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Chapter 1405: Moonlight Fruit Assembly

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Chapter 1405: Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly

The Realm of Mortals, in a grand canyon, a huge rift appeared in the void.

Yang Feng walked out of the huge rift slowly, followed by two women, namely Gong Ling and Star DemonG.o.d.

Sun DemonG.o.d and Moonlight DemonG.o.d returned to the Realm of DemonG.o.ds to protect their countries.

In the Realm of DemonG.o.ds, there are countless powerhouses. The compet.i.tion is really fierce. If Sun DemonG.o.d and the other two Greater DemonG.o.ds are gone for too long, they will be attacked by hostile Greater DemonG.o.ds and have their influence weakened.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with the shade of regret: “It’s a shame, but there aren’t enough resources! I’m only a step away from being able to advance to a DemonG.o.d Emperor!”

By devouring the remains of a large number of Greater DemonG.o.ds, Yang Feng’s essence of devour was brought to a new level. He has already a.n.a.lyzed 80% of this universe’s laws. If there are sufficient resources, he can fully advance to a DemonG.o.d Emperor.

However, although there were the remains of countless DemonG.o.ds in the Realm of DemonG.o.ds, but this still wasn’t enough to enable Yang Feng to advance to a DemonG.o.d Emperor.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Gong Ling!”

Gong Ling replied respectfully, “Please give me an order, my lord!”

Yang Feng uttered, “Go and gather the aristocratic families and cults of the Southern Province to hold an a.s.sembly. I want to capture the aristocratic families and cults of the Southern Province in one go!”

Gong Ling smiled sweetly and said in reply, “Yes! My lord. It happens that MoonG.o.d Temple holds the Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly every 10 years. The Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly will be held in a month’s time. At that time, the aristocratic families and cults of the Southern Province will surely come.”

“Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly?”

Yang Feng recalled the details of the Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly.

500 years ago, MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master obtained a Moonlight Tree seed in an adventure and brought it back to MoonG.o.d Temple.

After 100 years, the Moonlight Tree matured and bore Moonlight Fruits, which contain a wondrous extraordinary power. A Moonlight Fruit can prolong one’s life by 100 years.

In the Realm of Mortals, everyone’s lifespan is generally short. The lifespan of DemonG.o.d Apprentices is about 100 to 150 years long. The lifespan of DemonG.o.d Lords is 180 to 220 years long. The lifespan of DemonG.o.d Apostles is 250 to 280 years long.

Since the Moonlight Fruits can prolong one’s lifespan by 100 years, they naturally gave rise to a great storm in the entire Southern Province.

After repelling several strong enemies, MoonG.o.d Temple had no choice but to compromise with the other extraordinary forces of the Southern Province. The Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly is that compromise. It is held every 10 years in order to distribute the 36 Moonlight Fruits that have grown in the past 10 years.

The first Moonlight Fruit can increase one’s lifespan by 100 years, the second can increase one’s lifespan by only 50 years, the third can increase one’s lifespan by only 10 years, while the fourth can increase one’s lifespan by only 1 year.

Even so, the leaders of extraordinary forces still flock to the Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly and are willing to pay a huge price for a Moonlight Fruit.

According to their characteristic, the Moonlight Fruits have to be consumed on the same day they are plucked, or else they will disappear. They can’t be preserved. Therefore, every time Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly is held, it will attract peak powerhouses of the Southern Province, and even the Northern, Central, Eastern, and Western Provinces.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with the shade of appreciation, and he said, “Okay! I’ll leave it to you!”

Although Gong Ling is far weaker than a Greater DemonG.o.d such as Star DemonG.o.d. But when it comes to affairs of the Realm of Mortals, she is far above Star DemonG.o.d.

“Since you’re quite capable, then let me give you more power!”

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and DemonG.o.d patterns surged and shrouded Gong Ling.

Tremendous DemonG.o.d force intertwined within Gong Ling’s body and forcibly promoted her strength to the Lesser Great DemonG.o.d realm.

“What formidable power. This is the pinnacle of Apostle realm power and can rival the power of Lesser DemonG.o.ds! My lord is really powerful and generous!”

Gong Ling sensed the changes in her body, and her beautiful eyes s.h.i.+mmered with the color of excitement.

In the Realm of Mortals, only old monsters of first-rate cults, royal families, and aristocratic families can possess DemonG.o.d force that rivals that of Lesser DemonG.o.ds.

Gong Ling’s beautiful eyes flashed with the light of wisdom, and then surged with the shade of treachery, “My lord, In addition to Moonlight Fruits, we can also use Moonlight Flowers and DemonG.o.d artifacts as bait to attract more geniuses and powerhouses to the Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly and catch them in one go, making it easier for us to unify the world.”

Yang Feng responded with satisfaction, “Okay! Let’s do it that way!”

“MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master found three DemonG.o.d Flowers. She is going to hold a martial arts compet.i.tion during this time’s Moonlight Fruit a.s.sembly. The person who wins the compet.i.tion will get a DemonG.o.d Flower, a Moonlight Fruit, and a DemonG.o.d artifact. But in turn, that person must leave their life seeds in the MoonG.o.d Temple.”

A few days later, a piece of information spread within Da Ling Empire and Man Ling Empire and moved the hearts of the powerhouses of the two empires.

In this world, the stronger a being is, the denser the DemonG.o.d blood flowing inside them is. As a result, in order to preserve the purity of the DemonG.o.d blood, it’s common for major forces to practice inbreeding. Some weak aristocratic families are even willing to purchase the life seeds of experts at a high price to produce a strong next generation.

It’s not unusual for MoonG.o.d Temple to hold such a high-profile martial arts compet.i.tion just to obtain the life seeds of experts.

“The winner of the martial arts compet.i.tion can designate any person in MoonG.o.d Temple to carry their life seeds! Even if MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master is the one designated, she can’t refuse!”

A supplementary piece of information transmitted and moved the hearts of many powerhouses of the two empires.

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MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master Gong Ling is the No. 1 female powerhouse of Da Ling Empire’s Southern Province. She is aloof, pure, and holy and her status is extremely n.o.ble. She cannot be profaned.

A moon appeared in the void and bright moonlight fell from the sky.

A palace formed from moonlight appeared in the sky, and then ten seats appeared in the palace.

Along with flashes of light, the leaders of the Southern Province’s ten great forces appeared on the ten seats respectively.

The Southern Province’s ten great forces are Soaring Crane Cult, Sun Bull Demon Cult, MoonG.o.d Temple, Lionfury Cult, Scarlet Blood Sect, Nancheng Aristocratic Family, Liu Family, Dark Spirit Demon Cult, Eagle G.o.d Cult, and Shadow Wolf Cult respectively.

After the leader of Sun Bull Demon Cult was killed, the position of Sun Bull Demon Cult was filled by Yang Feng’s Xinning Ye Family. Since the Soaring Crane Cult’s cult master was very cautious and only stayed in the periphery of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield, he was able to come back alive.

The leaders of the ten great forces sitting high in the sky overlooked the people below like deities.

“So that’s MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master! She’s so beautiful!”

“She’s really beautiful! If I could spend a night with her, then even if I had to die afterwards, I wouldn’t regret anything!”


The DemonG.o.d Attendants and DemonG.o.d Lords looked at the devastatingly beautiful Gong Ling sitting high in the sky with infatuation and avarice in her eyes.

Even several of the leaders of the Southern Province’s ten great forces stared at Gong Ling, almost unable to move away their eyes.

After receiving Yang Feng’s DemonG.o.d force, Gong Ling rose to the pinnacle Apostle realm and reached the level of Lesser DemonG.o.ds. Her charm has also increased exponentially.

“Temple master Gong Ling, let’s start the martial arts compet.i.tion! I can’t wait to have a beautiful night with you!”

Dark Spirit Demon Cult’s cult master, who had a ferocious and ugly face, stared at Gong Ling’s s.e.xy figure with greed in his eyes and spoke with a vicious smile.

Soaring Crane Cult’s cult master glanced at the leaders of the other ten great forces, and then finally gazed at Yang Feng, a look of apprehension in his eyes: “Temple master Gong Ling, let’s start the martial arts compet.i.tion! I’m determined to get the DemonG.o.d Flower!”

Soaring Crane Cult’s cult master added: “Temple master Gong Ling, in this martial arts compet.i.tion, only the partic.i.p.ants can take action. DemonG.o.ds that the partic.i.p.ants wors.h.i.+p can’t take action, right?”

All eyes focused on Yang Feng, filled with fear. If Devour Ram DemonG.o.d, who is backing Yang Feng, takes action, no one present will be his opponent.


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