Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor


Chapter 3028

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Feng Jiu glanced at the evil cultivator but did not question him. Instead, she walked up to the women kept in the cage and freed them.

The women clung to one another, afraid to let them get too close.

“Don’t be afraid. We’re not bad people.” Wanyan s.h.i.+san told them. But, these words didn’t help those women feel any better and instead caused them to cry.

“Why are you crying? Women are a nuisance!” He said sourly. When he noticed that Feng Jiu was glaring at him, he whispered, “I’m not talking about you.”


After taking a look at him, Feng Jiu took a few steps forward and told those women, “We are from the Immortal Sect. Fear not, we will send you home. But first, you must answer our questions.”

“What, what are your questions?” One of the women asked timidly.

“Have you ever seen a woman in red who was exceptionally beautiful?” She asked.

“Yes, I saw the woman in red after they captured me. She was incredibly beautiful. But after being besieged by those evil cultivators, one of whom was a very powerful evil cultivator, she was injured and fled, while those evil cultivators pursued her. We didn’t know if she’s still alive or if she had died. Since then, we haven’t seen her.”

When Feng Jiu and Wanyan s.h.i.+san heard this, they exchanged glances before asking her for more details. Afterwards, they went to the evil cultivator and stood in front of him.

“I’ll knock his teeth out first!” Wanyan s.h.i.+san said to Feng Jiu, clenching his fist. “I’m afraid he will bite his tongue and commit suicide once I reattach his jaw.”

“Alright.” Feng Jiu agreed with a nod. Wanyan s.h.i.+san then clenched his fist, walked up to the man, and struck the man’s mouth with a powerful blow.

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The evil cultivator let out a scream. His teeth had all fallen to the ground and his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth made him look miserable.


“Speak!” Wanyan s.h.i.+san just stood there and watched as the evil cultivator howled out in pain while his body curled up into a ball on the ground.

Feng Jiu looked on. She had no idea his method of interrogating people would be so cruel. It was excruciatingly painful to have one’s muscles and bones moved around and then returned to their original position. The pain could be felt down to the bone marrow and it was more terrible than death. No ordinary person could endure it. She reckoned the evil cultivator wouldn’t last long before he finally succ.u.mbed.

“I, I’ll speak, I’ll speak. ” The evil cultivator trembled and pleaded, “Please, just give me a quick death.”

“Go ahead!” Wanyan s.h.i.+san stood in front of the evil cultivator with his arms crossed over his chest and looked at him, waiting for him to tell his story.

“The woman in red was injured by the Protector of our evil sect. We chased her into a thick forest. During the battle, she…”

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