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Chapter 1472: One Step, One Realm

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Chapter 1472: One Step, One Realm

A 300-meter-long stars.h.i.+p engraved with countless mysterious runes, radiating starlight is flying in the sky.

“Stop! Attack this place!”

Aboard the stars.h.i.+p, Yang Feng looked down, and his eyes flashed icily. He pointed at a mountain and ordered coldly.

w.a.n.g Tiannan creased his eyebrows and asked, “General who Conquers the South, why do you want to attack that mountain?”

Yang Feng glanced at w.a.n.g Tiannan with cold eyes, radiated a dangerous aura, and said, “Execute the order. Or do you want to disobey a military order?”

“This subordinate obeys!”

A chill welled up in w.a.n.g Tiannan’s heart, and he responded resolutely.

The 300-meter-long stars.h.i.+p surged with starlight, 10 star cannons appeared, and 10 beams shot towards the mountain.

Countless strands of starlight surged in the mountain, forming a defensive barrier in a hurry.

When the 10 beams knocked into the defensive barrier, the barrier shattered. Terrifying starlight beams slammed into the top of the mountain and nearly erased it.

Terrible auras rose from the mountain.

Dozens of powerhouses in silver star armor, treading on air stared at the stars.h.i.+p with angry looks on their faces.

“Seventh prince, you’re worthy of being an innate human emperor! To be able to discover out traces, that’s really amazing! It’s a pity! Although you’re an innate human emperor, but before you can mature, this will be the end of the road for you!”

An old man with long blond hair, blind in one eye, wearing numerous skulls on the head, a human bone staff in the hand, emanating intense demonic qi strode towards the stars.h.i.+p.

w.a.n.g Tiannan exclaimed when he saw the one eyed old man, a look of shock on his face: “One-Eyed Demon Venerable! It’s the One-Eyed Demon Venerable who awakened the Di’e Star, killed countless people, and consumed human heads raw! He is a Star Venerable realm old monster. How come he’s here?”

In the three states, Star Venerable realm powerhouses are regarded as top powerhouses, and they can establish a sect by themselves. The Star Snake Camp is an elite army. But a Star Venerable realm powerhouse can suppress it.


“Innate human emperor! This is the first time in ten thousand years that a star commander has appeared. If your corpse is refined into a star corpse, it will become the foundation of my advancement to a Holy in the future!”

Along with fierce laughter, a strange man with a ferocious face, a fat head, a star pattern on the face, and star force and corpse qi crisscrossing all over the body walked over.

w.a.n.g Tiannan drew in a sharp breath: “Star Corpse Old Monster! A Star Venerable who once slaughtered a large sect and refined the sect’s people into star corpses! He came, as well!”

Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Battle formation!”

The 500 soldiers of the Star Snake Camp flew out of the stars.h.i.+p and formed an array in the void.

Countless strands of starlight revolved, the star force of the soldiers resonated with each other, and a giant star snake radiating pinnacle Star Elder realm aura appeared and confronted the

“Two Star Venerables, 13 Star Elders, 42 Star Spirits, what a grand display. But that’s far from enough to kill me. Wuqu Star, come out!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and pointed with a finger, and the Wuqu Star appeared in the starry sky and radiated starlight that illuminated the giant star snake.

When the huge star snake absorbed the the Wuqu Star’s starlight, it suddenly expanded and erupted with Star Venerable realm fluctuations of power.

Ziwei Star governs the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars and the Seventy Two Disha Stars. The Wuqu Star has a series of military oriented powers, such as the strengthening of battle arrays and the enhancement of morale and courage.

A powerhouse who awakened the Wuqu Star as their life-bound star is regarded as a top general in the World of Stars who ca conquer cities and lands and is invincible. In ancient times, the most powerful powerhouses who awakened the Wuqu Star have even killed Star Emperor realm powerhouses.

Star Corpse Old Monster smiled fiercely and shouted sternly: “Mwahaha! An innate human emperor is indeed extraordinary! Unfortunately you are doomed to die here! w.a.n.g Tiannan, what are you waiting for?”

“The seventh prince has plotted to betray the state! The evidence is conclusive! Kill him!”

w.a.n.g Tiannan’s eyes flashed ferociously, and he barked and operated the giant star snake to lunge at Yang Feng.

One-Eyed Demon Venerable’s eye flashed fiercely. He surged with starlight and waved his hand, and the bone staff in his hand flew out, absorbed countless strands of star force, and turned into a 1,000-meter-long star dragon that shot towards Yang Feng.

Star Corpse Old Monster smiled viciously and pointed with a finger, starlight glimmered, and three coffins flew out from behind him.

The lids of the coffins flew up, and a middle-aged man in a brocade robe, a sage-like old man, and a golden haired ape flew out.

The three star corpses surged with starlight and baleful aura, radiated Star Venerable realm fluctuations of power, and attacked Yang Feng.

The rest of the powerhouses also cast their secret methods and threw attacks at Yang Feng.

The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth rose into a derisive smile, “What a meticulous and flawless ploy! It’s a shame, but your opponent is me!”

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and the Wuqu Star’s starlight shrouding the giant star snake flickered. The giant star snake twisted and exploded in an instant.

Terrifying starlight explosion force shrouded the Star Snake Camp and w.a.n.g Tiannan.

“No! Don’t! Seventh prince…”

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w.a.n.g Tiannan’s eyes flashed with despair, and he issued a scream. In the next moment, starlight swallowed him and tore him to pieces.

Star Corpse Old Monster’s eyes shot with blood, and he unleashed a heart-wrenching cry. He grew a pair of star wings on his back and ran away frantically

“Star Chains!”

Yang Feng pointed at Star Corpse Old Monster with the star spear, and star force flew out from the star spear and formed star chains that strangely appeared on Star Corpse Old Monster and wrapped around him.

Yang Feng took a step, appeared in front of Star Corpse Old Monster, and stabbed him with the star spear, and star force stirred and killed him.

When One-Eyed Demon Venerable saw Star Corpse Old Monster, who is stronger than him by a fraction, being stabbed to death by Yang Feng, he felt a chill go down his spine and pleaded loudly: “Your highness, I am willing to submit to you! Please spare me!”

“Your highness, I am willing to submit to you! Please spare me!”

Among the who came to kill Yang Feng, some trembled in their boots, lost the will to fight, and begged bitterly.

Some cast secret methods, turned into rays of starlight, and escaped in different directions.

“You want to escape! Go to h.e.l.l!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and stabbed the sky with a star spear, and starlight flew into the sky, easily stabbed the, and killed them in body and soul.

One body after another fell from the sky.

“So strong! So this is an innate human emperor!”

“We can’t escape!”


Upon seeing this scene, the remaining nine felt their blood run cold, not daring to make any sound.


After he killed the, Yang Feng suddenly snorted coldly at the void in the distance. The Ziwei Star appeared in the sky and radiated purple light that entered the void.

The imperial capital of the state of Zhou, in a beautiful and luxurious palace, Huangpu Qinghe suddenly shuddered and closed his eyes, and two streams of blood tears flowed down his face.

Huangpu Qinghe sighed lightly, a helpless look on his face: “A human emperor cannot be spied on! This is true! I just took a look at him, yet suffered a backlash. My divine eye was almost broken.”


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