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Chapter 1310: Devour Imperial Court Is Established

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Chapter 1310: Devour Imperial Court Is Established

As Blue Moon Merfolk Empress looked at Yang Feng in the Eternal Duel Arena, she felt her blood run cold, “He actually died! He was one of the six sky devils, a primogenitor of the devils!”

As one of the six sky devils and primogenitor of the devils, Ge was a most powerful devil. In his prime, he could even contend against Taboo Lord.

Since Ge awoke ahead of time, he devoured all of Infernal World’s devils and turned them into nutrients.

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress is not a match for a fearsome devil primogenitor like Ge. But now such a fearsome devil primogenitor was slayed by Yang Feng. That’s simply appalling.

Stars dropped down from the sky and fell towards Cangzhi Plane like a meteor shower.

A large tract of b.l.o.o.d.y clouds condensed in the sky and unleashed a b.l.o.o.d.y rain.

“Another Empyrean has fallen!”

“Who was it? Who on earth has fallen?”

“Could it be Blue Moon Merfolk Empress?”


Looking at the visions, human Warlocks voiced their speculations.

“The devil progenitor Ge of the six sky devils challenged Devour Lord and was slayed in the Eternal Due Arena!

A piece of information appeared on the magic network and caused a commotion.

“How could Ge be killed by Devour Lord? Back in the day, he was a fearsome existence at the unequaled overlord level. Even though one of his eyes was dug out by Taboo Lord, but there’s no way he would be slayed by Devour Lord!”

“That’s the sixth sky devil Ge! How could Devour Lord, who has yet to promote to an Empyrean, be his opponent?”

“Although Ge had one of his eyes dug out by Taboo Lord and suffered damage to his origin, but he’s still a fearsome existence infinitely close to the unequaled overlord level. How could he be defeated by Devour Lord? That’s preposterous!”


On the magic network, human Warlocks expressed their disbelief regarding this piece of information.

As one of the six sky devils, Ge is definitely a top existence in the universe. In the distant past, he used to be an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse. Only after Taboo Lord dug out one of hie eyes and damaged his origin, did his strength decrease.

Even so, as a devil primogenitor, Ge is definitely a most formidable existence in the universe. It’s impossible for him to be defeated by Yang Feng, who hasn’t advanced to an Empyrean yet.

“The devil primogenitor Ge tore Infernal World apart, devoured the power of all of Infernal World’s devils, and then went to the Eternal Duel Arena to challenge Devour Lord! With the help of the alchemy soul golem Ling and 1,000 Holy grade mechanical golems, Devour Lord ultimately slayed Ge!”

A more specific piece of information appeared on the magic network.

“Ling is the Empyrean following Devour Lord. She is surprisingly an alchemy creation of Devourer Lord! That’s incredible!”

“Devour Lord is only a quasi-Empyrean! How can he forge an Empyrean rank golem! That’s unbelievable!”

“1,000 Holy grade mechanical golems! How dreadful! He already surpa.s.sed Golem Lord in terms of golem alchemy!”

“He was surprisingly able to forge an Empyrean rank golem! I’m afraid Devour Lord has already surpa.s.sed Magic Note Lord in terms of alchemy!”


A commotion broke out on the magic network as powerhouses of different races commented one after another, their eyes full of disbelief. Quasi-Empyrean rank alchemy golems have appeared before. But this is the first time that Empyrean rank alchemy golems refined by human Warlocks appeared.

Since the conception of the universe, only true spirit-level extraordinary life forms were born with Empyrean rank power and that was at the time when the universe came into being.

The most powerful creatures created by people were quasi-Empyrean rank existences. As for mechanical golems that possess Empyrean rank strength, Ling is the only one.

“If he was besieged by Ling and the Holy rank golems, it is indeed conceivable for him to be killed!”

“After all, ever since Taboo Lord seized an Eye of the Primogenitor from him and severely wounded him, Ge was no longer an unequaled overlord-level being. It is not impossible for Devour Lord to besiege and kill him!”

“No wonder Devour Lord dared to establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court! How fierce!”


On the magic network, everyone finally believed that Ge was killed by Yang Feng. The human Warlocks were extremely excited, aware that no one can stop the establishment of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court any longer.

The other race powerhouses were anxious, conscious that their good days will likely come to an end.

Outside the Eternal Duel Arena, Blue Moon Merfolk Empress looked at Yang Feng inside the arena, and her beautiful eyes s.h.i.+mmered with an enigmatic gleam. She is aware that Yang Feng has consumed a tremendous amount of strength after fighting two Empyreans. Furthermore, although Empyrean origin is extremely valuable, but it takes time to refine it. Now is the time when Yang Feng is at his weakest.

In the Eternal Duel Arena, Yang Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes shone brightly. He stared at Blue Moon Merfolk Empress and asked lightly: “Blue Moon Merfolk Empress, do you want to come over and fight me to test my qualifications regarding the establishment of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court?”

Blue Moon Merfolk Empress hesitated for a moment, looked at Ling standing quietly beside Yang Feng, and said slowly, “Devour Lord, your alchemy is unparalleled in the world. You are qualified to establish the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court. I’m here to congratulate you on establis.h.i.+ng the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court. This is my congratulatory gift!”

A blue jade box flew out and fell into Yang Feng’s hand.

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“I won’t disturbing you anymore! Good bye!”


When the powerhouses of different races saw Empyrean aura diffuse from s.h.i.+ Yu, their eyes flashed with envy.

Even though s.h.i.+ Yu is a pseudo Empyrean blessed by the Magic Note Throne, she is definitely an Empyrean rank powerhouse. Anyone below the Empyrean realm is not a match for her. But as a pseudo Empyrean, there are restrictions placed on her. She can wield Empyrean power only on Cangzhi Plane. Once she leaves Cangzhi Plane, she will lose the Empyrean power. In addition, if Devour Imperial Court collapses, she will suffer a backlash and her origin will be harmed.

“Thank you, your majesty!”

s.h.i.+ Yu stepped forward and saluted Yang Feng, and then retreated to Yang Feng’s side.

“Ent.i.tle Michaelia as a grand preceptor of Devour Imperial Court!”

A mysterious force flowed into Michaelia from the Magic Note Throne, making her cultivation base break through and promote to the Empyrean realm.

“Thank you, your majesty!”

Michaelia saluted Yang Feng politely, and then retreated to his side.

One powerhouse after another stepped forward and accepted Yang Feng’s ent.i.tlement, and their cultivation base rose by a large chunk.

Huang Yihe only has the cultivation base of a Warlock Monarch. After obtaining the t.i.tle of a grand preceptor, boosted by the Magic Note Throne, he advanced to a Holy Spirit Warlock, which made him unable to contain his smile.

Strengthened by the Magic Note Throne, Devour Imperial Court had tremendous power as soon as it was established.

“The Ninth Warlock Imperial Court of our human race has finally been established!”

“From now on, this will be our era!”

“We humans will continue to dominate the universe in this era!”

“Four Empyreans! Devour Imperial Court is guarded by four Empyreans. Even if unequaled overlord-level powerhouses resuscitate now, the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court will be able to fight them!”

“Four Empyreans! Devour Imperial Court has surpa.s.sed Dawn Imperial Court and is infinitely close to the other seven Warlock Imperial Courts! Devour Lord is really amazing!”


On Cangzhi Plane, all human territories fell into jubilation. The establishment of the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court shows that the following era is still an era where humans proclaim themselves the hegemon of the universe.


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