The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

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Chapter 885 - 885 Clowns

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Chapter 885 - 885 Clowns

885 Clowns

“He’s just some punk, isn’t he? How can he suddenly turn into a rich CEO? It must be a joke. I’m sure President Wen would be furious once he learns the truth.”

“I feel so sorry for Eldest Master Yao. To think that he has such a nephew. What a pity.”

People began giving Yao Yuan and Qin Man looks of sympathy, presuming that the couple had suffered a loss with their extended family.

They couldn’t believe that there existed such a presumptuous young man, who didn’t seem to know his own limits.


He had even deceived the Wen Group, the leading conglomerate in City A. At this rate, the Yao family’s business might just come to an end.

In the face of these varying reactions, President Wen remained unfazed. He was still waiting—respectfully and patiently—for Yao Yan’s signature so that he could put away the doc.u.ment.

He only addressed the crowd after everything was done.

“I don’t know anything about the Yao family’s business. Our Wen family has never worked with them before.”

Just like that, President Wen shattered everyone’s a.s.sumptions.

The atmosphere around him changed, and people seemed to snap back to their senses.

Yes, this was the President Wen that they knew, the man who acted decisively and without mercy. There was no way someone as wise and experienced as he would be easily deceived by a young man.

Qin Man had obviously misled them!

President Wen’s cold, sharp gaze swept over Qin Man. “On the other hand, our Wen family has been working with President Yao Yan for a long time. Did you really think you can hurl such slanderous claims at him and get away with it?”

Judging by all that he had just witnessed, President Wen came to an understanding.

Apparently, this madam from the Yao family was related to Yao Yan, but every word that came out of her lips was a sharp arrow aimed directly at the young man.

Worse, she treated him like an enemy in public, and even tried to sully his reputation.

Since she was the one who started it, President Wen saw no reason for him to be considerate of these so-called relatives of Yao Yan.

Sensing President Wen’s displeasure, Yao Yuan scowled at Qin Man. “Apologize, right now.”

If they ended up making an enemy out of the Wen family, no one would ever dare to do business with the Yao family in the future.

Qin Man could tell that her husband was serious, but she was still unhappy about the whole thing. Regardless of anything else, she was still Yao Yan’s aunt.

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How could the words of an elder be written off as though they meant nothing?

They turned to Qin Man, their eyes filled with mockery, and began to whisper among themselves.

How many people were afforded this rare opportunity? It was their one chance to establish a rapport with President Wen, but Qin Man had unwittingly crushed the prospect due to her wretched att.i.tude.

President Wen looked at Yao Yuan, then at Qin Man, and shook his head.

The Wen Group would never work with these people. They were ignorant and shortsighted, no better than mindless clowns.

And the business world was a battlefield, not a circus.

Qin Man bristled under the taunting eyes of the crowd, but in her heart, she stubbornly clung to her opinions and stood her ground.

It was then that Yao Ran stepped forward and took the initiative to apologize on her mother’s behalf.

“Please forgive us, President Wen. My mother was only worried that you might get tricked in your business dealings. Please do not take it to heart. You don’t know it, but this cousin of mine…”

Yao Ran made a point of glancing awkwardly at Yao Yan, but she didn’t continue her sentence. Instead, she heaved a helpless sigh and said, “Anyway, it’s a good thing that you weren’t deceived. We simply wanted to caution you, that’s all.”

Her snide innuendo was enough to send the crowd into another round of speculations.

At this rate, even if Yao Yan was business partners with the Wen family, if the latter cared about their business at all, they were bound to grow suspicious of him eventually.

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