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Chapter 1331 - Chapter 1331 The Police Came!

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Chapter 1331 - Chapter 1331 The Police Came!

Chapter 1331 The Police Came!

All the news online was about the cooperation between Fang Qiu and Renyi Group and rectifying the national Chinese Medicine market.

With the publication of the news…

Fang Qiu’s fans also began to repost and comment feverishly to increase his popularity!

“Billion Fang is back!”

“It’s much more than one billion. This time, it should be ten billion.”

“Legendary Fang Qiu, may you thrive for thousands of years and unify Jianghu!”

“Take a good look at him. This is our idol, Fang Qiu. Let’s see if you are brazen enough to slander Fang Qiu. Those idiots who smeared Fang Qiu’s reputation, take a closer look at what Fang Qiu has done.”

“Fang Qiu has done well enough. I hope that no more trolls will vilify him in the future!”

Of course…

In addition to the cheers of the fans on the Internet…

All the distribution centers of traditional Chinese medicine throughout the country were shocked. Not all of them paid attention to Fang Qiu, so many people didn’t know what had happened because they didn’t watch Fang Qiu’s press conference. But when various media outlets publicized numerous reports, these people were all dumbfounded!

“Halving all prices? Fang Qiu had the guts to say that.”

“Humph, my shop is right here, and my medicinal herbs are stored in the shop. I’d like to see how they would be sold at half price.”

“What the h.e.l.l is going on? He had been busy fighting against these Chinese Medicine companies. Why would he suddenly target us?”

“It’s not true, isn’t it?”

“I don’t care whether he will decrease the prices. My wholesale store will not lower the prices today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow!”

Those merchants who were running small-scale medicine businesses announced with fury. Fang Qiu acted against their interests and took away their profits!


Despite their angry protests…

Initially, the distribution centers of traditional Chinese medicine bustled with activities. As the news spread, the market gradually quieted down. Not many people came to buy any wholesale Chinese medicinal herbs and even fewer individuals came to get Chinese medicinal herbs for themselves.

In this case, many medicine sellers seemed to have sensed the crisis. Although they declared that they would never lower the price, they began to do it secretly.


When they decided to lower the prices, the medicine merchants who bought these wholesale medicinal herbs from the distribution centers of traditional Chinese medicine left one by one. Before long, visitors just vanished from these distribution centers.

There was not a single customer in any wholesale medicine store.

It was obvious…

Buyers were waiting to see what would happen, while sellers also adopted a wait-and-see att.i.tude。

What a pity.

Both sides decided to have a wait-and-see stance that formed a conflict. As a result, the prices of Chinese medicinal herbs decreased at an even faster rate.

Of course…

The distribution centers of traditional Chinese medicine formed only a small part of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Under pressure, the small wholesalers in the distributing centers started lowering the prices. In the interim, the stock prices of all pharmaceutical companies dropped sharply.


The stock investors knew if Fang Qiu succeeded in this matter, the profits of pharmaceutical companies would be cut in half. At that time, the market value of these companies would drop sharply too.

They could only sell all their shares as soon as possible.

After all, Fang Qiu and the Renyi Group’s plan had a high probability of success. No retail investors dared to take such a risk. Even though Fang Qiu might fail, they had to quickly get rid of their shares and observe the situation for a month before they proceeded any further.

What was worse…

Even the stock prices of Western Medicine companies had fallen in succession.

In the face of this unexpected situation, people in those Western Medicine companies cursed in anger.

At the same time…

The Western Medicine merchants were also filled with hatred.

Like Chinese Medicine merchants, Western Medicine companies also hoped that Fang Qiu’s venture would fail. Once Fang Qiu made it work, more people would choose the cheaper traditional Chinese medicine. Gradually, the number of people using Western Medicine would decrease. Then, the compet.i.tion between Western Medicine companies would decrease accordingly.

In this case, it was perfectly normal for the related stock prices to fall!

In the WeChat group of pharmaceutical companies…

“What to do now? What the h.e.l.l should we do?”

“You guys, any ideas? What can we do now?”

“Now, there is almost no chance for us to join forces and resist Fang Qiu. See? Before we could even unite, those medicine sellers in the distribution centers of traditional Chinese medicine have already begun to lower the prices spontaneously. They will not listen to us because they fully intend to earn their profits and prevent their Chinese medicinal herbs from rotting in their hands. So, they will try every way possible to sell all the medicine they have in stock!”

“If this continues, we will truly be finished.”

Almost all the leaders of Chinese Medicine companies joined this heated discussion, as they searched frantically for a way to survive.

When they saw this situation, the bosses of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company, and Heyi Pharmaceutical Company exploded with rage.

“Fang Qiu censured our companies. Let’s solve our problems first!”

“Why are you in such a hurry? We have been plunged into an emergency. Why don’t you settle our issues first? Will you watch us die?”

“d.a.m.n it. b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, are you going to leave us to sink like this?”

As soon as the three bosses finished speaking…

The irate bosses from the other Chinese Medicine companies could no longer restrain their anger.


“Find a way out yourself. What’s the point of relying on us?”

“Do you think we can offer any solution? We are all as anxious as ants on a hot pan! Can’t you fools see that?”

“Sod off, the three of you!. You have been exposed. At worst, you’ll go bankrupt. We’re much more important than you!”

The bosses of others companies berated them ruthlessly.

At this point, the others had fallen out with the bosses of the three companies!

“You, you are shameless enough to say that!”

“Great. You ungrateful jerks will do nothing to save us from ruin, right?”

“Go on arguing. All your sinister tricks will come to light the day Fang Qiu takes us down. I wonder if you have the guts to save us then!”

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“No big deal. We might as well turn to ashes with you!”

They were now in dire straits and had to solve these urgent problems first.

As soon as they hung up their phones…


Their office doors were pushed open.

The police came in!

The three companies were in the same situation.

In the end…

The staff revealed what exactly had happened.

After Fang Qiu’s announcement, netizens continued to flood the official Weibo accounts of the local police stations where the three companies were located. Countless people called for the police to arrest these suspects for further investigation. After all, what Fang Qiu said at the press conference was equivalent to real-name reporting.

Strongly and repeatedly, these netizens urged the police to take action. As a result, the police filed their cases for investigation. In the meantime, they contacted the police station in the Blackhill Gate Village to inquire about the survey progress.

When the three companies were officially questioned by the police…


In the WeChat group of pharmaceutical companies, those bosses finally came to a conclusion after considerable discussion.

“Well, let’s purchase at our original prices. This way, we won’t offend Fang Qiu and can keep our companies’ operations going. After all, our companies have brands, strengths, and channels. What the patients bought was usually Chinese patent medicine. Fang Qiu certainly can’t take control of the Chinese patent medicine market. In this case, we can still profit and run our companies.”

“Also, except for our cultivation bases, many medicine suppliers also have Chinese medicinal herbs. Now, the most important thing is to cooperate with them quickly. If we are determined to maintain the prices of Chinese medicinal herbs, we must ensure Fang Qiu can’t get the medicine. Once the others provide Fang Qiu with the medicine, the prices will have to go down!”

This solution…

It received the approval of all the bosses.

Given the current situation, this was indeed the only way for them to survive.


During the discussion, they discovered something else.

Fang Qiu’s plan had a glaring problem: he had no sales channels!

His 60,000 countryside clinics couldn’t consume all the Chinese medicinal herbs in the Chinese Medicine market. In addition to these clinics, was Fang Qiu going to build chain drugstores to sell all the traditional Chinese medicine? Or would he open online stores to solve the problem?

All that was possible…

But, no matter which way Fang Qiu chose, he could not achieve great things and make it big!

After they arrived at this final decision…

Leaders of the major Chinese Medicine companies immediately split up, acting separately to contact their suppliers of Chinese medicinal herbs, one after another. They promised to purchase the herbs at the original prices as long as these suppliers did not provide Fang Qiu with their herbs!

This offer was a huge, pleasant surprise for these medicine suppliers because it got them out of the tremendous crisis. All of them heaved sighs of relief.

On the other side…

The merchants of the market of Chinese medicinal herbs soon heard the news.

They felt immensely relieved and saw hope.

It was unrealistic to expect them to deal with Fang Qiu. Yet, as long as anyone took the lead in fighting against Fang Qiu, they would follow up.

For their own interests, they must not let Fang Qiu develop his business by leaps and bounds!

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