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纳兰闲 - Nalanxian

Chapter 1869 - 1869 Someone Has Their Eyes on Us

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Chapter 1869 - 1869 Someone Has Their Eyes on Us

1869 Someone Has Their Eyes on Us

Huo Yao was unsure if the dark silhouette had slipped into the underground palace using the archaeological team as a cover or if he was already inside.

However, the man was undoubtedly well-versed in geomancy and formations.

Huo Yao gathered her thoughts, looked out the gla.s.s window, and veered her eyes. She looked at Shangguan Tong and said, “Someone leaked the news that the jade was inside the underground palace.”

At that time, she had asked Cloud Realm to investigate the matter. Unexpectedly, they received definitive intel about the jade the next day. It felt as though people already knew she needed intel about the jade.

When she took the jade from the underground palace, in hindsight, things went so smoothly that it felt very unusual.

Since it was abnormal, there must be more to this.

“Aunt Tong, someone has their eyes on us,” Huo Yao said.

Her voice was very soft. Inside the gla.s.s room, the atmosphere felt exceptionally quiet.

Shangguan Tong looked into Huo Yao’s eyes. Her eyes looked deep, unsullied and there was also a light in them.

It was the kind of light that would only appear because she had unfinished business.

Shangguan Tong suddenly tightened her grip on the black box. In a split second, many thoughts ran through her mind, but she did not show it on her face. Instead, she said calmly, “Why don’t you let me have the jade?”

Shangguan Tong paused and added, “Along with the piece of white jade.”

“The white jade isn’t with me for now. Why do you want it anyway?” asked Huo Yao, veering her head.

“I just need them.” Shangguan Tong did not say more. She simply picked up the Chinese medicine on the tea table. “The medicine is turning cold. Let me send it to your eldest uncle first.”

Saying this, she walked out of the gla.s.s room without waiting for Huo Yao to speak.

She gradually walked away and disappeared at the turn. After she was gone, Huo Yao finally veered her eyes.

At this moment, her phone rang.

Huo Yao took out her phone to check it. It was a text message from Cool Autumn.

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Shangguan Hou did not understand why he needed it. Before he left, he asked, “Why do you suddenly need it?”

King glanced at Shangguan Hou deeply. “To confirm something.”

Shangguan Hou knew King would not tell him the truth, so he simply nodded. “In that case, I’ll collect it now.”

King waved his hand and closed his eyes to rest.

Before long, Shangguan Hou left the base.

He was the only person allowed access to the bank safe deposit box, so he could only go over personally.

The trip alone took nearly three hours. By the time he got back to the base, it was already nearly midnight.

King was still in the lounge sitting in the same spot. It seemed as though he did not get up the entire time.

Shangguan Hou immediately handed the box to King.


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