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Chapter 1398: Demongod Battlefield

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Chapter 1398: DemonG.o.d Battlefield

Distorted light emerged from the body of Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master, converged into a 100-meter-tall avatar of a sun demon bull covered in sunfire.

In the Realm of Mortals, mortals will not only serve DemonG.o.ds with wisdom, but also serve some terrifying beings of the Realm of DemonG.o.ds.

As long as enough sacrifices are offered, those terrifying beings of the Realm of DemonG.o.ds will grant you strength. Furthermore, unlike DemonG.o.ds, these being won’t interfere with the actions of mortals too much. Therefore, in the Realm of Mortals, there are many forces who will serve such terrifying beings of the Realm of DemonG.o.ds.

Sun Bull Demon Cult serves a sun demon bull, who is comparable to an Intermediate DemonG.o.d in terms of strength.

“Sun demon bull!”

“How is this possible?”

“Sun demon bull is ferocious by nature. Once it arrives, it won’t stop until it has consumed enough flesh.”


When they saw the sun demon bull, the countenance of the Demon Lords changed dramatically and their eyes flickered with despair.

When MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master saw the sun demon bull, her pretty face turned slightly pale, “How could this happen? Is the plan going to fail?”

Soaring Crane Cult’s cult master turned pale in the face, as well. Although he can escape from the sun demon bull. But in this way, he won’t be able to enter the DemonG.o.d Battlefield.

At this time, Devour Ram DemonG.o.d behind Yang Feng blurred and changed from illusory to real. He lunged at the sun demon bull, knocked it to the ground, and bit it.

Enraged from the pain, the sun demon bull burst out with sunfire from all over its body. The sunfire shrouded Devour Ram DemonG.o.d and set him on fire.

Burned by the sunfire, Devour Ram DemonG.o.d emitted a burnt smell.

Devour Ram DemonG.o.d bit the sun demon bull and devoured its origin force.

The sun demon bull struggled. Its fire intertwined with the DemonG.o.d force emanated by Devour Ram DemonG.o.d, and terrible firestorms swept in all directions.

“This is a DemonG.o.d battle!”

“How dreadful! So this is a DemonG.o.d battle!”

“Devour Ram DemonG.o.d is guarding Ye Cheng! He really favors him!”

“Sole Apostle! Ye Cheng is likely to be Devour Ram DemonG.o.d’s sole Apostle!”


When the DemonG.o.d Lords saw the two invincible DemonG.o.ds fighting, their eyes fell on Yang Feng and flashed with envy.

In the eyes of DemonG.o.ds, mortals are just playthings and food. Only DemonG.o.d Apostles, who are most favored by DemonG.o.ds, will receive attention from DemonG.o.ds from time to time. DemonG.o.ds may even accompany them.

Devour Ram DemonG.o.d is closely following Yang Feng. As such, apart from Apostles of Greater DemonG.o.ds, no one would dare to provoke him.

At the summit of Devil Spirit Mountain, fire broke out everywhere, and the temperature rose to more than 1,000 °C.

The DemonG.o.d Lords unleashed DemonG.o.d force and formed DemonG.o.d force fields to resist the fire.

The two DemonG.o.ds entangled in the void. After a while, the sun demon bull trembled slightly and finally collapsed. It had everything of it devoured.

The Realm of DemonG.o.ds, the periphery of a broken sun, on a mountain of fire, a large mouth suddenly appeared, bit the sun demon bull’s true body, and frantically devoured its origin force.

The sun demon bull’s eyes flickered with fear, and it channeled the surrounding sun force and unleashed fearsome sunfire that tried to burn the large mouth.

The large mouth suddenly surged with black holes that devoured sunfire and frantically devoured the sun demon bull’s life origin.

The sun demon bull struggled for a long time before it was finally devoured by the large mouth formed from Eternal realm devour origin.

The Realm of Mortals.

After devouring the sun demon bull’s origin, a sun brand appeared on Devour Ram DemonG.o.d’s forehead, terrifying sunfire shrouded him, and Intermediate DemonG.o.d realm DemonG.o.d might diffused from him and spread in all directions.

“Intermediate DemonG.o.d!”

“He evolved into an Intermediate DemonG.o.d!”

“How is this possible?”


When they sensed the terrifying might emanating from Devour Ram DemonG.o.d, the DemonG.o.d Lords were stunned, a look of shock in their eyes.

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In the Realm of Mortals, the DemonG.o.ds the majority of aristocratic families and cults wors.h.i.+p are Lesser DemonG.o.ds. Only the DemonG.o.ds some top cults wors.h.i.+p are Intermediate DemonG.o.ds.

There was a flash of disappointment in the eyes of MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master, but then she uttered with a charming smile, “In that case, if you get the DemonG.o.d Flower, MoonG.o.d Temple won’t fight you over it. Moreover, if you intend to sell the DemonG.o.d Flower, MoonG.o.d Temple is willing to pay the corresponding price to buy it.”

Yang Feng replied, “Alright!”

At noon.

Sun rays fell down from the sky and landed on the earth. Suddenly, the sun suspended in the void trembled slightly, and then a huge rift appeared on it.

The huge rift extended towards this mountain range, as if someone had cleaved the void with a blade.

With slight flashes of light, the DemonG.o.d Lords present unleashed their secret methods, turned into streams of light, and flew into the huge rift.

Yang Feng also turned into a stream of light and entered the rift.

“So this is the DemonG.o.d Battlefield!”

When Yang Feng entered the rift, he appeared in a strange world shrouded in b.l.o.o.d.y colors and filled with chaotic fluctuations.

In this strange and chaotic world, even with the help of Devour Ram DemonG.o.d, Yang Feng’s perception can only cover an area of about 10 kilometers in radius.

Yang Feng waved his hand. s.p.a.ce ripples surged in the void, and a ma.s.sive amount of 4th generation battle robots appeared abruptly and flew in all directions.

Ever since he obtained the cultivation methods of the DemonG.o.d Lords, Yang Feng was able to easily a.n.a.lyze many rules of this universe through them. He can already freely use the essences of s.p.a.ce, power, and devour.

As for the most mysterious essences of time and fate, without obtaining the keys of these two essences beforehand, Yang Feng won’t be able to use them in this universe.

“Corpse servants! In other words, there is a DemonG.o.d corpse nearby!”

Yang Feng walked hundreds of kilometers on the DemonG.o.d Battlefield. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up, and he looked to the west.

He saw strange monsters constructed from stone and flesh, about 2 meters tall, with one eye on the head, a big mouth full of serrated teeth, hook-like claws, and DemonG.o.d patterns engraved on the body.

These strange monsters are called corpse servants and they are formed from DemonG.o.d force that diffused from a DemonG.o.d corpse.

Corpse servants will kill all nearby beings, extract their flesh and soul, and pour them onto the DemonG.o.d corpse in order to revive the DemonG.o.d.


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