Mechanical God Emperor

Zi Chan Bao Zeng - Assets Exploding - 资产暴增

Chapter 1397: Slaying the Strongest Powerhouse of Southern Province

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Chapter 1397: Slaying the Strongest Powerhouse of Southern Province

Following Yang Feng’s command, the DemonG.o.d Lords could only offer the cultivation secret methods pa.s.sed down in their families.

Yang Feng immersed himself in the different cultivation secret methods and pried into the laws of the universe, making progress every day.

Following his command, the DemonG.o.d Lords collected all kinds of precious mineral resources and handed them to Yang Feng.

Xinning City, in a huge secret chamber, there is a mechanical ball with a diameter of 20 kilometers and inscribed with countless mysterious runes.

Yang Feng looked at the mechanical ball with excitement in his eyes: “It finally succeeded! A level-4 stronghold! A level-4 stronghold with DemonG.o.d force as the power source. It really makes one look forward to it. Although this universe’s rejection of machinery isn’t strong, but the same isn’t true for forces of the world of Warlocks.”

The level-4 stronghold rumbled, and battle robots containing DemonG.o.d force came out one after another and stood quietly beside Yang Feng.

Yang Feng frowned: “Resources! I lack resources! In this world, there are Greater DemonG.o.ds. And even legendary DemonG.o.d Emperors. The latter are definitely Empyrean rank powerhouses! It won’t be that easy to collect a lot of resources!”

Greater DemonG.o.ds are comparable to Holy Spirit Warlocks, and even Great Holies and quasi-Empyreans, in terms of combat power. While DemonG.o.d Emperors are comparable to Empyreans.

The DemonG.o.d level-4 stronghold refined by Yang Feng can quell a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, which makes him almost invincible in the Realm of Mortals. But once he attracts the attention of a Greater DemonG.o.d, other party can descends from the Realm of DemonG.o.ds and suppress him.

Yang Feng pondered for a while and gave up his plans to unify the Realm of Mortals: “I can’t take risks! Anyway, I have a limitless longevity and plenty of opportunities.”

“Sir Apostle, are you worried about cultivation resources?”

In a palace, Yang Feng sat on a large sofa. The coquettish and s.e.xy Black Blossom curled up in his arms and asked with a sweet smile.

Yang Feng answered slowly, “Indeed! I have already perfectly absorbed the power of Apostle and become a DemonG.o.d Apostle. However, I want to advance to a 9th layer Apostle. Only then can I become invincible!”

Black Blossom’s beautiful eyes glimmered brightly, and she uttered, “In that case, why don’t you enter the DemonG.o.d Battlefield, sir? The DemonG.o.d Battlefield is a place where several DemonG.o.d battles have taken place and is filled with all kinds of strange phenomena and DemonG.o.d corpses. The entrance of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield will be opened in ten days. Are you interested?”

Upon hearing this, Yang Feng’s eyes brightened slightly, and he said, “DemonG.o.d Battlefield? Great idea!”

DemonG.o.ds are Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses or higher, and their DemonG.o.d force is incomparably powerful. Mortals will die upon contact with their DemonG.o.d force. In order not to implicate the Realm of Mortals, most DemonG.o.ds will choose to fight in the Realm of DemonG.o.ds or the DemonG.o.d Battlefield.

After numerous fierce battles between DemonG.o.ds, the DemonG.o.d Battlefield has undergone strange changes. It is filled with all kinds of strange phenomena and dangers. At the same time, the DemonG.o.d Battlefield has many precious treasures.

In the deepest part of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield, there are even fearsome beings with Greater DemonG.o.d realm combat power.

The periphery of the DemonG.o.d Battlefield has become a paradise for DemonG.o.d Apostles, where they can collect many precious treasures.

Ten days later, at the summit of Devil Spirit Mountain.

Along with flashes of light, the auras of DemonG.o.d Lord realm powerhouses converged on the summit of Devil Spirit Mountain.

A DemonG.o.d Lord realm powerhouse can rule over a faction and destroy a city by themselves. But on the summit of this mountain, the weakest powerhouses are 3rd layer DemonG.o.d Lords.

A carriage constructed from moonlight, pulled by steeds radiating brilliant moonlight, emerged in the distance and galloped over.

In the carriage, there is a stunning beauty of about 25 or 26 years of age, dressed in a Chinese palace dress, with snow-white skin, a s.e.xy figure, and a n.o.ble, sacred, and elegant temperament.

Behind the stunning beauty, there stand four beautiful women, each with an extraordinary temperament and unearthly beauty. Li Yuelian is among the four beautiful women.

“MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master! She came in person!”

“The fifth strongest powerhouse in Southern Province! MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master came in person!”

“How come a big shot like her has come?”


The eyes of the Demon Lords present surged with incredulity when they was MoonG.o.d Temple’s temple master, and they cried out.

On the DemonG.o.d Battlefield, there are many dangers. Even DemonG.o.ds may die there if careless. Generally speaking, the major forces will only send some Demon Lords to the DemonG.o.d Battlefield to collect resources. After all, even if they die, the major forces won’t suffer too much damage. DemonG.o.d Apostles won’t easily enter such a dangerous place.

Once a DemonG.o.d Apostle dies, it will be a big blow to the respective DemonG.o.d in the Realm of DemonG.o.d. After all, there are not many people in the Realm of Mortals who can become DemonG.o.d Apostles.

When the moonlight carriage arrived, everyone retreated.

Although MoonG.o.d Temple is only ranked 10th in Southern Province in terms of power, but its temple master is extremely strong and is in the top 5 of Southern Province’s experts. No one wants to offend such a powerhouse.

Along with a hurricane, a huge crane with a wingspan of 1,000 meters flew over from afar along.

On the huge crane, there stands a young man who looks to be 23 or 24 years old, a pair of resplendent crane wings s.h.i.+ning brightly behind him.

“Soaring Crane Cult’s cult master! The second strongest powerhouse of Southern Province!”

“Soaring Crane Cult’s cult master! A terrifying existence that can contend against Blood Butcher Cult’s cult master, who is ranked twentieth among Central Province’s Apostles!”

“Why did he come here?”


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Shocked gazes focused on Soaring Crane Cult’s cult master.

Yang Feng walked out together with Black Blossom and was recognized at once, prompting the Demon Lords to comment.

The eyes of the Demon Lords flashed with envy. They believe that Yang Feng was favored by a DemonG.o.d, which enabled him to soar and become a DemonG.o.d Apostle and gain unparalleled strength.

“So you’re Ye Cheng of Xinning City!”

Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master turned around, radiated bright sunlight from his eyes, gazed at Yang Feng with killing intent in his eyes, and uttered coldly.

Yang Feng frowned and glanced at Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master.

When Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master looked at her, Black Blossom trembled and said with fear in her eyes, “Sir, this is Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master! The strongest powerhouse of Southern Province!”

Yang Feng replied coldly, “Yes, I am Ye Cheng. What can I do for you?”

“A grandson of mine was killed by the DemonG.o.d you serve. Since you are Ye Cheng, then I’ll send you to accompany my grandson. So that he won’t feel lonely in the underworld!”

The eyes of Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master flashed fiercely. He suddenly burst out and unleashed a punch, and a terrifying sun appeared and barreled towards towards Yang Feng.

“Fool! Since you’re tired of living, then let me give you a hand!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed cold. A mechanical battlegear suddenly flew out and covered his body.

Countless DemonG.o.d patterns appeared on the mechanical battlegear. Vast DemonG.o.d force poured into his body in an instant, and Yang Feng punched the sun.

Devour Ram DemonG.o.d’s projection appeared, opened his mouth full of serrated teeth, and swallowed the sun.

In an instant, Yang Feng’s fist tore the void, slammed into Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master, and broke out with a terrifying force that blasted the other party into pieces.


“That’s the strongest powerhouse of Southern Province!”

“He was killed by Ye Cheng just like that! How is this possible?”


The powerhouses of Southern Province looked at the corpse of Sun Bull Demon Cult’s cult master, which was blasted into pieces, and their eyes flashed with incredulity.


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