Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

纳兰闲 - Nalanxian

Chapter 1712 - 1712 God Of Wealth

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Chapter 1712 - 1712 G.o.d Of Wealth

1712 G.o.d Of Wealth

Meanwhile, in the main hall.

“Has the girl left?” When Huo Qing heard what the old butler said, he narrowed his eyes. He clearly did not believe the butler’s words.

The butler nodded reverently. “That’s right. Miss Huo left only a few minutes ago. In theory, you should have run into Chief Steward’s car earlier.”

Huo Qing remembered seeing Huo Changfeng’s car outside. Even though he did not get a close look at the car, he was certain that someone was sitting in the backseat.


From the looks of it, it was probably Master Jinfeng’s niece.

Huo Qing turned the Buddha beads in his hands slowly. No wonder Huo Changfeng did not react whatsoever earlier to his words. When he wanted to see the girl, Huo Changfeng did not try to stop him either.

“Where did Master Jinfeng go?” asked Huo Qing.

The old butler nodded and replied calmly. “I don’t know about that. If you want to know, you can call Master Jinfeng and ask him.”

Huo Qing glanced around the living room and sat down. “It’s fine. In any case, I’m relatively free today. I will wait here.”

He had genuinely come over to see Huo Jinfeng’s niece, but she had been very well hidden by the family.

“Erm…” The old butler parted his lips wanting to speak, but Huo Qing interrupted him.

“Why don’t you go ahead? I don’t need you.”

Huo Qing leaned into the seat backrest and closed his eyes while saying this.

He acted like the owner of the compound.

The butler could only step aside first. He walked out to the garden where he took out his phone to call Huo Changfeng.

Before long, the call got through.

The butler glanced at the hall and told Huo Jingfeng that Huo Qing was still there.

“It’s fine. Let him wait if he wants to. When he loses patience, he will naturally leave,” said Huo Changfeng calmly.

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“I don’t think he will leave unless Miss Huo and Master Jinfeng get back.”

Thanks to Huo Changfeng’s imposing aura, he was very recognizable. Even though over ten years had pa.s.sed, the shop owner promptly remembered Huo Changfeng. “Long time no see!”

Huo Changfeng had a good memory, so he naturally remembered the shop owner. He nodded. “We need some Chinese medicine.”

The shop owner acknowledged Huo Changfeng and stepped out of the counter. He said confidently, “Just tell me what medicine you need. I just stocked up recently. I’m sure you can find what you need.”

Other than the man’s imposing aura, it was hard to forget his deep pockets.

He was clearly the G.o.d of Wealth.

Each sale from the guy was enough to run the store for three years.

No wonder his left eyelid kept twitching today. From the looks of it now, money was definitely going to roll in.

The shop owner beamed from ear to ear thinking about the money. He happily took out the Pu’er tea that he did not bear to drink himself.

Huo Yao glanced at the shop owner. She took out her phone, tapped on a file to open the list of herbs required, and handed it to him. “We need these.”

“Sure thing!” The shop owner acknowledged in delight and took the phone from her. The moment he saw the ordinary Chinese medication on the list, the smile on his face froze.

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