Mechanical God Emperor

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Chapter 1402: Devouring the Demongod Blood Sea

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Chapter 1402: Devouring the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea

Thanks to the huge mechanical legion clearing the way, Yang Feng advanced towards the core area of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield without a hitch.

The corpse servants and Intermediate and Lesser DemonG.o.ds that appeared along the way were easily devoured by Yang Feng and turned into nutrients for his evolution.

Thanks to the sacrifice of several thousand 4th generation battle robots, Yang Feng was able to avoid many danger zones that can wipe out Greater DemonG.o.ds.

“Here we are at last! The DemonG.o.d Blood Sea! According to legend, it is an wicked existence formed from DemonG.o.d blood! It can erode Greater DemonG.o.ds!”

After crossing a mountain range, a sea as red as blood extending without end appeared in front of Yang Feng.

That endless blood-colored sea is the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea. A strange sea that can erode Greater DemonG.o.ds, until not even dregs are left. It is the most dangerous place around the core area of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield.

According to legend, several DemonG.o.d Emperors have fought in the core area of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield and their DemonG.o.d blood has formed the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea.

MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master uttered, “My lord, this is the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea surrounding the core area. Apart from DemonG.o.d Emperors, who can cross it with their peerless strength, only Asterleaf DemonG.o.d’s DemonG.o.d treasure Asterleaf Boat can cross the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea. Any other thing will be easily corroded once it enters the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea.”

Yang Feng willed, and a wars.h.i.+p flew into the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea.

The wars.h.i.+p just came into contact with the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea, when blood-colored light shone and corroded it at an amazing speed. The wars.h.i.+p disappeared after a dozen plus breaths of time.

Yang Feng willed, and Devour Ram DemonG.o.d appeared, pulled out a hair, and stabbed it into the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea.

The hair that Lesser DemonG.o.ds can hardly destroy with a full strength attack was directly dissolved by the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea.


Yang Feng’s eyes brightened. He plunged his hand into the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea, and terrifying devour force erupted and devoured the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea’s origin force.

Fearsome corrosion force transmitted from the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea and corroded Yang Feng’s flesh into a pool of pus, leaving only bones.

“He’s dead? No! He’s not dead! How is this possible? This is the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea that can easily dissolve even Greater DemonG.o.ds!”

MoonG.o.d Temple’s temper master and Yang Feng are in a master-slave relations.h.i.+p and there is a mysterious connection between them. She can clearly perceive that Yang Feng hasn’t died. Instead, she can feel him become increasingly stronger.

DemonG.o.d patterns appeared inside Yang Feng one after another, and terrifying fluctuations of power specific to a Greater DemonG.o.d diffused from him and spread in all directions.

“Greater DemonG.o.d! He even advanced to a Greater DemonG.o.d! What’s with this rate of evolution? In less than a month, he actually evolved into a Greater DemonG.o.d! Is there really such an incredible genius in this world?”

MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master was struck dumb, unable to believe her eyes.

Greater DemonG.o.ds are most formidable beings in this world. The top aristocratic families, royal families, and cults serve only Greater DemonG.o.ds.

The existing Greater DemonG.o.ds are almost exclusively the winners of an ancient DemonG.o.d war. Since the ancient DemonG.o.d war, no other Greater DemonG.o.d has been born.

In just one month, Yang Feng evolved from a mortal to a Greater DemonG.o.d. This speed is inconceivable.

In fact, if it were not for the fact that Yang Feng was an Eternal Sovereign in essence, it would be impossible to evolve this fast. Even if it was a freak level genius with level-9 soul apt.i.tude, it would take hundreds of years for them to evolve into a Greater DemonG.o.d.

The DemonG.o.d Blood Sea churned abruptly, and a scarlet tentacle thousands of meters long and inscribed with countless DemonG.o.d patterns ejected and shot towards Yang Feng.

Devour Ram DemonG.o.d blocked in front of Yang Feng and sent a hand towards the scarlet tentacle.

The scarlet tentacle burst out with b.l.o.o.d.y light and whipped the hand of Devour Ram DemonG.o.d, and corrosion venom unique to the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea shrouded Devour Ram DemonG.o.d’s hand.

Along with strange sounds of corrosion, Devour Ram DemonG.o.d’s hand was corroded into a pile of strange pus. The terrible venom spread towards the rest of Devour Ram DemonG.o.d’s body.

After all, unlike Yang Feng, Devour Ram DemonG.o.d doesn’t possess Eternal origin and can’t resist the attack of the monster within the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea.

“Step back!”

At Yang Feng’s command, Devour Ram DemonG.o.d stepped back.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he appeared in front of the huge tentacle and extended his hand towards it.

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A terrible devour force erupted, extended along the huge tentacle, and frantically devoured the life origin of the tentacle’s master.

Fiend Lujin broke out with DemonG.o.d patterns, erupted with boundless force, and gradually pulled its tentacles out of the black holes.

Yang Feng’s incarnation of a giant beckoned with his hand, and DemonG.o.d force erupted and formed a giant battleaxe. Yang Feng gripped the battleaxe and slashed at Fiend Lujin.

A blood-colored boundary appeared on the surface of Fiend Lujin’s body. The boundary distorted the trajectory of the battleaxe and pushed it aside. As a result, the battleaxe was only able to cut open a huge gash on Fiend Lujin’s body.

Yang Feng stabbed his hand into Fiend Lujin’s body, broke out with terrifying devour force, and frenziedly extracted the other party’s DemonG.o.d origin.

Fiend Lujin tossed and turned desperately. After struggling for only a quarter of an hour, it was completely devoured by Yang Feng and turned into dust.

The beautiful eyes of MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master flickered with the shade of incredulity, “Fiend Lujin fell just like this! The legendary fiend fell just like this!”

After Yang Feng devoured Fiend Lujin, DemonG.o.d patterns appeared on his body. He broke out with devour force once more and frenziedly devoured the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea’s origin force.

The DemonG.o.d Blood Sea that extended without end and could easily dissolve a Greater DemonG.o.d disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Three days later, the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea that shrouded the periphery of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield’s core area and obstructed countless DemonG.o.ds disappeared.

A basin extending without end, with a depth of tens of thousands of meters appeared in the place where the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea was.

Standing at the edge of the basin, MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master looked at a huge b.l.o.o.d.y coc.o.o.n in the center of the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea, and her beautiful eyes s.h.i.+mmered with the shade of horror, “How terrifying! He devoured the whole DemonG.o.d Blood Sea!”

A drop of DemonG.o.d Blood Sea’s water can poison a Lesser DemonG.o.d to death. Even if it’s a Greater DemonG.o.d, if they were to enter the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea, they would be easily dissolved. Yet the terrifying DemonG.o.d Blood Sea was devoured by Yang Feng. This is just outrageous.

The b.l.o.o.d.y coc.o.o.n in the center of the DemonG.o.d Blood Sea cracked. Covered in mysterious DemonG.o.d patterns, Yang Feng emerged from the b.l.o.o.d.y coc.o.o.n, and a devilish charm emanated from him.

As long as Yang Feng doesn’t restrain this devilish charm, any woman below the Moonlight Warlock realm will be ensnared by it. Only a very small number of women with a strong soul can resist this devilish charm.

Yang Feng’s eyes glimmered, “Still a step away! The DemonG.o.d Emperor realm is the very summit of this universe for a reason! Although it can’t compare to the Eternal Sovereign realm, but it’s still not that easy to advance!”


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