned out to be so-so," said Krah as it brought down his hammer on Simon.

The Grimm wouldn't have dared to utter such words if it had been fighting against Rachel or her sister. Those two would have given it quite a challenge, while Jim would have got utterly blasted by it, but he is not an enemy this Grimm or anyone else want to fight.

After he created the core, he began to receive the real power of his inheritance. The only thing I could say is that fighting against him is not a nice experience.

Another minute had pa.s.sed, and now Simon's condition had become even worse; he was not surviving only by defensive methods, and the Krah was breaking them one after another. In a few seconds, its hammer would reach him.

"It seemed like this is a week where I would save the hateful b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of sky saber from dying," I muttered as I readied myself.

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